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Jawa Pos
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Jawa Pos Group
Editor Leak Kustiya
Editor-in-chief Azrul Ananda
Founded July 1, 1949
Language Indonesian
Headquarters Graha Pena
Jalan Jenderal A. Yani No. 88 Ketintang Gayungan
Surabaya, East Java
Official website Jawa Pos

Jawa Pos (The Java Post) is one of Indonesia's major newspapers. Jawa Pos was launched by Suseno Tedjo or The Chung Shen in Surabaya in July 1, 1949. The "Jawa Pos Group" is owned by Indonesian media tycoon Dahlan Iskan.

The newspaper's motto is Selalu ada yang baru ("There is always something new").


With 65 years of continuous publishing, it is one of Indonesia's oldest newspapers. In 1982, when its circulation had declined to under 10,000 copies, the newspaper almost went bankrupt and its ownership changed to PT Graffiti Pers, the publisher of Tempo. After the acquisition, the circulation of Jawa Pos increased and by the 1990s, circulation reached 350,000 copies. During that time, Jawa Pos was one of the largest-selling newspapers in Indonesia.

Jawa Pos set many records in the Indonesian newspaper industry, such as being the first to use computerized systems in 1984, the first to be published in full color in 1986, the first newspaper to use remote printing technology in 1988, the first newspaper to be published almost everyday annually in 1992, and the first to invest in online technology in 1994. Jawa Pos was the first newspaper in Indonesia to apply the international width standard in 1998, to have a daily section for youths (2000), and to use computer to plate technology (2006).[1]

With 400,000 copies sold, Jawa Pos is one of Indonesia's leading daily newspapers, second only to Kompas in terms of circulation. It is the most popular newspaper in Surabaya.


On October 12, 2011, the newspaper was given the 2011 World Young Readers Newspaper Award. Jawa Pos also won the top prize for enduring excellence.[2]


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