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David Platt
Jack P. Shepherd as David Platt (2012)
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Thomas Ormson
Jack P. Shepherd (2000–)
Duration 1990–
First appearance 26 December 1990
Introduced by Mervyn Watson
Classification Present; regular
Occupation Hairdresser
Home 8 Coronation Street

David Daniel Platt (also Tilsley) is a fictional character from the British soap opera Coronation Street. He was born onscreen during an episode broadcast on 26 December 1990. He was played by Thomas Ormson from 26 December 1990 until 15 March 1999 when Ormson left the serial. Jack P. Shepherd took over the role and made his first on screen appearance on 26 April 2000 and has remained in the role since.

David is the son of Martin Platt (Sean Wilson) and Gail Platt (Helen Worth) and half brother to Sarah-Louise Platt (Lynsay King, Leah King, Tina O'Brien) and Nick Tilsley (Warren Jackson, Adam Rickett, Ben Price). David's storylines have included his sibling rivalry with half sister Sarah, his teenage rebellion, his relationship with Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan), his marriage to Kylie Turner (Paula Lane), and fatherhood.


David is the son of Martin (Sean Wilson) and Gail Platt (Helen Worth), born on Christmas Day 1990. He was the result of an unplanned pregnancy after Gail had a relationship with his much younger father. Gail plans to have the foetus aborted, but Martin stops her from making the decision as he convinces her he is ready to be a father. A year later, his parents get married.

Almost ten years later, his parents divorce after Martin has an affair with Rebecca Hopkins (Jill Halfpenny), a nurse at Weatherfield General where they both work. David is unhappy and begins misbehaving in the hope that they would get back together. Around this time David has to fight a school bully named "The Gooch", so that he will not pick on him anymore. His mother Gail does not want David fighting the bully, and decides that David must make peace with "The Gooch". David, however, listens to his friends, who tell him to fight back. David gets a black eye, and in trouble with the school. His behaviour worsens when Gail marries Richard Hillman (Brian Capron) in July 2002, but he comes to accept Richard. In March 2003, Richard is revealed to be a murderer, and tries to kill himself, Gail, David, his sister Sarah (Tina O'Brien) and niece Bethany (Amy and Emily Walton) by driving them into the local canal. David and the rest of the family are rescued and Richard drowns. In the years following this storyline, David gradually develops a darker side to his character, with a penchant for lies, manipulation and scheming.

David's attitude starts changing when his father moves to Liverpool with his new girlfriend; hurt by this and Gail's relationship with Phil Nail (Clive Russell) he begins a hate campaign against Phil. David does not trust Phil as a result of Richard's behaviour so when Phil moves in after his flat is flooded, David goes to the flat to check if Phil is telling the truth. Phil reaches breaking point with David and throws David up against a wall, threatening to beat him up but lets him go when he realises what he is doing. David tells Gail, but Phil lies to her, and Gail believes him and slaps David for telling 'lies', unaware that he is telling the truth. A few days later, the Platts receive their first card from Richard Hillman. In March, Gail suspects Phil of sending the cards and Phil protests his innocence but David protests, making Phil snap and throw David across the table in front of Gail. Gail is stunned and throws Phil out, ending their relationship. The Platts are still receiving cards from Hillman. Gail tricks David by saying that Richard's birthday is coming up A birthday card arrives, confirming Gail's suspicions that David was sending them. Gail blames herself for David's behaviour.

David develops a crush on colleague Maria Sutherland (Samia Smith), but is shocked to learn that she is having an affair with builder Charlie Stubbs (Bill Ward). He is threatened repeatedly by Charlie when he threatens to tell Tracy and is only saved from Charlie by Liam Connor (Rob James-Collier), who hears the commotion. Charlie then tries drowning David in the bath but is saved when Maria walks in and stops him. Tracy later murders Charlie, staging it to look like self-defence. David offers to testify for Tracy that he saw Charlie attack her, on the condition that she sleep with him. A desperate Tracy agrees but the prosecution soon expose David's lies and following his disastrous testimony, Tracy angrily tells him that she had never intended to sleep with him and Tracy is convicted of murder.

