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A view of Landås from Ulriken.
A view of Landås from Natlandsfjellet.

Landås is a neighbourhood in the city of Bergen, Norway. Landås is located by the western side of the Ulriken mountain massif, from south-east of Haukeland University Hospital to Nattland almost 3 km further south. It was the last part of former Årstad municipality to be urbanised, the development of Landås taking place mainly after World War II. The Faculty of Education of Bergen University College is located in Landås. The Grieg Academy is the original name of the music department at this campus of Bergen University College, however the music school with a very similar name - "Grieg Academy-Institute" - is affiliated with the University of Bergen and located in downtown Bergen.

Landås was a separate administrative borough until 2000, when it was merged with the northern part of Løvstakken borough forming Årstad borough. In 1994, Landås borough had a population of 20,252 people.


Coordinates: 60°21′41″N 5°22′04″E / 60.3613°N 5.3679°E / 60.3613; 5.3679