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Jeff Scott Soto
Jeff Scott Soto Promo 2013.jpg
Background information
Born (1965-11-04) November 4, 1965 (age 49)
Brooklyn, New York, United States
Genres Hard rock, AOR, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Funk, R&B, Pop
Occupation(s) Musician, singer-songwriter
Instruments Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, drums, trumpet
Years active 1983–present
Labels Frontiers Records
Associated acts Yngwie Malmsteen, Soul Sirkus, Talisman, Journey, Axel Rudi Pell, Brian May, W.E.T., Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Queen Extravaganza, Jorge Salán

Jeff Scott Soto (born November 4, 1965) is an American rock singer of Puerto Rican[1] descent. He is most well known for being the lead singer for the group Talisman from 1990 till the end of Talisman in 2007, the vocalist on Yngwie Malmsteen's first two albums, and the lead vocalist for Journey on their 2006–2007 tours after Steve Augeri had to leave the band because of an acute throat infection. His style ranges from Hard Rock to Heavy & Power Metal, but he is also influenced by classic soul music singers such as Sam Cooke as well as Journey vocalist Steve Perry, and Freddie Mercury from Queen.


Yngwie, JSS and Rising Force circa 1984

Soto came to prominence in the early 1980s via his involvement with several Yngwie Malmsteen records. The bands Soto has been involved in included Panther, Axel Rudi Pell, Eyes, Talisman, Takara, Humanimal, Human Clay, Kryst The Conqueror, Redlist, The Boogie Knights and Soul Sirkus.

Soto has sung background vocals on several albums by artists such as Lita Ford, Steelheart, Fergie Frederiksen, Glass Tiger, House Of Lords, Stryper, Saigon Kick, and many others.

He has released several solo albums as well. Soto also sang for the fictional band Steel Dragon, which featured Zakk Wylde, Jeff Pilson and Jason Bonham for the soundtrack of the movie Rock Star along with Michael Matijevic of the band Steelheart, whose second album featured Soto on background vocals.

He has also sung lead vocals on an album inspired by the TV series Biker Mice From Mars.

Soto performed at the 2000 annual OIQFC 'Freddie Mercury Birthday Party' at Reading in the UK, where he performed “Dragon Attack” with Brian May. Since that first meeting, Soto and May have become friends, and Soto has appeared with the SAS Band (Spike’s All Stars), Queen sideman Spike Edney’s band. Jeff also appeared with Brian May and Roger Taylor at the 'Hollywood Walk of Fame' bash for the Official International Queen Fan Club.[2]

JSS, Brian May & Roger Taylor - 2002

In 2006, Soto replaced Steve Augeri in Journey after Augeri left the tour due to an acute throat infection. On December 19, Soto was confirmed as the official lead singer for Journey and a press release was posted on the band's official site.

Journey w/ JSS - 2006

On June 12, 2007 it was announced on the same website that Journey had dismissed Soto as their lead singer. Soto addressed the issue by saying "I was looking forward to a long, prosperous future with these guys but it seems they wanted something different than I brought to the table. No love lost though, they know what's best for the preservation of their legacy. I wish them all the best but now it's time to continue working on my own path again".[3]

Since his departure from Journey, Soto has continued to tour on his own account and has undertaken tours with Talisman, Tempestt and with a new band to promote the Beautiful Mess album released on download in 2008 and on Frontiers in February 2009.

He toured with Trans-Siberian Orchestra on their Winter Tours of 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012 and their Beethoven's Last Night spring concerts of 2010 & 2011. He was featured on the 2013 Winter Tour as well.

Soto has also come together with musicians of Work Of Art and Eclipse to co-create the new band W.E.T., Soto being of Talisman, hence the first initials of each band spells: W.E.T. The new band has released a self-titled debut album, out November 2009. Videos have been made for the tracks "One Love", "Comes Down Like Rain" and "Brothers In Arms".

