Gradac Monastery

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Gradac monastery
Monastery information
Full name Манастир Градац
Order Serbian Orthodox
Established ~1245–1300
Founder(s) Helen of Anjou
Location Gradac, Serbia
Public access Yes

Gradac Monastery (Serbian: Манастир Градац, pronounced [ɡrǎːdats]) is a monastery in the Republic of Serbia. It lies on the elevated plateau above the river Gradačka, at the edge of the forested slopes Golija. It is 21 km (13 mi) northwest of Raška and 12.5 km (7.8 mi) west of Brvenik and Ibar highway. The exact year of construction of the monastery is not known, but it is probably in the last quarter of the 13th century.

Monastery founder is Helen of Anjou. Was built in the style of the Raška school.

Gradac Monastery was declared Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance in 1979, and it is protected by Serbia.


During the Ottoman rule the monastery was generally with no monks and no roof cover that was removed from the church. In 1910, a protective roof was placed on a monastery church, and during 1963–1975 a complete reconstruction of the main church was performed, and the interior of the temple was largely preserved. Since 1982. construction of living quarters began and the monastery was revived again, then abbot was shijarhimandrit Julian Knežević (1918–2001). The monastery was female, the current prioress Efimija.

Geographic position[edit]

Gradac Monastery

The traffic situation of the monastery of primary importance is the Ibar highway or road Belgrade-Kraljevo-Raska-Kosovska Mitrovica-Priština-Skopje, from which the Brvenik separates the road and run along the river valley Brvenica to the village and monastery Gradac, a length of about 12.5 km (7.8 mi). Ibar highway is very important for this part of Serbia. It connects the northern, more developed economically, the south parts of Serbia. Since it is near Raska separates time going through Novi Pazar and the Ribariće is linked to the mainland part of the Adriatic highway. In Biljanovac from the Ibar highway separates the regional road, through Josanicka Spa, one of its branch leading to Kopaonik (Dried shoot), and the other for Aleksandrovac and Krusevac.

Besides the monastery runs a regional road Brvenik-Pearl Water. This road leads west Ivanjica, while the direction Krusevica separates the mineral and Studenica. The village of Gradac is also well connected local roads from neighboring villages.

Monastery Gradac position in relation to the international road E-75 is somewhat less favorable. Since it is a monastery, over Batočina, located about 165 km (103 mi)). The traffic situation of the monastery of importance and railway Beograd-Kraljevo-Raška-Priština. The railway station is in the settlement Brvenik and away from the monastery about 14 km (8.7 mi)).

From the international airport in Surčin, monastery is situated about 260 km (160 mi), and from the airport in Niš, about 160 km (99 mi)).

Cultural, historical and tourist destinations near the monastery[edit]

Gradac Monastery is located in Golija tourist region, and near the tourist center Kopaonik (from Suvo shoot is about 50 km (31 mi)). It is a complementary tourist value Golija mountain, and as a supplement and tourist Kopaonik. Proximity of Kopaonik is significant because on the tourist season is significantly origination hikers. Significantly, the proximity of Jošanička Banja in relation to which the monastery Gradac is complementary tourist value. Jošanička Spa is away from the monastery about 30 km (19 mi)).

For the tourist site of the monastery Gradac is important and its affiliation Ibar cultural tourist zone, where it apart and found monastery and: Žiča Studenica Old Pavlica, Nova Pavlica and Banjska Monastery. There are also fort's: Maglič, Brvenik and Zvečan. In this zone continues the cultural-tourist zone Valley Raška. It monasteries: Sopoćani Djurdjevi Stupovi and Petrova Church from Stari Ras with Monuments in Novi Pazar etc.. It all certainly contributes to the favorable position of the monastery Gradac tourist, especially as these important medieval monasteries and monuments are grouped in a relatively small area

The village of Gradac[edit]

The village of Gradac is located in the upper river basin Brvenica which occurs exactly in the center of village. Area of the village is 2,067 ha (5,110 acres). Altitude ranges from 535 to 940 meters (1,755 to 3,084 ft). It consists of three main parts: Kotraža (Radović Čorbić), Gornji Gradac (Čorbić, Head, Munaci and Raković) and Donji Gradac (Vesović, Nikolic and Češljar). Gradac Monastery is located in Gornji Gradac (Munaci).

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