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The LEN Cup is a second-tier European water polo club competition run by the Ligue Européenne de Natation for those clubs who did not qualify for the LEN Euroleague. The cup was inaugurated in 1992. It is now called the LEN Trophy.


Names of the competition[edit]

  • 1992–2011: LEN Cup
  • 2011–present: LEN Euro Cup

Title holders[edit]

Year Champions Result Runner-up
1993 Hungary Újpest Italy Pro Recco
1994 Italy Racing Roma Italy Volturno
1995 Spain Barcelona Hungary Ferencváros
1996 Italy Pescara Hungary Szeged
1997 Hungary Újpest Hungary Ferencváros
1998 Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Partizan Croatia Jadran Split
1999 Hungary Újpest Greece N.O. Patras
2000 Croatia Jug Dubrovnik Italy Pescara
2001 Croatia HAVK Mladost Italy Leonessa
2002 Italy Leonessa Italy Pro Recco
2003 Italy Leonessa Italy Florentia
2004 Spain Barcelona Greece N.C. Vouliagmeni
2005 Italy Savona Serbia and Montenegro Partizan
2006 Italy Leonessa 11–8, 6–7 Russia Sintez Kazan
2007 Russia Sintez Kazan 12–10, 9–10 Croatia VK Šibenik
2008 Russia Shturm Chekhov 8–8, 12–7 Hungary Eger
2009 Hungary Szeged 6–8, 17–13 (p) Greece Panionios
2010 Montenegro Akademija Cattaro 7–9, 8–6 (aet) Italy Savona
2011 Italy Savona 9–9, 11–3 Greece Panionios
2012 Italy Savona 14–9, 6–8 Spain CN Sabadell
2013 Serbia Radnički Kragujevac 8–4, 7–6 Italy RN Florentia
2014 Russia Spartak Volgograd 11–5, 5–9 Croatia HAVK Mladost Zagreb

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