David begins sleeping with Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan). Tina soon discovers she is pregnant and Gail pays for a private abortion and insists that David not be told. During an argument with Gail when David finds out, he pushes her down the stairs and persuades Tina to give him an alibi, but she dumps him. So David smashs various vehicles and windows on the Street with a metal pole, attacking Ken Barlow (William Roache) and elbowing a policewoman.[1] On 18 April 2008, he is sentenced to four months in a Young Offenders Institution after pleading guilty to his crimes. He is released in June, after serving less than two months. David's cellmate, Graeme Proctor (Craig Gazey) comes to the Street in November to stay with David. Audrey refuses to have him back at Audrey's Salon, but he finds employment in Peter and Paul's salon, using a fake reference. David and Tina reconcile but break up again when he hacks into her email account and sees that she gets and sends emails to her ex-boyfriend. As revenge, Tina gets David fired from his new job. He dates Amber Kalirai (Nikki Patel) in an attempt to make her jealous, but he and Tina reconcile again in August 2008.

David begins working with Tina's dad, builder Joe (Reece Dinsdale), in October. The following month, David becomes involved in a feud with dodgy family, the Windasses. After they refuse to pay for the new kitchen David and Joe had fitted, David threatens husband and wife Eddie (Steve Huison) and Anna (Debbie Rush) with a crowbar to make them pay Joe. A horrified Graeme later tells David that they are not a family to be messed with and Len (Conor Ryan) and Gary Windass steal Joe's work tools. David, Tina and Graeme destroy the kitchen so the Windasses remove the kitchen from No.8 Coronation Street. When Gail and Anna sort out their differences and they call a truce at the Rovers Return but David refuses to shake hands with Gary and storms off with Tina.

David returns from a visit to Martin and his partner, Robyn (Claire Calbraith). He admits to Joe and Gail that he knows he was a pain but wants another chance after seeing his dad with his new family and wants to end the feud with the Windasses. He then tells Graeme that he told them what they wanted to hear and when he sees Tina and Gary talking in the pub, he assumes they are together. On Easter Sunday, he hides Joe's painkillers and 'finds' them in Gail's dressing gown. He buys everyone an Easter egg. The egg he gives Tina encloses details of a flat that they could move into together. She refuses, leaving David upset and worried that Gary might make a move on Tina. So he starts plotting against Gary, stealing tools from Bill Webster (Peter Armitage) and lets Gary take the rap. He then defends him so Gary thinks that they're friends as they shake hands and make up. David tricks Gary into buying stolen goods from him, unaware that they belong to Graeme.

In June 2009, David takes revenge on Gary when Gail and Audrey go to visit Sarah and Bethany by persuading Gary to rob Audrey's house. David steals the keys and hides the family photos so Gary won't know whose house it is. David pretends to call off the robbery, knowing that Gary will carry on with the plan alone, and asks Graeme to spy on Gary as he goes to the house. The plan goes wrong when David's grandfather Ted Page (Michael Byrne), who is housesitting, arrives at Audrey's. Gary pushes Ted as he tries to apprehend him. Ted recognises him and calls the police. Gary returns to the Street only to see a police car outside his house, and runs away. Ted then has a heart attack, which he survives. Gary tells his parents and the police that he wasn't robbing Audrey's house, however, he later tells Eddie and Anna the truth and decides to confess to the police. Following Gary's confession the police set out to find David. Meanwhile, David has been unable to put back the photographs he had hidden in time to stop Audrey from finding them. The police arrive to interview David, and his family guess the truth. Ted, deeply hurt, becomes despondent, whilst David is disowned by his family leaving him with nowhere to turn. However, they decide to let him continue to live with them, but only if he pays rent.

When David finds out about Tina's new relationship with Jason Grimshaw, he spirals out of control and throws items from the builder's yard at Jason. Meanwhile, following his back injury it becomes increasingly clear to everyone, David included, that Joe, who is now in a relationship with Gail, is becoming addicted to prescription drugs. By June 2009, Joe is becoming increasingly dependent and trashes the kitchen when he can't find the medication. In July 2009, Graeme spots Joe's painkillers and Joe is interested to hear how there was a black market for such drugs when Graeme was in the Young Offenders' Institute. Later, a desperate Joe finds Graeme and asks if he can obtain some painkillers until his back is better. Graeme agrees to speak to his contact and, as promised, gets Joe the painkillers, but tells him it is a one-off favour. David later finds out about Joe's addiction and persuades Graeme to stop Joe's supply. David then tells Joe he will supply him drugs in exchange for a 'favour'. Much later on, David reveals this to be a deviously underhand attempt to force Joe to split up Jason and Tina. Joe doesn't want to, but David tells him he will tell Gail about the drugs if he fails to do so.

