Kraken Mare

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Kraken Mare
PIA17655 Kraken Mare crop no labels.jpg
False-color mosaic of synthetic aperture radar images showing all of Kraken Mare. The large island Mayda Insula is left of top center, and Jingpo Lacus is at upper left. A portion of Ligeia Mare enters the view at top right.
Feature type Mare
Coordinates 68°N 310°W / 68°N 310°W / 68; -310Coordinates: 68°N 310°W / 68°N 310°W / 68; -310
Diameter 1,170 km[note 1]
Eponym Kraken

Kraken Mare is the largest known body of liquid on the surface of Saturn's moon Titan. It was discovered in 2007 by the Cassini probe and was named in 2008 after the Kraken, a legendary sea monster.[1]

At 400,000 km²,[2] Kraken Mare is believed to be the largest of numerous seas and lakes in Titan's north polar region.[1] Its status as a sea of hydrocarbons was identified by radar imagery. Only a portion of the sea has been imaged by radar, but its wider extent is indicated in visible light/infrared images that indicate a larger expanse. Kraken Mare is believed to be similar in size to the Caspian Sea.[3]

An island in the sea is named Mayda Insula.

As part of the proposed Titan Saturn System Mission, a probe would splash down on Kraken Mare in order to scrutinize its composition, depth and numerous other properties.



  1. ^ The USGS web site gives the size as a "diameter", but it is actually the length in the longest dimension.


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