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Category Sans-serif
Classification Cross of Humanist and Geometric
Designer(s) Eric Olson
Foundry Process Type Foundry
Date created 2004
License Proprietary
Klavika sample.svg

Klavika is a family of sans-serif fonts designed by Eric Olson and released by Process Type Foundry in 2004. It contains four weights: light, regular, medium, and bold (with corresponding italics) and variations of numerals.[1]

The family of typefaces is described as straight-sided technical sans-serifs[2] flexible for editorial and identity design.[3]

The capital G has no bar, the capital Q has a tail at the bottom, the lowercase g is double story, and the lowercase k has diagonal strokes that meet at the vertical, with a gap.


In use[edit]

  • The Facebook logo uses a modified version of Klavika Bold.[5]
  • The American TV network NBC used Klavika for on-screen branding in 2006 but has since changed its primary typeface several times.[6] Its cable channels MSNBC and CNBC also use the font.
  • The American cable channel ESPN uses Klavika for on-screen presentation from 2009.
  • Belgian Dutch language television channel VTM uses Klavika for on-screen branding and, since 2011, also on the news graphics.
  • Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, South Africa used Klavika in the signage during 2010 FIFA World Cup.[7]
  • South Korean bid for 2022 FIFA World Cup used Klavika for the presentation in Latin alphabets.
  • Chevrolet uses a customized version of Klavika as a corporate typeface. One noticeable difference is the shape of the capital M which has straight rather than splayed sides. For Greek and Cyrillic alphabets, however, local Chevrolet dealers—in Greece and some of the countries using Cyrillic—uses some typefaces similar to Klavika. The condensed fonts were designed by Process Type Foundry LLC with Aaron Carámbula for General Motors marketer FutureBrand[8] as part of re-design of Chevrolet in 2006. After the expiry of the exclusivity period, the commercial version of the font (Klavika Condensed) was released to the public in the fall of 2008.[9]
  • The pen-and-paper role playing game Shadowrun has used Klavika as its primary interior page typeface since the release of the fourth edition in 2005, replacing Friz Quadrata.
  • Since Super Bowl XLVII in 2013, CBS has used Klavika in their sports broadcasts. It is also used in sister network CBS Sports Network.
  • Online gaming site Ijji uses Klavika.
  • Klavika is used in the logo and visual identity of Younglife.
  • For WYD 2011
  • Mozilla[citation needed]
  • Visual Identification of city of Lublin, Poland.
  • The Glasgow Subway system now uses the font in all its recently re-branded visual identity.[10]
  • Motorola Mobility uses this font as their some ads of Motorola's homepage and user's manual titles.


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