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Kerry Group plc
Type Public company
Founded Listowel, Ireland (1972)
Headquarters Tralee, Ireland
Key people Stan McCarthy – Group CEO
Denis Cregan Deputy Group CEO
Flor Healy – CEO of Kerry Foods
Gerry Behan – President & CEO of Kerry Ingredients North America
Brian Mehigan Group CFO
Products Food Ingredients and Flavours
Cheese and cheese snacks
Ready meal
Cooked meats
Dairy Spreads
Water and juices
Revenue €5,848.3 million (2012)[1]
Operating income €531.3 million (2012)[1]
Net income €267.0 million (2012)[1]

Kerry Group is a Public food company headquartered in Ireland. It is quoted on the Dublin ISEQ and London stock exchanges.[2]


Kerry started as a private company with three shareholders – state-owned Dairy Disposal Company, a Federation of eight small farmer co-operatives in Kerry and Erie Casein Company Inc. from the US. They committed to invest approximately €200,000 to finance a €1 million dairy processing facility in Listowel, County Kerry, for the manufacture of milk protein (casein) for export to the US.

Ownership of the company, then known as North Kerry Milk Products Ltd (NKMP) was shared with the Dairy Disposal Company holding 42.5%, the Federation 42.5% and Erie Casein 15%. The linkage to Illinois-based Erie Casein provided a guaranteed market for the edible casein output, which was a relatively new dairy product for Ireland. In its first year NKMP processed 16 million gallons of skimmed milk to produce 2,000 tonnes of casein with a workforce of about 40 people and reported profits of €127,000 on a turnover of €1.3 million.[3]

Today, with operations in 24 countries across five continents, European markets account for 57% of sales, American markets 31% and sales to Asia Pacific markets represent 12% of sales.

Kerry Group is quoted on the Dublin and London stock exchanges, with a market capitalisation in excess of €7 billion and some 30,000 shareholders. Kerry started as a private dairy processor, evolved into a dairy co-operative, and then a public company.


Headquartered in Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland, the Group employs about 36,000 people in its manufacturing, sales and technical centres worldwide.[3]

Kerry supplies over 15,000 food, food ingredients and flavour products to customers in more than 140 countries worldwide. The Group has manufacturing facilities in 23 different countries and sales offices in 20 other countries.[3]

Executive officers[edit]

  • Stan McCarthy, chief executive
  • Flor Healy, CEO Kerry Foods
  • Brian Mehigan, chief financial officer
  • Gerry Behan, President & CEO Kerry Ingredients & Flavours

Business structure[edit]

The Group is divided into several divisions:

  • "Kerry Ingredients & Flavours" is the largest division producing over 15,000 ingredients, flavours and integrated solutions from more than 125 manufacturing sites worldwide. It claims to have become the largest and most technologically advanced provider of technology-based ingredients, flavours and integrated systems.[citation needed]
  • "Kerry Foods" supplies added-value branded and customer branded food products to supermarket chains, convenience stores and independent retailers across the UK and Ireland. It has 15 manufacturing facilities all in Ireland and the UK. Products include sausage, sliced bacon, sliced meats, pastry products, ready meals, ready-to-cook products, savoury snacks, cheese, cheese snacks, dairy spreads, low-fat spreads, UHT products, home-baking products, salads, sandwiches and fruit juices.

Consumer branded products include – in Ireland: Denny, Galtee, LowLow, Dairygold, Cheestrings, Charleville Cheese, Shaws, Coleraine, Golden Cow, EasiSingles, Dawn, Roscrea, Kerrymaid, Golden Olive, Mitchelstown, Calvita, Ballyfree, Move over Butter and Freshways – in the UK: Richmond, Wall’s, Mattessons, LowLow, Cheestrings, Pure, Mr. Brain’s, Porkinsons, Bowyers, Lawsons, Green’s and Homepride.

  • "Kerry Agribusiness" is headquartered in Charleville, Co. Cork, and works with the Group’s 4,000 milk suppliers in Ireland, to produce milk and related dairy products.

Notable brands[edit]

Hungry joes

Investment and acquisition history[edit]

1972 Dairy Products facility commissioned in Listowel, IRL.

1974 Dairy Products facility commissioned in Listowel, IRL.

1974–1982 Independent dairies in Killarney, Limerick and Galway, IRL.

1982 Denny, Duffy Meats, IRL.

1986 Snowcream Dairies Moate, IRL.

1987 Denny, N. IRL.

1988 Grove & Ballyfree Turkeys, IRL.

1990 AE Button, UK Miller-Robirch, UK.

1992 Buxted Duckling, UK Kantoher Food Products, IRL.

1993 Kerry Spring Water, IRL.

1994 Commissioning of Porkmeat Products facility in Shillelagh, IRL. Mattessons Wall's, UK.

1998 Green's and Homepride home baking business, UK. Commissioning of Ready Meals production facility in Durham, UK.

1998 Commissioning of Recipe Dish production and development facilities at Burton-on-Trent, UK.

1999–2000 Completion of Burton Recipe Dish, UK. Commissioning and completion of Phase 2 Shillelagh, IRL.

2001 Platter Foods, IRL. Golden Vale plc, IRL. and UK.

2002 Deli Products, IRL. Northern Foods (Van Sales), UK. Freshways Ltd, IRL.

2003 Hibernia Foods Ready Meals & Chilled Desserts Business, UK.

2005 Noon Group, UK.

2009 Breeo Foods, IRL.

2010 Newmarket Co-operative Creameries Limited, IRL.

2011 Headland Foods, UK.

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