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Knut Gjerset (September 15, 1865 - October 29, 1936) was a Norwegian-American author and historian. He was a professor at Luther College and served as curator of the Norwegian-American Historical Museum.[1] He also served as the chairman of the committee on exhibits for the Norse-American Centennial in 1925.[2]

Selected works[edit]

  • English Grammar (1908)
  • Brændevinssamla gene og avholdsarbeidet i Norge (1911)
  • History of the Norwegian People. Two Volumes (1915)
  • Luther College Museum (1923)
  • John Martin Kalberlahn (1924)
  • History of Iceland (1924)
  • Health Conditions and the Practice of Medicine Among the Early Norwegian Settlers, 1825-1865. with Dr. Ludvig Hektoen (1926)
  • Norwegian-American Studies and Records. with Theodore C. Blegen, Kristian Prestgard, and Laurence M. Larson (1927)
  • Norwegian-American Historical Museum (1929)
  • Norwegian Sailors on the Great Lakes (1933)


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Other sources[edit]

  • The Luther College Faculty Luther College Through Sixty Years 1861-1921 (Minneapolis: Augsburg Publishing House. 1922)
  • Norlie, Olaf History of the Norwegian People in America (Minneapolis: Augsburg Publishing House. 1925)

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