After Joe is killed in a boat accident in the Lake District with new wife Gail in February 2010, David and Gail decide to cover up the death by telling Tina that Joe got a job near the lakes. David even sends Tina flowers on her birthday 'from her dad' just to calm her down. When David confesses to Tina about Joe's accident, Tina is left shocked. Tina later blames Gail for Joe's death by banning her from Joe's funeral and by then telling the police that Gail did it. After the police had already suspected Gail they arrest her during Joe's wake in the Rovers. David, Nick (Ben Price) and Audrey are shocked while Tina shows no guilt.

David and Nick pay a cleaner £4,000 to pretend to be a witness to Joe's accident. She is paid £2,000 to tell the police that Gail was pushed off the boat by Joe before Joe sailed off and is told that she will be paid £2,000 to say that in court. However, she does not turn up and David takes to the witness box instead. It emerges in the court that David sent the flowers and messages to Tina, not Gail as the court had thought. David returns to court soon after to hear the jury's verdict, and is relieved when the jury find Gail 'not guilty'.

In June 2010, David is furious when best friend Graeme tells him that he is now dating Tina, for whom David still has feelings. He conspires to come between the couple by telling Graeme that Tina is on the rebound from Jason Grimshaw, but the tactic fails as Graeme and Tina continue seeing one another. David later assaults Tina in the flat she shares with Graeme. She tells Graeme, who confronts David. Later, while Graeme is walking home from work, he crosses the street to speak to Tina, only to be hit by Audrey's car, driven by David. After the accident David says he has no recollection of what happened: not a single person believes him, with Ashley attacking him verbally, Tina repeatedly calling him an attempted murderer and even Gail having a "flicker of doubt". However, one person does believe him: grandmother Audrey. On 21 October 2010, the evidence against David stacks up enough for him to be charged with attempted murder and chances of him being found innocent remote. However, just before his court appearance, David's insistence he doesn't recall the incident when just as he gets up, he blacks out and collapses. The case is postponed until next month, much to Tina's anger who believes David is trying to get out of it all. However, doctors think otherwise: they believe he might have a form of epilepsy, which cause him to black out while driving; Audrey instantly believes this to be a reason why he ran over Graeme, with the police slowly realising this could be true, but Tina doesn't believe a word of his explanation.

Later in the day, David "disowns" Gail for not believing him, despite her pleas that it was one flicker of doubt, but he doesn't budge and says Audrey never had a flicker of doubt and even if she did, she would have kept it to herself. David is granted bail, but has to stay with Audrey. which he does until the hearing and in that time, he "re-owns" Gail and forgives her. The case is dropped when it is confirmed he has epilepsy and Graeme both apologises (for accusing him of attempted murder) and forgives him. The doubtful residents also apologise for disbelieving him, but Tina continues to insist he's lying, telling everyone that David hasn't got epilepsy, insisting he's decided he has epilepsy rather than being diagnosed and making Graeme go home from the Rovers, refusing to let him drink in a pub that "serves psychos". However, on 29 November, David goes to the Rovers and is invited by Graeme, recently-back-from-the-army Gary (he returned after a bomb explosion) and Gary's girlfriend Izzy Armstrong to join them at their table, much to Tina's annoyance. She refuses to accept that David is automatically forgiven, but when Gary tells her "life's too short for grudges", she finally accepts the truth, ends her feud with David (ending nearly 20 months of hostility) and calls a truce with the Platt family.

On 6 December, disaster and chaos reign when brother Nick's new wine bar explodes, destroying it. To make matters worse, one of the tram-lines crossing the viaduct collapses and brings a tram off it, battering the southern part of the street. David helps in saving residents and is worried about Nick when he can't be found. He is relieved to find Nick safe and sound when he's rescued from the ruins. On Christmas Eve 2010, David is livid after Tracy Barlow is released from prison pending a retrial. Tracy had previously attempted to frame Gail for Joe's death, in a scheme to secure an early release. After Tracy continues to taunt his mother, as well as stealing a job at Underworld that Gail was going to apply for, David confronts her at her house about her malicious behaviour and threatens her. However, a twist of events occur when Tracy starts seducing him and he ends up having sex with her, much to his regret later when a spiteful Tracy reveals their one-night stand to an enraged Gail.

In February 2011, Audrey reveals she would like David to succeed her and Maria quits, angered by this prospect. A few days later, he leaves to go to Tenerife for a holiday. He arrives back in early March and, to Gail's horror, is engaged to a cage dancer. His fiancee, "Candy", is actually Kylie Turner (Paula Lane), half-sister to Becky McDonald (Katherine Kelly). Gail and Becky are horrified, whilst Becky's husband (Steve) and Audrey are quite cool about it. Eventually, after a client dies at the salon, Audrey decides to retire and give the salon to David, who is pleased and offers Kylie a job there.

