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Carla Connor
Carla Connor.jpg
Alison King as Carla Connor (2013)
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Alison King
Duration 2006–
First appearance 1 December 2006
Introduced by Steve Frost
Book appearances Coronation Street:
The Complete Saga
Classification Present; regular
Occupation Businesswoman
Home 1b Victoria Court

Carla Connor (née Donovan; previously Gordon and Barlow) is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera Coronation Street, a long-running serial drama about working class life in the fictional town of Weatherfield. She is portrayed by the actress Alison King. Carla was created by producer Steve Frost as part of the new Connor family. She made her first on-screen appearance on 1 December 2006. King left the show temporarily on 6 February 2009 for maternity leave and returned for five episodes between 19 and 23 October that year. She made her full-time return on 23 November 2009. The actress later took a break in July 2012, returning on-screen in December.

Carla's storylines have focused on her relationships with brother-in-law Liam Connor (Rob James-Collier) and Tony Gordon (Gray O'Brien), with the latter producing a wedding following Liam's death. Other notable storylines have included the breakdown of two marriages, being the victim of a kidnapping and an attempted murder, battling alcoholism, rape at the hands of fiancé Frank Foster (Andrew Lancel), her relationship with Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) and miscarriage.

Carla is portrayed as a strong, no-nonsense businesswoman. She has been referred to as "the new Elsie Tanner", and one of the serial's most popular characters, with critics often praising her storylines.



Carla lived on a council estate in Manchester, with her alcoholic drug-dealing mother and younger brother Rob, who was arrested and sentenced to eight years in prison for armed burglary in 2004.

She grew up with the Irish Connor family, becoming friends with Liam (Rob James-Collier), Michelle (Kym Marsh) and their cousin Tom Kerrigan (Philip McGinley) and later married Michelle and Liam's elder brother Paul (Sean Gallagher). She comes to Coronation Street with Paul when he buys a share in Underworld.


In 2006, Carla arrives at the Underworld Christmas Party and is furious to discover that Paul has spent the money intended for her business on buying Danny Baldwin's (Bradley Walsh) share of Underworld. Not giving up without a fight, she persuades Kelly Crabtree (Tupele Dorgu) and Joanne Jackson (Zaraah Abrahams) to work nights for her too. On 16 April 2007, one of Carla's employees - a Polish worker, Kasia Barowicz (Irena Rodic) - falls down the stairs and dies as a result of her injuries. Carla phones Paul and between them, they conceal her illegal shifts. They wait until morning and clock Kasia in for work so they can legitimately claim she came into work early.

Carla becomes good friends with Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) when she dates Liam briefly and they plan to buy a restaurant together. However, their friendship ends when Carla discovers that Leanne is an escort and thinks Paul is her client. She tells Paul that their marriage is over when she learns that he had been seeing escorts for years but he blames Leanne and kidnaps her, intending to make her tell Carla that they had never slept together. However, Paul is distracted while driving and the car is hit by a truck. Paul dies but Leanne survives, thanks to being in the boot of the car.

Angry with Leanne as she was convinced that she had slept with Paul, she pulls out of their business deal and takes over at Underworld instead. This causes friction with Liam and eventually Carla moves on and starts dating catalogue boss Tony Gordon (Gray O'Brien) in September 2007. Carla and Tony's relationship makes Liam jealous and during an argument, they kiss, confusing them both. Carla tries to stop Liam marrying Maria and ends things with Tony by admitting her feelings for Liam; however, Liam marries Maria so she and Tony reconcile and in March 2008, Tony proposes and Carla accepts. In May, Carla supports Liam when his and Maria's son, Paul, is stillborn and they spend a night together but are unaware that Carla's assistant, Rosie Webster (Helen Flanagan), has filmed them kissing. Carla uses this to blackmail Liam into selling his share of Underworld to Tony, threatening to tell Maria about their night together. However, Rosie shows the footage to Tony as she has feelings for him but Tony rejects her, despite knowing that Carla cheated on him. Carla and Liam have a brief affair and plan to run away together but she changes her mind on learning that Maria is pregnant, telling Liam that she doesn't love him, but is devastated by his death in a hit and run incident that Tony had planned, unbeknownst to everyone. Needing to get away, Carla postpones the wedding and visits a friend in Los Angeles, returning on 26 November 2008 and she and Tony get married on 3 December. Before marrying Tony, she tells Ryan Connor (Ben Thompson) that she will always be his aunt and will always love him.

