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Jordan Galland
photo taken by Jenna Kirkutis, On Madison Green Sept 2009
Background information
Born 1980 (age 33–34)
Farmington, Connecticut, U.S.
Genres Indie pop, indie rock, folk, country, Burlesque
Occupations Filmmaker, singer-songwriter, writer
Instruments Guitar, piano, flute
Years active 2001–present
Labels Allido Records
Associated acts Domino, Dopo Yume, Sean Lennon, Mark Ronson, Daniel Merriweather, The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, Cibo Matto

Jordan Galland is a filmmaker, and a musician. He has won a number of awards on the film festival circuit. He has also contributed his music to raise money and awareness of various charitable causes. He is of French heritage.

Other Entrepreneurial endeavors of Galland's include Slush Puppy Music, a Record label, as well as his own movie production company, Ravenous Films.[1]

Galland lives and works in New York City.[2]


Born in Farmington, Connecticut, Galland was raised in New York City and graduated in 2002 from New York University, where he studied film, animation and mythology.

Jordan Galland as Panel Member at Canadian Music Week taken by a member of the Canadian Independent Press

Music career[edit]

At eighteen, Galland formed the rock band Dopo Yume,[3] which played shows with Rufus Wainwright, Cibo Matto

Dopo Yume also played shows with musical group Phantom Planet, both contributed musical selections to the popular show The O.C..

California, and Dopo Yume's contribution The Secret Show (The Day After Tomorrow).

A later band, Domino, is signed to Mark Ronson's Allido Records label. Additionally, Galland has collaborated with his childhood friend, Sean Lennon,[4] played electric piano on Mark Ronson's album Version[5] and co-wrote tracks on Daniel Merriweather's 2010 Love & War, also released on Allido Records.

In 2006, Jordan Galland began working on a series of solo material with friends and former band-mates David Muller (formerly of the Fiery Furnaces) and Sam Oates for what would ultimately become his solo-debut, "Airbrush." In 2008, Galland and Muller continued to build on the solo-material and co-produced Jordan Galland's sophomore solo release, "Search Party." The album was recorded by the pair at a friend's house turned studio in Hampton Bays, New York and mixed by Ron Shaffer at Atlantic West Studios in Brooklyn.[6]

Recently, Galland has been collaborating with the Neistat Brothers on a number of Short Film projects.

Galland collaborated with Mark Ronson, in a video homage to The Legend of Zelda.[7] Galland provided the music for director Sara Ziffs award-winning film Picture Me.[8] She had appeared in an earlier music video of Gallands' "The Princess Waits" In 2011, Galland released an EP via his record label Slush Puppy Music, titled To The Top. The music video for the EP's title track appeared on[9] and AOL's music website, as the Music Video of the Day on May 31, 2011.[10] Galland did a cover version of birthday cake by Cibo Matto[11]


Galland has contributed to a wide spectrum of movies, ranging from romantic comedy to the genre of Horror film, and Zombie comedy.

Galland's 2005 short film, Smile for the Camera, received an award for best screencraft at the New York Independent International Film and Video Festival in 2005.[12] Galland directed, photographed, and edited the film himself, and wrote the film’s theme song and musical score with Sean Lennon and Timo Ellis. An animated music video for his band Domino, Green Umbrella,[13] was shown at multiple film festivals in the U.S., and in Madrid at Alcine37.[14]

Galland has been working on a screen adaptation of Ryu Murakami's Coin Locker Babies, since 1998, in collaboration with Michele Civetta, Peter Kline, and Sean Lennon.[15][16]

Galland's feature-length debut, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead,[17] a vampire film he wrote and directed, was filmed in New York City in December 2007 and stars Ralph Machio, Jeremy Sisto, and Jake Hoffman. A 2009 Halloween launch party was held at Wooleys in New York.[18] The movie is set to be released in June 2010[19] through Indican Pictures.[20] This movie is currently playing on Showtime (TV network)[21]

Galland at the Premier of Alter Egos at Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal July 24, 2012

Alter Egos a movie about super heroes is set to be released in Fall of 2012.[22] It stars Kris Lemche, Danny Masterson, and again involves a collaboration with Sean Lennon who both stars in as "Electric Death" and contributes the music.

