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George Leland Dyer (August 26, 1849 in Calais, Maine - April 2, 1914 in Winter Park, Florida) was an American naval commander and the Governor of U.S. territory of Guam. In 1870, he graduated from the United States Naval Academy with honors and began his career in the United States Navy.[1] During his career, he commanded the Stranger (1898), the Yankton (1898–1901), the Rainbow (1902–1903), and the Albany (1903–1904).

From 1904-1905, he served as Governor of Guam.

In 1908, he was promoted to Commodore and retired that year.

He lived in Winter Park, Florida until he died on April 2, 1914.[2]


  • Translated Practical Hints in Regard to West Indian Hurricanes from Spanish in 1885[3]
  • Wrote The Use of Oil to Lessen the Dangerous Effect of Heavy Seas in 1886[4]
  • Published an article in National Geographic magazine entitled Geography of the Sea in 1889.[5]


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