Historic Pensacola's Museum of Commerce

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Historic Pensacola's Museum of Commerce
Pensacola HD MOC01.jpg
Historic Pensacola's Museum of Commerce is located in Florida
Historic Pensacola's Museum of Commerce
Location within Florida
Location Pensacola, Florida
Coordinates 30°24′31″N 87°12′41″W / 30.40851°N 87.21151°W / 30.40851; -87.21151
Website www.historicpensacola.org

The Museum of Commerce is a reconstruction of a Pensacola, Florida streetscene based on businesses that operated in Pensacola between 1880 and 1910. It is part of the Historic Pensacola Village in the Pensacola Historic District.

The Museum consists of twenty properties; some are interpretive history sites. They include stores for toys, leather goods, hardware and music, a print shop, a gas station, and a tram. The print shop contains one of the most complete collections of antique printing presses and type in the Southeast.[1] The trolley has reversible seats, as it cannot turn around. The conductor takes his steering wheel to the other end, and runs the trolley in that direction.

a classroom is based in a building that resembles a train station. When an employee of Historic Pensacola is present, supervised groups may be let into stores, upon that employee's discretion.

The Museum of Commerce is rented out by Historic Pensacola for various events.[2]


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