On March 11, 2011 was released the single "Last Time (feat. Jeff Scott Soto)" from the Italian band Evolution, duetting with Jeff Scott Soto. This duet is getting a great success in Italy and abroad: in just a few hours after the release, the single placed 93 on Top 100 Best-Selling Pop Singles and stayed there for almost a week. The day after the release, the single also ranked 172 on the Italian Best-Selling Singles on iTunes. This track will also feature on the band debut album Evolution, released on November 11, 2011, where in addition to Jeff Scott Soto, also performing on the release are Derek Sherinian, Otep Shamaya and Italian drummer Mario Riso.

Soto's next solo Damage Control was released on Frontiers Records in March 2012. Soto also re-joined W.E.T. for the new album Rise Up which was released Feb 2013 worldwide on Frontiers Records. The band performed a live show in Stockholm in January 2013 that was released as a live DVD in '14.

Also in the Spring of 2012, Soto joined forces with Roger Taylor of Queen and was added as one of the 4 singers chosen for the official tribute band Queen Extravaganza. The band was formed via internet auditions and features Freddie Mercury soundalike Marc Martel but Jeff and singer Yvan Pedneault were added to the two final online singers so they could emulate Queen songs live more like the original recordings. Jeff did only one tour with them as QEX continue now with a smaller production and line up.

Soto is currently working on a new album which has only been described as 'very heavy', a return to his Metal roots yet in a modern setting. The album is co-written with Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind guitarist), Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob), Jason Bieler (Saigon Kick) and others in his solo band. It will be his 1st album NOT on the Frontiers Records label.

The album aptly branded SOTO, removes Jeff from his solo name and incorporates his recent touring band as the line up for this new release, Inside The Vertigo. The album was released on Jan 30 2015 on earMUSIC in Europe, Feb 2015 on Ward Records in Japan and May 12 2015 in the US via eOne Music.

Personal life[edit]

Jeff was the 2nd born to father Joseph and mother Mikki. His older brother by 14 months, Joey, is the only full blood sibling, he has a younger half sister Christina from his mother's side and 2 younger half brothers, Johnny and Joel from his dad's side. Born in Brooklyn NY, he, his brother and mother relocated to Los Angeles when Jeff was only 8. Already naturally musically inclined, Jeff was singing around the house according to him 'as long as he remembers being able to talk'.

Having a keyboard in the house at all times, he taught himself by ear how to play his favorite songs on the radio but it wasn't until middle school where he picked playing trumpet was when he learned to read music. Relating the technical end to what he'd already learned gave him the upper hand in his early bands, the 1st he fronted at the age of 12.

Jeff had many cover bands through the years but the 1st original band he joined, Kanan, produced a demo that would be instrumental in his Yngwie audition 2 years later. In 1984, he sent this demo to Yngwie Malmsteen who had been searching for a singer to front his solo career after leaving Alcatrazz. Yngwie was extremely impressed in Jeff's natural ability to sound so mature and seasoned at such a young age. Soto officially joined Malmsteen's fold in Sept 1984 after 3 weeks of demoing up songs at Yngwie's home.

Soto currently resides with his family in Los Angeles, California when he is not on tour. In early 2012 he married his long term girlfriend Elena, who features in Jeff's video "Look Inside Your Heart" from his latest album Damage Control. Soto has a son from his first marriage named Jason and who made the cover of his solo album Love Parade (1994), and two step children Joseph and Grace (Grace and his real son Jason are featured in the video "NeverEnding War", Damage Control 2012).


Solo albums[edit]

  • Love Parade - 1994
  • Holding On (EP) - 2002
  • Prism - 2002
  • JSS Live at the Gods 2002 (live) - 2003
  • Live at the Queen Convention 2003 (live) - 2004
  • Believe in Me (EP) - 2004
  • Lost in the Translation - 2004
  • Essential Ballads - 2006
  • Beautiful Mess - 2009
  • One Night in Madrid (live) - 2009
  • Live at Firefest 2008 - 2010
  • Damage Control - 2012


  • Inside the Vertigo - 2015


Talisman circa 1994


  • "Just Between Us" (1990)
  • "I'll be Waiting" (Sweden, 1990)
  • "Mysterious (This Time is Serious)" (1993)
  • "Time after Time" (1993)
  • "Doing Time With My Baby" (1994)
  • "Colour My XTC" (1994)
  • "All + All" (1994)
  • "Frozen" (1995)
  • "Crazy" (1998)


