Karuah, New South Wales

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New South Wales
Karuah Bridge.jpg
Bridge over the Karuah River
Karuah is located in New South Wales
Coordinates 32°38′35″S 151°57′26″E / 32.64306°S 151.95722°E / -32.64306; 151.95722Coordinates: 32°38′35″S 151°57′26″E / 32.64306°S 151.95722°E / -32.64306; 151.95722
Population 1,327 (2011)[1][Note 1]
 • Density 13.8/km2 (36/sq mi) [Note 2]
Postcode(s) 2324
Area 73.7 km2 (28.5 sq mi)[Note 3]
Time zone AEST (UTC+10)
 • Summer (DST) AEDT (UTC+11)
Region Hunter[2]
County Gloucester[3][4]
Parish Tarean[3][4]
State electorate(s)
Federal Division(s) Paterson
Mean max temp[5] Mean min temp[5] Annual rainfall[5]
23.0 °C
73 °F
10.3 °C
51 °F
1,145.6 mm
45.1 in
Suburbs around Karuah:
Limeburners Creek Limeburners Creek The Branch
Twelve Mile Creek Karuah The Branch, North Arm Cove
Twelve Mile Creek Swan Bay, Port Stephens Port Stephens, Tahlee, Carrington

Karuah is a predominantly rural locality[3] of both the Port Stephens and Great Lakes Councils in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, Australia.[4][6] It is thought that the name means 'native plum tree' in the local Aboriginal dialect.[4][7]


The suburb is split between the Port Stephens and Great Lakes councils with most (approximately 51%) located in the Port Stephens Council area. Karuah township is also split between the two councils with almost all of the township located in Port Stephens Council. The Karuah River, which runs approximately north to south through the centre of the suburb, forms the border between the two councils within the suburb. Karuah is located at the north-western corner of Port Stephens into which the Karuah River feeds.[4][6]


The largest settlement within the suburb is the village of Karuah, which is on the old Pacific Highway and straddles the Karuah River. Most of the village, which occupies only about 0.7 square kilometres (0.3 sq mi) of the suburb's total area of 74.7 km2 (28.8 sq mi), lies within the Port Stephens LGA. It includes the largest Aboriginal community in the Port Stephens LGA and, at the 2006 Census, had a population of approximately 857.[8] The rest of the suburb's population live in the rural properties which surround the village.

The Karuah bridge was built and opened in December 1957.[9] In 2004, the Karuah Bypass was opened which, as part of the AusLink program, speeds up car and truck travel times past the township but left the town a backwater.

The Karuah township has long been known for its oysters,[10] and a number of oyster shops line the old Pacific Highway within the town.


  1. ^ This figure includes residents of Twelve Mile Creek.
  2. ^ This is the average density of both Karuah and Twelve Mile Creek.
  3. ^ Area calculation is based on 1:100000 map 9232 NEWCASTLE.


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