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Kenny vs. Spenny
Kenny vs. Spenny Logo
Created by Kenny Hotz
Spencer Rice
Directed by
Composer(s) Richard Pell
Country of origin
  • Canada
No. of seasons 6
No. of episodes 86 (list of episodes)
Editor(s) Duncan Christie, Marco Porsia
Cinematography Sebastian Cluer
Running time 22 minutes excluding commercials
Original channel
Picture format
Audio format Stereo
Original run August 26, 2003 – December 23, 2010
Followed by

Kenny vs. Spenny is a Canadian television show starring Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice, who face each other in various competitions. The loser of each episode must perform an act of humiliation, usually selected by the winner. Hotz and Rice created the series, and it is typically shot in their hometown of Toronto, Ontario, based mostly out of the house they shared.[1] As of November 2008, the show airs on CBC, Global and Showcase in Canada, on Comedy Central in Germany and the Netherlands, on The Comedy Channel in Australia, on Sony Max in South Africa, on Italia 2 in Italy, on FX in Portugal, on JIM in Finland, and on Comedy Central in Sweden. The series concluded with an hour-long Christmas special that aired on December 23, 2010, at 9 pm ET/PT on Showcase.[2]

The series was nominated for the Canadian Comedy Awards in 2010 and 2011 and for Gemini Awards in 2005, 2006, and 2008 as the best Canadian comedy series, and received a Rose d'Or nomination in Switzerland for "best international comedy series". The show has spawned several replicas of its format, including a family-friendly French Canadian version called Frank vs Girard that airs on VRAK.TV. Also following the format are Ed vs. Spencer in the United Kingdom, Juan vs. Roman in Latin America, Elton vs. Simon in Germany, Katja vs. Bridget and Dennis vs. Valerio in the Netherlands, "Sid vs. Varun" in India. In 2009 the show was named #8 among the top 10 Canadian television shows of the decade.[3]


Kenny and Spenny have contrasting personalities, which have an impact on the way each approaches the competitions. Spenny usually follows the rules and his ethics very strictly. He also tries to compete in what he perceives as the intention and spirit of the competition statement. Kenny's approach is typically more unorthodox; he is often willing to use any means necessary, including cheating, to win. Though he does not always break the rules, he is usually willing to bend them. Kenny sometimes admits that he would not win certain competitions without cheating. Spenny will often bear the brunt of Kenny's plans and pranks. Spenny is often paranoid and sometimes this causes him to sabotage his own efforts. Kenny occasionally uses this paranoia to his advantage. Kenny has occasionally used his position as executive producer to threaten crew members and force them to help him and/or not help Spenny.

Beyond their competitive styles, the contrasting personalities of the two stars is the source of much of the humour of the show. Kenny is generally portrayed as an uncouth and charismatic joker with a bizarre scatological sense of humor. Spenny is a classic straight man. As he stated in one episode, "I haven't had a belly laugh since 1987." He rarely laughs or makes jokes on camera. Spenny usually reacts with exasperation to Kenny's antics, which are often directed at him. Spenny's most common emotional reaction on the show is anger at some act which Kenny has committed. Occasionally, Kenny's pranks move beyond simple character assassination. In one instance, he secretly gave Spenny several hits of LSD. In another he forged a letter to Spenny from the Ontario Ministry of Health, informing Spenny that he had been in contact with someone who had HIV.


Spencer Rice

The winner of the competition gets to assign a "humiliation", an embarrassing task that the loser must perform. Although it is implied that the loser has agreed to the choice of humiliation, in some episodes the winner attempts to extend the humiliation beyond what was agreed upon. Kenny has defined winning as not having to perform a humiliation, or perform a lesser humiliation, while Spencer has defined winning as being declared the competition winner. This difference in opinion results in disputes over who was the true 'winner' in some cases.

The show is usually less focused on who will actually win the competition and more on how each competitor will go about trying to win. This is evidenced by the fact that the person who performs the humiliation is not always technically the loser based on the rules—they just do not know about the rules broken by the winner. On many occasions, a competitor, usually Kenny, has cheated and still been declared the winner. The show rarely shows the aftermath of the competition, leaving it unknown how a competitor reacted upon finding out that his opponent cheated. Some episodes include the voices of Kenny and Spenny during the closing credits, commenting on an unfair loss.


Kenny Hotz

Starting with the fourth season, Kenny and Spenny were both executive producers and received credit separate from five other executive producers. Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of the TV show South Park, joined the show for the fourth season and were given their own separate credit as executive producers for the ten episodes in which they were involved.[4] Instrumental and electronic music is frequently used throughout episodes scored by Composer Richard Pell . Ride of the Valkyries, Ravel's Boléro, Sergei Prokofiev's Montagues and Capulets and Peter and the Wolf, Gioachino Rossini's La gazza ladra, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Symphony No. 40 in G minor – 4th Movement, and music by Toronto electronica band Holy Fuck are very frequently used.