In the ensuing weeks, David and Kylie start making plans for the salon and the wedding. David makes it clear he doesn't even want to consider inviting Sarah to the wedding and also informs his family that Graeme, who is marrying Tina's friend Xin Chiang (Elizabeth Tan), will also be getting married at the same place. The big day of the wedding arrives but there is no sign of Kylie, much to Gail's delight has she secretly bribed her with 1,000 pounds to leave David. Much to Gail's horror, Kylie turns up at the registry office, proving her genuine love for David and the couple then get married.

David then fights to take custody of Max Turner (Harry McDermott), but ends up in a war with Steve and Becky, with Kylie trying to avoid it. David insists that Steve and Becky aren't fit to look after Max, proving this when he saves Max from being run over. Eventually, Kylie is interviewed by Social Services and lies to them. Steve then reveals the truth that Kylie sold Max to the McDonalds. Luckily, David isn't angered, he's just surprised that Kylie never told him and makes it clear that they won't divorce. When Tina throws Graeme and Xin out, David offers them a place at Gail's. When the two leave for London, David bids Graeme farewell.

In July 2011, David finds himself being fought for affection by Kylie and Gail, with Kylie winning. The next day, when Marc comes round, Kylie drops the bombshell about Gail bribing her, disgusting David who vows they'll get their own home. The following day, Kylie decides to ask Audrey to evict Maria from the salon flat (much to David's annoyance) and asks, though her pleas fall on deaf ears. The next day, Kylie winds Gail up to the point that she insists that any food, clearing up and ironing must be done by the young couple alone.

In the salon later that day, David finds himself ganged up on by the women. In August, he is horrified to learn from Gail that Kylie is putting Max up for adoption and she doesn't want to attend the hearing. David confronts her and she still insists she doesn't want Max. However, following a confession with Gail (who sacrifices her interview at the bistro) that she does want Max, but has only ever let him down, Gail encourages her to attend the hearing. She agrees and both her and David plan to go together. In Mid-August, Audrey decides that David and Kylie should get a chance to prove they can run the salon and takes Mondays off, to give the couple trial runs.

However, on the first trial run, David does well with clients, but Kylie screws up by accidentally insulting Audrey's friends Rita Sullivan (Barbara Knox) and Betty Williams (Betty Driver) about their age, injuring Julie Carp and whilst giving Gail a good nail service, also falls flat when one falls off at the Bistro. Audrey sends David on a 2-week residential business course, in order to give him a clearer image on running a salon and insists Kylie, until she is qualified, sticks to nails.

But, in the two weeks he is absent, chaos reigns in the Platt household. On Kylie's birthday, he seemingly forgets it and as a result, flirts with other men. To teach her a lesson, Gail locks her out of the house and Kylie stays with her new friend Eva Price at the Rovers. The next day, Kylie has a go at Gail for what she did and Audrey sacks her for it. In revenge, Kylie and Eva inadvertently discover Audrey and her boyfriend Marc Selby, who is dressed as his alter-ego "Marcia". They film them and Kylie uses it as blackmail to get her job back. The plan, though, misfires when Marc walks into the Rovers dressed as Marcia. Audrey is forced to break up with him and upon learning this, Gail kicks Kylie out of the house and she is forced to stay with Eva.

In revenge, Kylie steals' Nick's keys and locks Gail and Nick out of the house. David returns at the same time and is splashed by water from a pan, held by Kylie. David learns of the situation and calms Kylie down. He then reveals to his family that he has been offered a job by the course as salon manager and has been offered a flat for it as well. However, when they meet with Max's social worker, they learn that the job and flat offer would dent their adoption process. Realising the situation she has put them in, Gail tells David and Kylie they can stay at the house for as long as it takes.

David wants to start a family with Kylie but she does not, this causes a rift between them and Kylie sleeps with Nick Tilsley, David's half-brother, on Christmas Day. David is unaware of this and wins Kylie back. He then discovers a positive pregnancy test that belongs to Kylie, he is overjoyed. But he then hears that Kylie is going to have an abortion and he races to the clinic. After lots of tears and arguments Kylie eventually agrees that they should have the baby. David is unaware that there is a chance it could be Nick's baby. Due to working two jobs, the stress begins to build on him and David eventually has another epileptic fit while at the park with Max, who is able to get help.

