Gwassi Constituency

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Gwassi Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of two constituencies in Suba District. The constituency has seven wards, all electing councillors to the Suba County Council.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Elections MP [1] Party Notes
1997 Felix Useru Kanyauchi NDP
2002 Zaddock Madiri Syongoh NARC
2007 Mbadi John Ng'ongo ODM


Ward Registered Voters
Gwassi Central 4,347
Gwassi North 4,369
Gwassi West 3,425
Kaksingri East 4,414
Kaksingri West 4,113
Owich Kibwer 5,922
Ruma 1,855
Total 28,445
*September 2005.[2]