Kwavi dialect

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Native to Tanzania
Ethnicity Kwavi people
Native speakers
30,000  (date missing)[citation needed]
Language codes
ISO 639-3

Kwavi is the dialect of Maasai spoken by the Kwavi people (AKA Parakuyo or Baraguyu) of Tanzania. It was once listed as "unclassified" by the Ethnologue,[1] which corrected this mistake in the 15th edition by incorporating it into Maasai.

According to Hurskainen (1994), "The Parakuyo (earlier also called Ilparakuyo, Baraguyu, Kwavi, Lumbwa, and Iloikop) are a Maa-speaking ethnic group scattered over a large area in the northeastern and central parts of Tanzania", while Beidelman (1960) confirms that "Kwavi" and "Baraguyu" are synonymous.