In June 2013, David learns of the affair between Kylie and Nick. David breaks into Nick's apartment and starts to destroy it. David then starts to cause tensions between Nick and Leanne. David starts to plant seeds of doubt into Nick's head, after stealing Peter Barlow's lighter he lodges it on Nick and Leanne's sofa. That night, David and Nick go for a drink and David starts to manipulate Nick into thinking that Peter and Leanne are still friends or perhaps more than friends. The next day is Leanne's birthday and Nick finds the lighter on the sofa and starts to feel suspicious but doesn't show Leanne that he is, that day David secretly orders flowers to be delivered to the bistro for Leanne's birthday, when the flowers are delivered there is no card which leaves Nick and Leanne puzzled to who the sender of the flowers is. When David visits the Bistro to find Kylie, Gail, Leanne and Nick all looking at the baby clothes, he wants to see them when he said "I am the dad aren't I?" He then spots the flowers and says that Nick must've splashed out on them, Nick can't take the credit, which leaves Gail suspicious of Peter and David also fools Kylie into believing it. After a row between Nick and Peter, David scratches Peter's car using his keys which lead Peter to storm to the bistro and accuse Nick, Leanne angrily defends Nick and throws Peter out of the Bistro giving Nick a sense of trust in Leanne which displeases David. In the next week, Leanne and Nick host a student night in the bistro in order to gain customers, however during the party David secretly calls the police from a phone box, when the police turn up at the bistro for a call concerning 'drug dealing' A reporter at the bistro is enticed by the police's arrival and has the chance to report about the incident. After a row between Nick and Leanne over cancellations due to the police visit, David and Nick talk about their relationship which ends with Nick storming off in anger, the following week, Nick and Leanne make up and decide to go on a short break together which once again angers David due to his efforts falling short each time, after Kylie and Gail return from locking up the bistro for Nick and Leanne, David sneaks over late at night and waters down the spirits behind the bar. Nick eventually puts two and two together and realises David is behind the hate campaign and that he knows the truth. Nick tells everyone he is going to buy some wine and takes David along with him, and confronts his brother about what he has been doing. Nick tells him they have to be honest with Kylie and Leanne, leaving David terrified of losing Kylie for good. One the way home, David undoes Nick's seat belt and pulls on the steering wheel, causing the car to swerve in the road. Before Nick can react, a lorry smashes into the car. David escapes unhurt, but Nick ends up in a coma with serious head injuries.

David lies about what really happened to the police and convinces everybody it was an accident. David eventually let's on to Tina that he caused the accident after she realises Nick had slept with Kylie. Kylie gives birth to her baby, Lily Platt, leaving David thrilled even though he may not be he father. Soon afterwards Nick wakes up bus has severe head damage. Although he struggles to communicate, he forces David to take a paternity test, which reveals that David is Lily's father after all. Nick and David agree never to reveal the truth, but Kylie finds out David knows when she finds the results of the paternity test hidden. Kylie confronts Nick who tells her David caused the crash, and at Lily's christening Kylie tells David she knows everything and tells Gail what has happened. The Platts decide that David can no longer live with them! and they throw him out. David is eventually taken in by Tina, but she then throws him out as he continues to sponge off her. After sleeping rough, Audrey eventually takes her grandson in. Despite this David still has little contact with his family, and so he decides to hand himself in. Gail and Nick eventually talk him out of it and Kylie agrees to let him see the kids again. David saves Max from burning himself after Kylie gets drunk, and after a heart to heart, Kylie agrees to take David back and he moves back into the Platt household.



Jack P. Shepherd as David Platt following the character's recast in 2000.

A character that viewers saw born in the soap, David's birth was part of the Coronation Street Christmas storyline in 1990, since David was days old and for most of his childhood, the character was played by Thomas Ormson. He was the only child of couple Martin and Gail Platt (Sean Wilson and Helen Worth), although Gail had two children from her first marriage. In 2000, Jack P. Shepherd took over the role, he made his first appearance on 26 April 2000.


David was once a decent kid, but after almost being murdered by killer stepfather Richard Hillman, he began to change. After his father Martin Platt moved away with new girlfriend, David started to show a nastier streak, and even sent his sister and family cards from "Richard Hillman" as a sick prank, showing how unstable he became. However Gail kept putting off the troublesome David due to blaming herself. He also began to hate his family and mother, and even told Jason in 2007 that he wanted them dead.