WET promo 2013
  • W.E.T. - 2009
  • Rise Up - 2013
  • One Live in Stockholm - 2014


  • One Love (2009)
  • Comes Down Like Rain (2009)
  • Brothers In Arms (2009)
  • Learn to Live Again (2012)
  • Love Heals (2013)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra[edit]

JSS w/ Trans-Siberian Orchestra Dec 2013


Human Clay[edit]

  • Human Clay 1996
  • u4ia 1997
  • Closing the Book on Human Clay - 2003

Axel Rudi Pell[edit]



  • "Forever Young" (1994)
  • "Cry Of The Gypsy" (1994)


  • Humanimal - 2002
  • Find My Way Home E.P. - 2002

Yngwie Malmsteen[edit]


  • "Studio/Live '85" (1985)
  • "I am a Viking" (Japan, 1985)
  • "Carry On Wayward Son" (Japan, 1996)



  • Eyes - 1990
  • Windows Of The Soul - 1993


  • "Calling All Girls" - 1990
  • "Nobody Said It Was Easy" - 1990

Others lead vocals[edit]

Soul SirkUS 2005
  • Michael Schenker - Heavy Hitters - 2005 (re-released as Doctor Doctor: The Kulick Sessions in 2008, and as By Invitation Only in 2011)
  • Redlist - Ignorance - 2007
  • Jorge Salán - Chronicles of an Evolution - 2007
  • Tempestt - Bring'em on - 2007
  • Taka Minamino - "AngelWing" - 2009
  • Jorge Salán - Estatuas en la calle - 2010
  • Danger Angel - Danger Angel - 2010
  • Jane Bogaert - Fifth Dimension - 2010
  • Last Autumn's Dream – A Touch of Heaven - 2010
  • "The Flames still burns" - song on "Ballroom Hamburg — A Decade of Rock" compilation (2010)
  • Pushking - The World as We Love it - 2011
  • Evolution - "Last Time (feat. Jeff Scott Soto)" (Cd Single) - 2011
  • Evolution - Evolution (Album featuring Jeff Scott Soto, Derek Sherinian, Otep Shamaya & Others) - 2011
  • Talon - III - 2011
  • Mitch Malloy - II - 2011
  • Wolfpakk - Wolfpakk - 2011
  • Last Autumn's Dream - Nine Lives - 2011
  • Koritni - Welcome To The Crossroads - 2012
  • Reign of the Architect - Rise - 2012
  • Danger Angel - Revolutia - 2013
  • Gus G - Summer Days - 2014

Various Artists tributes albums[edit]

  • Smoke On The Water: A Tribute to Deep Purple (1994): "Hush"
  • Dragon Attack: A Tribute To Queen (1996): "Save Me "
  • Hot For Remixes: Tribute to Van Halen (1999): "So This Is Love (Sheep On Drugs Remix)"
  • Head Soup: A Tribute To Ozzy Osbourne (2000): "Shot In The Dark"
  • Little Guitars - A Tribute To Van Halen (2000): "So This Is Love" (Re-released)
  • Let The Tribute Do The Talkin': A Tribute to Aerosmith (2001): "Cryin'"
  • An All Star Lineup Performing The Songs Of Pink Floyd (2002): "Us & Them"
  • We Salute You A Tribute to ACDC (2004): "Problem Child"
  • Numbers From The Beast – An All Star Salute To Iron Maiden (2004): "Aces High"
  • The Sweet According to Sweden: A Tribute to The Sweet (2004): "Love Is Like Oxygen" (Audiovision fect. JSS )
  • Frankie Banali & Friends 24/7/365 - Tribute To Led Zeppelin (2004): "Royal Orleans"
  • The Crown Jewels - A tribute To Queen (2005): "We Will Rock You"
  • 80s Metal Tribute To Van Halen (2006): "So This Is Love" (Re-released)
  • Butchering The Beatles (2006): "Magical Mystery Tour"

Others background vocals[edit]

Others as songwriter[edit]

  • Khymera - A New Promise - 2005: "You Can't Take Me (Away from You)"


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Journey lead vocalist
2006 – 2007
Succeeded by
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