List of Coronation Street characters (1980)

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Frankie Baldwin[edit]

Frank Baldwin
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Sam Kydd
Duration 1980–82
First appearance 1 December 1980
Episode 2052
Last appearance 4 January 1982
Episode 2166

Francis "Frankie" Baldwin is the father of factory owner Mike Baldwin. Frankie is a former docker and Cockney wideboy, more so than his son. He is present on the Street between December 1980 and January 1982. He cons barman Fred Gee out of money over a wedding video scam, and conning Fred a second time also managed to con Alf Roberts out of money. The police turn up accusing Fred of distributing blue movies.

In 1981, after repaying his debts to Fred and Alf, he turns up at son Mike's flat, apparently having come into money, with a blonde he describes as his "secretary". Later that year, the blonde returns to Weatherfield to visit family and Mike asks her to accompany him to a business dinner. Some days later Frankie turns up, takes offence with Mike and leaves for London at the beginning of January in 1982. He is never seen again on the Street, but news of his death reaches Mike in July 1982, four months after the death of Sam Kydd, the actor who had played the role.

In 2002, Mike reveals that Frankie was 61 when he died of a heart attack on a golf course.

Martin Cheveski[edit]

Martin Cheveski
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Jonathan Caplan
Duration 1980
First appearance 16 June 1980
Episode 2004
Last appearance 31 December 1980
Episode 2061

Martin Cheveski was introduced in 1980 as Elsie Tanner's second grandson. Previous scripts had eststablished that Elsie only had one grandson, 19 year-old Paul; however, producers were keen to introduce a younger character and invented a second son for Elsie's daughter Linda. However, despite this decision the show cast an older actor in the role, with Daran Little later stating in his book The Life and Times of Coronation Street that this damaged the character's popularity as 'Jonathan Caplan never managed to look 16'. Little also commented on the irony of producers opting not to introduce Elsie's existing 19 year-old grandson, stating 'the actor would have been perfect for the part'.

Martin was born in Canada in 1964. His parents Ivan and Linda, and older brother Paul, had emigrated there in 1961 but the family returned to England in 1966, specifically Birmingham, where Martin went to school.

After leaving school at sixteen, Martin struggled to find a job and got into rows with Ivan. After a fall-out, Martin decided to stay with his grandma Elsie Tanner in Weatherfield. He made his own way there, arriving unannounced at Elsie's door on 16th June 1980 (although technically as Elsie wasn't at home, Martin climbed over the back wall and was grabbed by Len Fairclough, who thought he was breaking in). Elsie agreed to Martin living there, with Linda's approval.

As it transpired, Martin had made the right decision, at least on the employment front. He was good with his hands, and Len, who owned the local Builder's Yard, was a close friend of Elsie's and readily agreed to take Martin on as an apprentice. This upset the yard's labourer Eddie Yeats as there wasn't enough work at the yard for the three of them, and unsurprisingly it was Eddie who faced the chop, having unsuccessfully tried to put Martin off the job.

In August, Martin was repairing the water boiler at Baldwin's Casuals when he took a shine to the new trainee Karen Oldfield. Karen returned his affections and they went to a dance together. They soon fell for each other but a complication then arose in the form of Karen's protective father, who barred Karen from seeing Martin when Martin got Karen drunk on Elsie's gin while entertaining her at No.11 in Elsie's absence. Martin arranged to meet Karen despite the ban but to his shock it was Mr. Oldfield who showed up, to warn him off Karen personally. Karen was still willing to see Martin, but as Elsie wouldn't let them use No.11, Martin used the yard as a meeting place, with them seeing each other there on nights.

The relationship continued. In October, the pair got their ears pierced but Martin took his out when his ear went septic. Later, they were caught together at the yard by the police, resulting in Oldfield finding out that they were still together. With Oldfield threatening Martin with court action, Martin decided to return to Birmingham, deciding that if he couldn't see Karen then there was nothing for him in Weatherfield. This surprised Oldfield, who agreed to let him see Karen - but warned him about getting her drunk again.

At Christmas, Martin faced a complication as Karen wanted him to celebrate the day with her instead of his family, and threatened to leave him otherwise. Martin left for Birmingham but came back later, deciding to be with Karen after all, but interrupted a date between Karen and Paul Sidall, and shoved Paul across a table at the Rovers. Martin realised he'd gone too far and risked pushing her closer to Paul, but after getting an idea from Elsie, bought an engagement ring and proposed to Karen, hoping that a big gesture would show his commitment to her and thus sort out their problems. Karen initially accepted but after consideration returned the ring, telling him they were too young. She also finished with him. Even though it was New Year's Eve, Martin immediately packed his things and returned to Birmingham, telling Elsie he was swearing off girls.