Beatrice of Portugal, Duchess of Savoy

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Infanta Beatrice
Beatrice of Portugal, Duchess of Savoy.jpg
Duchess consort of Savoy
Sovereign Countess of Asti
Tenure 29 September 1521 – 8 January 1538
Spouse Charles III, Duke of Savoy
Issue Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy
House House of Aviz
Father Manuel I of Portugal
Mother Maria of Aragon
Born 31 December 1504
Died 8 January 1538
Religion Roman Catholicism

Infanta Beatrice of Portugal (Portuguese pronunciation: [biɐˈtɾiʃ]); Portuguese: Beatriz) (December 31, 1504 – January 8, 1538) was Duchess of Savoy by marriage.


She was the second daughter of Manuel I of Portugal (1469–1521) and his second wife, Maria of Aragon (1482–1517). Her siblings included King John III of Portugal and Holy Roman Empress Isabella.

Marriage and children[edit]

In 1521, Beatrice married Charles III, Duke of Savoy (1486–1553). He had succeeded as the Duke of Savoy since 1504, making Beatrice Duchess consort of Savoy. They had nine children, but only Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy (1528–1580) reached adulthood.

After the death of the childless Sebastian of Portugal (her grand-nephew), her son fought for his rights to become King of Portugal, however he failed and the throne was given to Isabella's son Philip.

Sovereign Countess of Asti[edit]

In 1531, she received as a fiefdom, from her cousin and brother-in-law, the emperor Charles V, the County of Asti which, on her death, was inherited by her son and permanentely included on the Savoy's heritage.

She died in January 1538 having given birth to a son a month before.

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