I'm Bout It

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I'm Bout It
I'm Bout It.jpg
Theatrical Poster
Directed by Moon Jones
Master P
Produced by Master P (exec.)
Written by Moon Jones
Master P
Starring Master P
Moon Jones
Silkk the Shocker
Anthony Boswell
Kane& Abel
Mack 10
Mr. Serv-On
Mia X
Cinematography Francisco Gonzalez
Distributed by No Limit Films
Release date(s) June 6,1997
Running time 90 minutes
Country United States
Language English

I'm Bout It is a 1997 drama comedy film by rapper Master P. The plot details his life in a New Orleans uptown ghetto and about his brother Kevin Miller played by Anthony Boswell. Master P wrote, directed and acted in the film. The movie itself was a huge success for No limit Records and No Limit Films. It was an independent release.

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