Keelung River

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Keelung River
Taiwan Keelung River upstream.JPG
Keelung River upstream
Origin Huo Shou Liao Mountain (火燒寮山)
Mouth Tamsui River
Basin countries  Taiwan
Length 96 km
Source elevation 560 m
Mouth elevation ?? m
Avg. discharge ?? m³/s
Basin area 493 km²

Keelung River (Chinese: 基隆河; pinyin: Jīlóng Hé; Wade–Giles: Chi1-lung2 Ho2) is a river in northern Taiwan.

The Keelung River originates in the mountains west-northwest of the town of Jingtong in Pingxi District, New Taipei City, flows down to a rift valley and then flows ENE to Sandiaoling. Then it flows northward to a point between Chiufen and Keelung City, and then heads back in a general WSW direction to Taipei, where it joins the Tamsui River and flows out to sea.


The Keelung River is heavily polluted by both raw sewage and industrial pollution from illegal industry. The restoration of the natural river is on the agenda of the Taipei City Government, Taipei Central Government and several citizen organizations.[1]

Coordinates: 25°06′44″N 121°27′50″E / 25.1122°N 121.464°E / 25.1122; 121.464


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Map showing location