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The International Federation of Wargaming (IFW) was founded by Bill Speer, Gary Gygax, and Scott Duncan in 1966.[1][2] Originally named the United States Continental Army Command,[3] the organization served as an umbrella for local wargaming clubs such as the Lake Geneva Tactical Studies Association and the Midwest Military Simulation Association. The IFW was divided into chapters with specialized interests, such as the Castle & Crusade Society, which promoted medieval wargaming, and the Armored Operations Society, which emphasized World War II wargaming.

The IFW held its first annual convention in Malvern, Pennsylvania in July 1967.[4] By publishing a magazine (called The Spartan in 1969 and later called International Wargamer) and sponsoring the early Gen Cons, the IFW helped wargamers share ideas and meet wargamers from different parts of the country. The IFW ceased functioning around 1974.


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