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This is list of newspapers in Indonesia.

National newspapers[edit]

Name Characteristics First published Owner
Bisnis Indonesia business daily 1985 PT. Jurnalindo Aksara Grafika
Investor Daily business daily 2001 PT. Koran Media Investor Indonesia
Jawa Pos mass-circulation daily 1949 Jawa Pos Group
Jurnal Nasional mass-circulation daily, political news, nationalist 2006 PT. Media Nusa Pradana
Kompas mass-circulation daily 1966 Kompas Gramedia
Kontan business daily and weekly 1996 Kompas Gramedia
Koran Jakarta mass-circulation daily 2008 PT. Berita Nusantara
Koran Sindo mass-circulation daily 2005 MNC Media
Koran Tempo mass-circulation daily 2001 Tempo Inti Media
Media Indonesia mass-circulation daily 1970 Media Group
Pelita mass-circulation daily 1974 -
Rakyat Merdeka mass-circulation daily, political news, nationalist 1999 Jawa Pos Group
Republika mass-circulation daily, Islamic 1993 Mahaka Media
Sinar Harapan mass-circulation daily 1961 PT. Sinar Harapan Persada
Suara Karya Golkar-aligned 1971 Golkar Party
Suara Pembaruan mass-circulation daily 1987 PT Media Interaksi Utama

Regional newspapers[edit]

English-language newspapers[edit]

Chinese-language newspapers[edit]


Indonesian Tabloids[edit]

  • Bintang Indonesia - a television and entertainment tabloid
  • Bola - a weekly sports tabloid, now also publish as daily sports newspaper
  • Citra - a television tabloid, now ceased
  • Soccer - a soccer tabloid
  • GO- an Indonesian Sport Tabloid
  • Nova- an women tabloid
  • Wanita Indonesia - a women tabloid

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