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Guillermo Díaz
Guillermo Díaz.jpg
Diaz at the 2013 Imagen Awards
Born (1975-03-22) March 22, 1975 (age 39)
New Jersey, U.S.
Occupation Actor
Years active 1994–present

Guillermo Díaz (born March 22, 1975) is an American actor. He is known for his movies Half Baked (1998), 200 Cigarettes (1999) and Stonewall (1995). He currently stars in the ABC drama Scandal, as Huck.[1]

Díaz has made TV guest appearances on such shows as Chappelle's Show, Law & Order, Weeds and ER.

Early life and career[edit]

Díaz was born in New Jersey, to Cuban parents, and grew up in Washington Heights, Manhattan. In 1994, he landed his first speaking role as Spike in Boaz Yakin's Fresh. From there he began working on Party Girl as Leo, Parker Posey's roommate. His next role was a drag queen (La Miranda) in Nigel Finch's Stonewall. In 1996 Díaz worked in Jim McKay's Girls' Town as Dylan, after which he appeared in I'm Not Rappaport.

Díaz played Paco de la Vega al Camino Cordoba Jose Cuervo Sanchez Rodriguez Jr., a high school gang member in High School High. He later appeared in Freeway as Flaco, another gang member. While in Los Angeles, he did guest spots on ER and Party of Five.

After finishing work on the West Coast, Díaz traveled back east to play a stoner named Eric in Brian Sloan's film I Think I Do. A similar role followed as Scarface in the film Half Baked. One of his co-stars was Dave Chappelle, who later cast him in several episodes of Chappelle's Show. In 1999 he landed a non-speaking role in 200 Cigarettes, and went on to act in both Ethan Hawke's directorial debut Chelsea Walls and the movie Just One Time, where as secondary characters one critic thought that he and Jennifer Esposito provided what little "comic spark" existed in the film.[2]

Díaz played Guillermo García Gómez, a drug dealer/trafficker, in seasons 2-6 of Showtime's series Weeds. In 2009, he starred on the NBC series Mercy, where his portrayal of the gay nurse Angel received negative criticism in online forums for being too flamboyant.[3] In 2010, he appeared in the thriller film Exquisite Corpse.[4]

After having portrayed several Mexican thugs (cholos), Díaz was cast in 2010 as a Latino gangster named Poh Boy in Cop Out. When asked about being typecast, he stated, "I [used to worry], but not really anymore. Now I’m just grateful that I’m working. I try to make everything different."[5]

In 2011, Díaz appeared alongside Britney Spears in her music video for her single "I Wanna Go" and took part in a scene referencing his character Scarface from Half Baked.[6]

Díaz co-stars with Kerry Washington in the ABC series Scandal.

Current career and personal life[edit]

Diaz at the 2013 at the Outfest Legacy Awards

Although his film career continues, he is appearing regularly in the new ABC drama Scandal, which premiered on April 5, 2012.[7]

Diaz is openly gay, but told Out magazine that the fact that he grew up in a rough neighborhood made it necessary to hide his orientation. "That facade of being somebody I’m really not just to protect myself definitely helped with acting.”[8]

In popular culture[edit]

In 2006, he joined the cast of a series of improv-based commercials for Sierra Mist titled Mist Takes. A Spanish version of the advertisements began airing and the bilingual Díaz also starred in those with other Latino comedians.


