Hindoostanee Coffee House

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Hindoostanee Coffee House
Restaurant information
Established 1810 (1810)
Closed 1811 (1811)
Food type Indian curry house
Street address George Street
City London
County England

The Hindoostanee Coffee House was the first Indian restaurant in the United Kingdom. It was opened by Sake Dean Mahomed, a captain in the British East India Company, in George Street, London in 1810. It closed a year later for lack of business.[1][2] (By way of contrast, the first recorded combined fish-and-chip shop opened in London in 1860 or in 1865, while a Mr Lees pioneered the concept in the North of England, in Mossley, in 1863.[3])

Its location is marked by a City of Westminster plaque, erected in September 2005.[1]


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