As time went on, David began to show more maturity as he aged. In 2010 when Gail was in prison for being accused of killing husband Joe McIntyre, David was very caring and concerned and upset by how Gail was wrongly accused, even trying to pay someone to be a fake witness. A year later, David showed more signs of growing up by wanting his wife Kylie's son Max to stay with them instead of Kylie's sister Becky and husband Steve looking after him.


Family relationships[edit]

David had an ongoing rivalry with half sister Sarah portrayed by Tina O'Brien. In September 2007, David offered to keep hold of Ecstasy tablets for his friend and neighbour Darryl Morton (Jonathan Dixon), as they belonged to a friend of his. David was also looking after his niece Bethany as she was sent home after a gas leak at Bessie Street School. He hid the tablets in one of her dolls, and when checking up on her to see how she was doing, he realised she had taken one. David panicked and got her to swallow salted water in order to bring the tablet back up, but she became very poorly. When Sarah arrived back, David insisted Bethany wasn't feeling well, and when she began fitting, an ambulance was called. It was only in hospital when Bethany was in critical condition, that David confessed to Jason (Ryan Thomas) which later resulted in Sarah and the rest of the family disowning David.

David, Sarah, Bethany and Gail (pictured) after being driven into the canal by Gail's husband Richard Hillman who had attempted to kill them.

Shepherd works well with Sue Nicholls who plays on screen grandmother Audrey Roberts. Nicholls commented: "I do love him - he's a splendid actor and I do love having scenes with him. I hope he does with me. We do laugh a lot despite everything. I'm always saying, 'Oh, David!' a bit like Posh Spice! I like the relationship we have. I have met people who have a better relationship with grandparents, in a funny way. I know that sounds a bit strange but sometimes people who are difficult have more of a contact with another generation. David and Gail have never really connected until now.

Relationship with Kylie Turner[edit]

In late 2010 Jack P. Shepherd, revealed his desire for more scenes with Paula Lane who plays Kylie Turner as he thought that they worked well together.[2] In January 2011 it was announced that David would marry Kylie in a "shock storyline". Revealing the news whilst interviewed on talk show Loose Women, Lane said that the pair would meet off-screen in Tenerife. Though she had not read the scripts, Lane thought they would be "a really good combination". Coronation Street publicity said it would make "exciting viewing" for fans. They further stated: "Kylie and David are trouble as individuals so the thought of the two of them getting together is a nightmare prospect for both their families [...] there is no end to the trouble they will cause for everyone."[3]

David's mother Gail McIntyre (Helen Worth) is shocked to learn the identity of his mystery fiancée, and disapproves of Kylie. The pair repeatedly clash in scenes that serve as comic relief. Gail dislikes Kylie because she "knows her type", and the fact that she is related to Becky does not bode well. Lane said that Gail's reaction was understandable because Kylie is not the epitome of "the perfect daughter-in-law." She added that because Gail is so possessive of David, "it doesn't bode well for the future." Shepherd added that they are "the match made in hell" and revealed that David lets her do as she pleases because he is in love with her.[4] He later said that David appeared obsessed and shared the similar dynamic he had with previous girlfriend Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan). He concluded: "I think he's keener on her than she is on him."[5] David fools Kylie into believing he owns a salon. Lane explained "Kylie sees an opportunity for a better life, but not in a money-grubbing, scheming way. She does love David, and she's not doing anything wrong." Kylie sees the situation as an "added bonus".[4] After Kylie finds out the truth, the pair come up with a plan to "wheedle" his grandmother Audrey Roberts's (Sue Nicholls) salon off her.[5]

When the pair marry, Lane described them as still being on the "honeymoon period", equating to more lust than love. She opined that the serial had developed a "lovely relationship" which had "explosive chemistry". David decides Kylie should have Max back. Lane explained that it was not the right time because Kylie still wasn't ready for responsibility. Kylie "doesn't want to mess with the little boy's head anymore" and accepts he is safe with Becky. However David is "inquisitive" about the situation, but Kylie "brushes over" the hurt she really feels.


Fearing real-life imitation of the scene in which David was tortured by Charlie Stubbs, many formal complaints were filed by viewers with the Government’s Office of Communications. In the end, "Coronation Street was cleared by TV watchdogs after 31 complaints about scenes of ‘bullying and torture’." Investigators eventually ruled that the torture scenes "were editorially justified by plot development, characters involved and the manner of editing."[6]

Tony Stewart of the Daily Mirror refers to the character as 'David Pratt' when writing reviews of any storyline he features in, due to the character's way of seemingly always getting away with outlandish things. In magazine articles he is often referred to as "Demon David", "Teen Tormenter" or "Psycho Platt".[7][8]

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