When Tony and Carla return from their honeymoon, Maria accuses Tony of being responsible for Liam's death but he denies it and Carla stands by Tony. She tells Tony that her and Liam were a mistake and makes Rosie's life hell as revenge for her interference. In February 2009, Carla becomes suspicious of Tony but he is angered when he learns that she has been checking up on him. Tony locks Carla in the factory one night to confront her about checking up on him. After an explosive showdown, Carla admits that she loved Liam so Tony tells her that he caused Liam's death. Horrified, Carla escapes after a struggle and returns to L.A. However, Tony is shocked when he learns that she has filed for divorce and hired business colleague, Luke Strong, to look after her interests in her absence. He doesn't hear from her for months so he is horrified when she calls him in October, asking him to meet her in the cemetery. She tells him that she knows about him and Maria's relationship and demands that he end it, sell her his share of Underworld and leave Weatherfield or she will report him to the police for Liam's death. That night, Tony's friend, Jimmy Dockerson (Robert Beck), attacks Carla but she knocks him out. Tony tells Carla that Jimmy is dead but he will keep her secret if she keeps his. Jimmy is, in fact, merely unconscious and Carla returns to Los Angeles again but returns to Weatherfield when the police contact her after Tony confesses to them that he is responsible for Liam's death. She visits Maria and they argue but later console each other. She is questioned but released without charge and returns to Underworld, taking over and shredding all paperwork connected to Jimmy. She visits Tony in prison and he admits setting her up. Jimmy is arrested in December 2009 and Carla is questioned again, admitting that Tony confessed to killing Liam but she didn't believe him and left. Michelle finds out and attacks Carla in the fatory and tells everyone that Carla knew that Tony killed Liam, and everyone leaves in disgust. The factory girls and Roy Cropper (David Neilson), who Tony confessed to, all forgive her.

In early 2010, she starts dating local binman, Trevor Dean (Steve Jackson), and sells Tony's share of Underworld to Nick Tilsley (Ben Price), despite Leanne warning her not to trust him. In May, Robbie Sloan (James Fleet), Tony's cellmate, is released from prison and he and Tony plan to kidnap and kill Carla and Hayley Cropper (Julie Hesmondhalgh). Tony escapes from prison and heads to Weatherfield, where Tony and Robbie hold Carla and Hayley hostage in Underworld. Tony appears and tells Carla that he plans to murder her. He frees Hayley but wants him and Carla to die together, setting the factory on fire but Carla escapes while Tony dies. The next day, she sees Maria standing in the charred remains of the factory and is surprised when Maria angrily blames her for everything, telling her that she will never forgive her. Needing a break, Carla goes to South Africa with Trevor and returns in July. She soon learns that Nick has started his own business and takes legal action to stop him after learning that Nick does not have permission to use Turner's Joinery as a factory. However, Leanne asks George Wilson (Anthony Valentine), owner of Turner's Joinery to help Nick. Carla uses her contacts to steal an order that Nick was going to get and starts Underworld up again.

However, Trevor ends their relationship, accusing her of being obsessed with Liam, so Carla turns to alcohol to numb her pain. Realising that she has a problem, she goes to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting but leaves on seeing Leanne's fiancé, Peter. He offers her his support but Carla insists that she is in control, later admitting that she is grieving for Liam and blames herself for his death. At the opening of Nick and Leanne's new bar, The Joinery, Carla gets drunk to cope with her feelings for Peter but is arrested for drink-driving. Peter meets her at the police station and she tells him how she feels but Peter tells her that he is committed to Leanne, leaving Carla embarrassed and upset. However, she is delighted when Leanne confides in her that she is having an affair with her ex-husband, Nick, she encourages Leanne to think about leaving Peter for Nick. When Peter is seriously injured in the tram crash, Leanne marries Peter. Drunk and upset, Carla tells Leanne about Peter helping her with her alcohol problem and that she has feelings for him. This leads to a fight when she tells Leanne that she doesn't deserve Peter, accusing her of marrying a dying man for his assets, reminding her of her time as a prostitute. However, Tracy Barlow learns of Leanne's affair and tells Peter. In revenge, he tells everyone about Leanne's affair with Nick and how Carla feels about him on their wedding day in February 2011. Carla leaves, feeling embarrassed.

