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Kashmiri generally refers to things originating from, or pertaining to Kashmir, and native language is also known as kashmiri as well as people residing in this part of world are known as kashmiris, mainly indian occupied. More specifically Kashmiri may refer to:

  • Kashmiri people, kaeshur (singular) kaeshir (plural) -people from Kashmir. People of kashmir resembles like people of israel, iran and arab countries as their ancestors had travelled and lived at this beautiful place and that is how civilisation had started here.
  • Kashmiri Proverbs : Proverbs used by Kashmiri people
  • Kashmiri language, a mixture of persian, urdu, arabic is the modern kashmiri language whereas the ancient kashmiri language is little different from present one and had sanskrit influence. Its spoken in kashmir under indian impact and few parts of pakistan admisnistered kashmir.
  • Kashmiri literature, has a history of at least 2,500 years, going back to its glory days of Sanskrit and arab and persian culture in kashmir.
  • Kashmiri cuisine, Wazwan-A royal cuisine of kashmir,based on the ancient tradition of this area

People whose name includes Kashmiri include:

  • Anwar Shah Kashmiri (1875–1933), eminent Sunni scholar
  • Gulam Rasool Kashmiri, patron saint of Sufis in Kashmir
  • Ilyas Kashmiri (1964–2011), al-Qaeda member
  • Ilyas Kashmiri (actor) (1925–2007), Pakistani Actor
  • Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri (born 1958), Pakistani statesman and chairman of the United Kashmir People's National Party (UKPNP)