Infanta Mariana Francisca of Portugal

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Infanta Mariana Francisca
Retrato de D.Maria Ana Josefa.jpg
House House of Braganza
Father Joseph I of Portugal
Mother Mariana Victoria of Spain
Born 7 October 1736
Lisbon, Kingdom of Portugal
Died 16 May 1813
Rio de Janeiro, United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil, and the Algarves
Burial Royal Pantheon of the Braganza Dynasty

The Infanta Mariana Francisca (Mariana Francisca Josefa Rita Joana; 7 October 1736 – 16 May 1813) also known as Maria Ana Francisca, was a Portuguese infanta daughter of King Joseph I of Portugal and his wife Mariana Victoria of Spain.


The infanta was born in Lisbon on October 7, 1736 and was the second of four daughters of Joseph I. She escaped from mainland Portugal with her family when Napoleon Bonaparte ordered the invasion of Portugal. She died in Rio de Janeiro on May 16, 1813 and was moved to Lisbon.