Genre Year Title Role Episodes Notes
Film 1994 Fresh Spike
TV series 1994 Law & Order Juan Domingo "Kids" 02 episodes total
TV series 1995 ER Jorge "Days Like This"
Film 1995 Party Girl Leo
TV series 1995 Party of Five Ari "Analogies"
Film 1995 Stonewall La Miranda
Film 1996 Freeway Flacco
Film 1996 Girls Town Dylan
Film 1996 High School High Paco Rodriguez
Film 1996 I'm Not Rappaport J.C.
TV film 1997 Gold Coast Barry based on the novel by Elmore Leonard
Film 1997 I Think I Do Eric
Film 1997 Nowhere Cowboy
Film 1998 Effects of Magic, TheThe Effects of Magic Winston
Film 1998 Half Baked Scarface
Short film 1998 Just One Time Victor 08 minutes; included in the short film compilation Boys Life 3 (2000)
Film 1999 200 Cigarettes Dave
Film 1999 In Too Deep Miguel Batista
Film 1999 Just One Time Victor Feature-length expansion of the 1998 short
TV series 1999 Law & Order Bobby Sabo "Marathon" 02 episodes total
Short film 1999 Pop Tarts Adrian 11 minutes
TV series 1999 Sopranos, TheThe Sopranos Salesperson "Meadowlands"
TV series 2000 Touched by an Angel Rick Higuerra "InvitationThe Invitation"
Film 2001 Chelsea Walls Kid
TV film 2002 Fidel Universo Sánchez
Film 2002 Log Story, AA Log Story Niko Gorgina
Animated short film 2002 Sexy Voice 3 10 minutes; voice actor
Video game 2002 Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Domingo Sanchez voice actor
TV series 2002 Third Watch Rafael "Rafe" Connors "Long GunsThe Long Guns"
Film 2002 West of Here Thomas
Short film 2003 A mi amor mi dulce Chocolate de la Oca Montez 23 minutes
TV series 2003–2006 Chappelle's Show 05 episodes
TV film 2003
TV film 2003 Undefeated Mommy
Film 2003 Undermind Ray
Film 2003 Wasabi Tuna Romeo
Film 2004 Terminal, TheThe Terminal Bobby Alima
Film 2004 Tony n' Tina's Wedding Raphael
TV series 2004 Shield, TheThe Shield Garza "Blood and Water"
TV series 2004 Without a Trace Carlos Gonzalez "Life Rules"
Film 2005 My Suicidal Sweetheart Hector also known as Crazy for Love
Film 2005 Dirty Love Tom Houdini, Magician
Short film 2005 Husk Chris 27 minutes; remade as 2011 feature film Husk
Short film 2005 Sangre/Blood Ricky 17 minutes
Film 2005 Shooting Vegetarians Neil
TV film 2006 13 Graves Manny Rodriguez
Film 2006 Down the P.C.H. Doc
Short film 2006 Harvest Eugene Pitkin 17 minutes
Short film 2006 Seeking Solace Guy
Short film 2006 Utopian, TheThe Utopian Carlos Alvarez
Film 2006 Virgin of Juarez, TheThe Virgin of Juarez Felix
TV series 2007 Cane Petey "Time Away"
"The Perfect Son"
"Open and Shut"
TV series 2007 Closer, TheThe Closer Spider "Four to Eight"
Commercial 2007 Sierra Mist Mist-Takes series of television commercials
Short film 2007 No Destination A.J. 18 minutes
TV series 2007 Weeds Guillermo "Brick DanceThe Brick Dance"
"He Taught Me How to Drive By"
26 episodes total
Film 2008 Candy Shop, TheThe Candy Shop Halo
TV series 2008 Criminal Minds Playboy "Brothers in Arms"
Film 2008 Evilution Killah-B
TV series 2008 Weeds Guillermo "Mother Thinks the Birds Are After Her"
"Lady's a Charm"
"The Whole Blah Damn Thing"
"The Three Coolers"
"No Man Is Pudding"
"Excellent Treasures"
"Yes I Can"
"I Am the Table"
"The Love Circle Overlap"
"Head Cheese"
"Till We Meet Again"
"If You Work for a Living, Then Why Do You Kill Yourself Working?"
26 episodes total
Film 2009 Across the Hall Cook, TheThe Cook
Film 2009 Butcher, TheThe Butcher Owen Geiger
TV series 2009 Mercy Nurse Ángel García "Can We Get That Drink Now?"
"I Believe You Conrad"
"Hope You're Good, Smiley Face"
"Pulling the Goalie"
"You Lost Me with the Cinderblock"
"The Last Thing I Said Was"
"Destiny, Meet My Daughter, Veronica"
"I'm Not That Kind of Girl"
"Some of Us Have Been to the Desert"
22 episodes total
Short film 2009 No Exit Michael 15 minutes
TV series 2009 Poor Paul Aaron "Body's Not Even ColdThe Body's Not Even Cold"
"There's a Fire Down Below"
"Now and Then and Stuff"
04 episodes total
TV series 2009 Royal Pains Benny "Strategic Planning"
TV series 2009 Weeds Guillermo "Machetes Up Top"
"A Modest Proposal"
"Perro Insano"
"Ducks and Tigers"
"All About My Mom"
26 episodes total
Film 2010 Cop Out Poh Boy
Film 2010 Exquisite Corpse Henry
TV series 2010 Mercy Nurse Ángel García "I Saw This Pig and I Thought of You"
"We're All Adults"
"Wake Up, Bill"
"Can We Talk About the Gigantic Elephant in the Ambulance?"
"I Have a Date"
"I Did Kill You, Didn't I?"
"I'm Fine"
"There Is No Room for You on My Ass"
"Of Course I'm Not"
"There Is No Superwoman"
"We All Saw This Coming"
"Too Much Attitude and Not Enough Underwear"
"That Crazy Bitch Was Right"
22 episodes total
TV series 2010 No Ordinary Family Detective Frank Cordero "No Ordinary Vigilante"
"No Ordinary Quake"
"No Ordinary Visitors"
"No Ordinary Anniversary"
"No Ordinary Sidekick"
06 episodes total
Film 2010 Peep World Jesus
TV series 2010 Weeds Guillermo "Fran Tarkenton"
"Theoretical Love Is Not Dead"
26 episodes total
TV series 2011 Harry's Law Miguel Martínez "Fragile BeastThe Fragile Beast"
Music video 2011 I Wanna Go"I Wanna Go" song by Britney Spears
TV series 2011 Love Bites[9] Luis "Firsts"
"Keep on Truckin'"
"Modern Plagues"
TV series 2011 No Ordinary Family Detective Frank Cordero "No Ordinary Future" 06 episodes total
TV series 2011 Poor Paul Aaron "If Fred Can Do It, So Can Paul!" 04 episodes total
TV series 2011 Tosh.0 "Brian Atene"
Film 2011 Without Men Campo Elias
Film 2012 2nd Serve Carlos
TV series 2012 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Omar Peña "Justice Denied"
Short film 2012 She Who Laughs Last Clown 06 minutes
Film 2012 Students Like Us Adult Mike
TV series 2012 Weeds Guillermo "God Willing and the Creek Don't Rise"
"It's Time, Part 1"
"It's Time, Part 2"
26 episodes total
TV series 2012–Present Scandal Huck Principal Role
Film 2013 Bilet na Vegas (Билет на Vegas) Detective García
Trailer 2014 "Run" song by Jay-Z and Beyoncé


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