Gente de Zona

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Gente D' Zona
Gente de Zona 1.JPG
Alexander Delgado, Randy Malcom.
Background information
Origin Havana, Cuba
Genres Reggaeton, Merengue, etc.
Years active 2000–present
Members Alexander Delgado
Randy Malcom
Frank Palacios (Producer)

Gente D' Zona (slang term for "people from the neighbourhood") is a Cuban reggaeton (cubaton) group founded by Alexander Delgado in 2000. The group combines this rhythm with more traditional forms of Cuban music in order to attract the youngsters.


Gente D' Zona is one of the most famous groups of Cuban reggaeton, with multiple fans inside and outside the island. They have successfully captures the attention of the European public, and Miami are a sensation. Downloads of their music on the Internet have broken records. This group has an explosive sound, in which the energy of reggaeton no hidden latent musicality of Afro-Cuban rhythms. Hits his mastery of the scene in live performances, accompanied by the band of excellent Cuban musicians who accompany them. "An amalgam of voices adjusted, effective lyrics, and phenomenal choreographic group deployment are registered trademark, used to define the tremendous success that is reaping People D'area and that has undoubtedly become the most important grouping of panorama Cuban popular music in recent years, "so defined Ecured. Its history began in 2000 when several rappers met at Alamar, coastal suburb east of Havana, known as the birthplace of Cuban hip-hop. The name of the group, Gente D' Zona, is then imposed as evidence of where they came from, and that is divided by Alamar listed areas. Alexander then met Michel Delgado, "El Karo" and both started playing at parties and official rooms Guanabacoa and Regla and especially Alamar, its territory. In its start as fans come in different houses Culture as Alamar, Guanabacoa and Regla but mainly in the area of his home where he quickly earned the public and supporters and participate in international festivals held annually rap in our country where in addition, Alexander was responsible for the animation for three consecutive years. Later formed part of the Hermanos Saiz Association and it is not until the year 2002 starting his career in the company Antonio María Romeu appearing around the country. In July 2005 Gente D' Zona still composed of Alexander and Michel, became part of the catalog of the Cuban Rap Agency, and a more mature work of its kind, always mixing with our rhythms and considering market requirements. Until, in 2005, Michel left the group. With the departure of Michel, Alexander called Jacob Forever director of the non-professional group Made in Cuba who had done important work with Pachito Alonso, Eddy K, among others. Nando Pro also came to join as a music producer and DJ, and D'Zona People left their original format of two members to be Jacob Forever, Alexander and Nando Pro Zone D'people on stage can establish close communication with large numbers of young people and the general public to follow their presentations because of their stage performance and quality at work growing daily the number of people who use it. No doubt they have become one of the most prominent groups, exponents of reggaeton in Cuba, convinced that here to stay and that's what it sounds better now. His fame was evident with the album now sounds better than I vol II, with songs like "I like the artists" and "Animals", which came to lead the charts not only in Cuba but also in places like Miami where are the undisputed number one Antillean reggaeton and in much of Europe, a continent that perform at least two annual tours. In March 2013 Gente D' Zona announced the separation of Alexander and Jacob Forever. Alexander follows with Gente D'Zona name alongside Randy, a former singer and Charanga habanera, Jacob continues his solo career with Nando Pro and Dani, a former member of the group (DpuntoD). The 2014 holds for him a year of outstanding success at People D'Zone, after recording with Enrique Iglesias theme Descemer Good "Bailando" was catapulted into the international arena and are in first place in the international hits. "bailando" People gave Gente D' Zona possible to break through, especially in the U.S. market, where it is so difficult to get the music of Cuban artists living in Cuba. Right now (June 2014) is located at number one in the Top Latin Songs. He has also been successful in Europe. Participated in the ceremony of the Billboard Awards to interpret the song, and it was a real shock. Thereby leaving the door open for many Cuban artists.



  • 2007: Lo Mejor Que Suena Ahora
  • 2008: Lo Mejor Que Suena Ahora V.2
  • 2010: A Full
  • 2012: ORO
  • 2014: "Coming Soon" will have International Featurings.


  • 2013: "Pinocho"
  • 2014: "Bailando (Tener Contigo) ft. Descemer Bueno"
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