Kenny and Spenny each have their own production assistant, camera operator, and sound engineer, who film their independent exploits for each episode.


The show originally aired on Showcase Television. It was produced by Breakthrough Films and Television since its inception. CBC cancelled the show after the first season, and Showcase picked up the series in late 2005. Re-runs of the first two seasons air on CBC late at night, and on CBC's Bold station weekday afternoons. The show has aired on GSN in the United States. It is shown internationally on TV 2 Zulu in Denmark, JIM in Finland, the now defunct ZTV Norway, Comedy Central in Sweden, FX (repeats on Challenge) in the United Kingdom (no longer airing), The Comedy Channel in Australia, FX in Portugal, Comedy Central in Germany, Comedy Central in the Netherlands and The XtraHOT channel in Israel. Fox Entertainment Group in Latin America has distributed the episodes, which can be seen on the Latin American versions of FOX channel and FX.


Christmas special[edit]

The series finale Kenny vs. Spenny Christmas Special aired 23 December 2010 at 9 pm eastern time on Showcase.[5]

DVD releases[edit]

Video Service Corp has released all six seasons of Kenny vs. Spenny on DVD in Region 1 (Canada only). Beyond Home Entertainment has released the first three seasons on DVD in Region 4.

DVD Name Number of episodes Released for Region 1 Released for Region 4 Bonus features
Kenny vs Spenny: Season One 26 November 22, 2005 August 5, 2009 Kenny & Spenny commentary over two episodes, biographies, clips from international versions, Pitch
Kenny vs Spenny: Season Two 13 November 21, 2006 December 9, 2009 Season two promo, two commentaries with Kenny and Spenny, deleted scenes, season three preview
Kenny vs Spenny: Season Three 13 November 13, 2007 April 7, 2010 Kenny's never-before-seen version of "Who Can Make a Better Porno?", two commentaries with Kenny & Spenny, crew commentary, deleted scenes
Comedy Central's Kenny vs. Spenny – Volume One: Uncensored (Season Four) 10 August 12, 2008 TBA Deleted scenes, additional scenes, commentary tracks, Kenny answers fan mail, Kenny and Spenny reflect on past competitions, Kenny and Spenny's hot mix, Who can pick the biggest booger?, Kenny and Spenny: Men on the Street
Kenny vs Spenny: Season Four 10 August 26, 2008 TBA
Kenny vs Spenny: Season Five 10 November 24, 2009 TBA Deleted scenes, commentary with the crew, commentary with Kenny and Spenny, commentary with Kenny and Spenny and the crew
Kenny vs Spenny: Season Six 13 September 7, 2010[6] TBA Outtakes, photo gallery
Kenny vs. Spenny Christmas Special 1 TBA TBA

YouTube release[edit]

Starting November 7, 2012,[7] Kenny began uploading the series to his personal YouTube account. The final episode of the series was uploaded on December 22, 2012.[8]


The records and winning percentages vary depending on the definition of a win used by each competitor. The interpretation of what constitutes cheating also varies depending on the competition and may lead to some discrepancies in the statistics. Any statement of the records contains inherent bias of definition used and is more so if including cheating and arguable cheating instances separately.[9]

Wins Losses Draws Winning %
Win/Tie %
(Ties = 1/2 Win)
Kenny 59 21 5 73.75% 72.35%
Spenny 21 59 5 26.25% 27.65%
  • If competitions where Kenny cheated (16) or arguably cheated (3) and won are not counted, the record would be 40-21-5 for Kenny; If they are counted as wins for Spenny (as Spenny suggests they should),[10] then Spenny would be leading 40-40-5.

If the competition ends in a draw, there is either no humiliation, or a double humiliation. Although there have been exceptions to this rule.

Revival attempts[edit]

Both Hotz and Rice have expressed interest in a film adaptation of Kenny vs. Spenny. In a 2013 interview, Rice elaborated, "if it happens I don't think I will live through it but it will be good entertainment." Later on March 7, 2014, Hotz began the Facebook[11] and Twitter[12] campaign #BringBackKvS in an effort to encourage Netflix to commission a seventh season of the show.[13] Netflix had recently resurrected the Trailer Park Boys series from its 2008 finale, and it was Hotz's intention to replicate this success. As of May 2014, no formal response to the campaign has been made by Netflix. Between March and May 2014, Hotz and Rice also embarked on their Kenny vs. Spenny vs. Canada comedy tour, showing and discussing rare and unseen Kenny vs. Spenny footage rejected by broadcasters in 13 cities across Canada.


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