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Kliph Nesteroff with Mel Brooks at the Cinefamily, April 2014

Kliph Nesteroff is a professional writer regarded for his vast knowledge of show business, particularly in the field of comedy. A former stand-up comedian in Vancouver, Nesteroff is a frequent contributor to CBC Radio One, CBC Radio 2, GQ and Radio WFMU.[1] His work has been cited by The Atlantic Monthly, Boing Boing,[2] The Chicago Tribune, Comedy Central, The Globe and Mail, The Guardian, NPR, The New York Observer,[3] The New York Times,[4] Salon.com, Slate.com[5] and Vanity Fair.[6] For several years he moderated Classic Television Showbiz, a website devoted to classic show business and comedians, considered invaluable by The Onion‍‍ '​‍s A.V. Club[7] and a favorite of the band They Might Be Giants.[8] The A.V. Club has included Nesteroff in its "growing ranks of strong TV critics and academics",[9] endorsing him as their "favorite pop culture historian."[10] Kliph Nesteroff was interviewed at length on episode 314 of WTF with Marc Maron, an installment that the Onion AV Club called "nothing short of fascinating."[11]

Nesteroff appeared on Ken Reid (comedian)'s TV Guidance Counselor Podcast on April 29,2015 in an episode recorded at Hollywood's legendary Musso & Frank.

Other Projects[edit]

Nesteroff is a resident programmer at the Cinefamily theater in Los Angeles where he has produced live shows with major comedy figures. In 2012 Grove Atlantic signed Nesteroff to write a book about stand-up, projected for release in 2015.


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