Galland has music contributions in two entries in Tribeca Film Festival 2012; the movie "Supporting Characters"[23] and also Krysten Ritter's movie "L!fe Happens"[24]

Jordan contributed a song "Hearts of ice" to the film Life of Crime

Year Title Comments
2004 The Long Weekend Song: "Central Park"
Knots Song: "The Postcard"
2005 Smile for the Camera Writer/actor, won award at prestigious New York International Independent Film and Video Festivalfilm debut of Jemima Kirke
National Lampoon's Adam & Eve song writer: "Postcard", "I Can't Say Why", "The Fun")
Green Umbrella Writer/actor, won numerous awards
2006 Friendly Fire Co-wrote various songs/ actor
Coven (short) (score)[25]
2008 Day of the Dead song writer "Coolest Boy on Earth"
Coin Locker Babies Screenwriter
21 song on soundtrack: "Tropical Moonlight", performed by Domino
The Last International Playboy song on soundtrack: "Brigitte Bardot", performed by Dopo Yume
2009 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead Executive producer, cartoonist, won comedy award at DC Independent Film Festival.

Nominated for best production design at European Release at the Strasbourg Film Festival.[26]

The Missing Person song on soundtrack: "Can't Say Why"
2010 Tiny Furniture song on soundtrack (writer): "Hide and Seek"[27]
2012 Alter Egos Director, starring Kris Lemche, Danny Masterson, and long time friend Sean Lennon[28]
2013 Life of Crime (film) song on soundtrack (writer)

Musical contributions[edit]

Year Title Comments
2006 Friendly Fire by Sean Lennon co-wrote "Spectacle" and "Falling Out of Love"
2007 Version by Mark Ronson electric piano on Amy Winehouse's cover of The Zutons' "Valerie" and Lily Allen's cover of the Kaiser Chiefs' "Oh My God"
2010 Love & War by Daniel Merriweather co-wrote "Cigarettes" and "Live by Night"

Dopo Yume discography[edit]

  • Yumania (2001)
  • In the Bedroom (2002)
  • True Romance (2003) (with guitar and piano by Sean Lennon,[29] and backing vocals by Bijou Phillips[30])
  • The Secret Show (2006)

Solo Discgography[edit]

  • Airbrush (2009)
  • Search Party (2010)
  • To the Top (2011)
  • Wind-up Rabbit (2013)


  • Galland has done all the animation work in his movies, having studied animation at New York University. In addition he contributed animation (the welcoming birds) in the promotional posters for Plastic Ono Band[31]
  • Galland recently did the animation for the Jewellery ad campaign "you're my Boo" for Waris Ahluwalia's House of Waris.[32]


  • Galland's band Dopo Yume contributed a song to a cd:Mystique, "a Benefit for the AIDS Action."[33]
  • Galland's other band Domino had a listing on Mark Ronson Presents Hard Rock, which was distributed exclusivley through the Hard Rock Cafe where a portion of the proceeds go to the non profit organization: Play Pumps (Roundabout PlayPump), that helps to provide clean drinking water to third world countries.
  • Galland has contributed music to countless Charity Art shows, including shows that benefit the Nest Foundation, which aids abused children in New York.

Awards and Nominations[edit]

  • Green Umbrella — Best Musical Form, 2006 Da Vinci Film and Video Festival[34]
  • Green Umbrella — Best Animated Short, 2006 Black Earth Film Festival[35]
  • Green Umbrella — Music Video Award (animation), second place, 2006 Indie Gathering[36]
  • Smile for the Camera — ScreenCraft Award (short film), 2005 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival[12]
  • Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead - Comedy Award at DC Independent Film Festival,[37]
  • 2010 L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival Movie Magic Screenwriter Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalists: Commercial Affairs[38]
  • 2012 Best Narrative feature at Hells Half Mile Festival for Alter Egos


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