Iraqi National List

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Iraqi National List
Leader Ayad Allawi
Founded 2005 (2005)
Ideology Big tent
Politics of Iraq
Political parties

The Iraqi National List is a coalition of Iraqi political parties who ran in the December 2005 Iraqi elections and got 8.0% of the vote and 25 out of 275 seats. The most important part of the coalition is Iraqi National Accord of Iyad Allawi and the candidates and parties that made up the Iraqi List, the third most popular coalition in the January 2005 election, which captured 13.82% of the vote.


Prior to the December election the Iraqi list merged with Ghazi al-Yawer's The Iraqis, the most successful Sunni party in the January elections, and the Communist People's Union. The Iraqi National List alliance was created to offer a secular, cross-community alternative - composed of both Sunnis and Shiites - to the religious Shiite United Iraqi Alliance and the Sunni Iraqi Accord Front.\

Member parties[edit]

December 2005 election results[edit]

The coalition ended up with 977,325 votes, or 8.0% of the vote, which amounted to 25 out of 275 seats in the Iraqi National Assembly. The following 25 people were nominated as the coalition's representatives: