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Kass may refer to:


Family name
Meaning Cat
Region of origin Estonia
Language(s) of origin Estonian
Related names Katz
  • Amalie Kass (born 1928), American historian.
  • Amy Kass (born 1940), American academic.
  • Carmen Kass (born 1978), Estonian supermodel.
  • Danny Kass (born 1982), American snowboarder.
  • Deborah Kass (born 1952), American painter
  • John Kass (born 1956), American journalist.
  • Leon Kass (born 1939), American bioethicist.
  • Peter Kass (1923 – 2008) American acting teacher and director.
  • Ras Kass (born 1973, John Austin), American rapper.
  • Robin Kåss (born 1977), Norwegian medial doctor and politician.
  • Ron Kass (1935–1986), American businessman, recording executive, and film producer.
  • Sam Kass (born 1980), American chef


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