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This article is about the form of free-flow tolling for Queensland Motorways. For the United Kingdom transport company, see Govia.
go via
Type Public
Industry Transport
Founded 2009
Headquarters Brisbane, Australia
Area served Queensland
Parent Queensland Motorways
Website www.govia.com.au

go via is the Queensland Motorways toll payment system introduced as a part of free-flow tolling. It replaces the previous E Toll system in Queensland, though existing tags will continue to work there and throughout Australia.[1] The new system was introduced on 1 July 2009 and Queensland Motorways phased out the pay-on-the-spot option on 22 July 2009, meaning cash is no longer a payment option, and stopping is no longer required (or possible.) As drivers are no longer able to pay with cash, they need to choose one of the new methods of paying Queensland's toll roads. These include go viatags, go viavideo, and go viabusiness (for ongoing toll payment), or go viavideo passes (for one-off trips.)

go via is the leading tolling service provider in Queensland with more than one million go via tolling accounts and more than 1.8 million go via tags in use as of 2013[2]


go viatags[edit]

go viatags are installed inside of your vehicle's windscreen. As your vehicle travels under the toll point the go viatag will beep and the toll is deducted from your account.[3] Customers have the choice of configuring their account to automatically top up (via a credit card or direct debit) when the balance drops below a chosen minimum amount or to manually top -up their account. [4]

go viavideo[edit]

An implementation of video tolling, the go viavideo option is nearly the same as a go viatag, with only a few key differences. Users do not need a tag fitted to their vehicle: instead, as the pass under toll point, a photo is taken of the registration plate and matched to their go viavideo account.[5] There is an extra "video matching" fee for this service[5] (As of 17 September 2013 this was A$0.44.[6])

Like the go viatag, uses can use their account on all toll roads in Australia.[5]

Users still have an account on go via's website, and it works the same as the go viatag account. User can top up manually, or they can choose the automatic top up option ('set-and-forget', as it is known.[7])

go viabusiness[edit]

go viabusiness is designed for businesses. Businesses can choose to either have a go viatag account or a go viavideo account, but a minimum send per month is required.[8]

go viavideo passes[edit]

go viavideo passes apply the principles of the go viavideo option, but are designed for drivers nly use toll roads occasionally or for those who want to pay for a one-off trip.

Passes can be purchased online, by phone, or at a customer service center. Users can choose an amount, and when they drive through a toll point the pass will act the same a go viavideo account [9](including the video matching fee mentioned above.)

go viaroad passes[edit]

go viaroad passes are nearly identical to the go viavideo passes but will work on all toll roads in Queensland including the Clem Jones Tunnel, Airport Link and the Go Between Bridge.[10]

go via pre-paid cash passes[edit]

go via offer two types of pre-paid passes; a trip pass which is only valid for cars (class 2) for travel on the Gateway and Logan motorways; and a toll credit pass. The toll credit pass is available in three pre-set amounts of $10, $20 and $50 and can be used on for travel on the Go Between Bridge, the Gateway, Gateway Extension and Logan motorways only.[11] Pre-paid passes are valid for up to 90 days and can be paid for using cash at Queensland Motorways Customer Service Centres or at participating go via retailers.


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