She later takes on Maria as her new PA at Underworld, comforting her when business client Frank Foster (Andrew Lancel) tries to rape her. However, the factory is in dire financial straits, so Carla and Maria accept a big contract from Frank, as there are no others available. In June, Carla's mother dies and she initially refuses to attend the funeral, but Frank persuades her to go. Afterwards, she asks Peter to meet her but Leanne catches them and accuses them of having an affair before learning that Carla has been to her mother's funeral. Leanne and Peter argue about his feelings for Carla while Carla goes drinking in the Rovers with Frank, who takes her home as she can't drive home. Frank supports Carla when she struggles to cope with Peter and Leanne's marriage before learning that Leanne is pregnant and tries to congratulate Leanne on her pregnancy but Leanne isn't interested. Carla spends the night with Frank and the next day, agrees to go to Rome with him. Leanne later miscarries and Carla supports Peter, admitting that she loves him and sharing a kiss - before Peter pulls away. In August, Frank proposes to Carla in The Rovers and Carla refuses initially but changes her mind after arguing with Peter and tells Frank that she will marry him. Frank helps Carla and Leanne make friends again and a truce is agreed.

A few weeks later after a disastrous meeting with Frank's parents, Carla tries to drive while drunk and runs over Stella Price (Michelle Collins) before crashing into the bookies. Frank moves Carla into the passenger seat so people thought he was driving and Stella stepped out in front of him. When Carla regains consciousness, Frank tells her what has happened, insisting that he will not let her go to prison. In September, Carla tells Frank that she is calling off the wedding, due to doubts about their relationship. When Frank demands the truth, she admits that she loves Peter and has spoken to a solicitor, angering him further. Later that night, Frank comes to her flat and demands that they try again and even suggests having a baby but refuses to leave. He becomes violent and rapes her, leaving her cowering on the floor, unable to speak, while he gets dressed. He leaves and Carla calls Maria, who persuades her to call the police, which she does, and Frank is arrested. He is released on bail, providing that he does not approach Carla or Underworld but he ignores that and threatens Carla to try and make her drop the charges but she refuses, so he plans to ruin Underworld. When Frank goes to The Joinery to cancel the wedding reception, he goads Peter into attacking him by claiming that Carla was asking for it. Peter is arrested for assault, making Leanne suspicious and she confronts Carla and Peter, demanding answers about why Peter is so protective of her. Carla struggles to cope and tries to commit suicide with an overdose of sleeping pills. She phones Peter to say goodbye and they realise what she is doing so they call an ambulance before going to the flat where they find paramedics trying to bring her round before taking her to hospital. Carla survives and begins counselling to help her cope and is stunned when Stella confides that she too was raped, making Carla and Stella bond as they discover how much they have in common. Stella encourages her not drop the charges and confides that she never reported what happened to her.

Carla's erratic behaviour causes many clients to withdraw their orders and soon her employees are unemployed, forcing Carla to sack Becky McDonald (Katherine Kelly), Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) and Sally Webster (Sally Dynevor). Sally is furious and demands a reason so Carla reminds her that she does not need to work, due to Kevin's (Michael Le Vell) large lottery win. Frank promptly employs all three, making Sally a supervisor at his factory, using her ambition against her. Underworld is almost bankrupted and Carla is unable to pay the wages, causing her remaining employees to walk out and some join Frank's staff. Just as Carla is thinking about giving up, Michelle visits on a break from working on a cruise ship and sends Carla away on holiday. While she is away, Michelle tries to get the factory up and running again. Enlisting the help of Nick Tilsley, she is able to secure an order and promises the staff their wages on condition the order is filled. It works, and Underworld slowly recovers.

In December 2011, Peter starts drinking again on the anniversary of the tram crash and whilst drunk, tries to kiss Carla but she pushes him away but the pair later spend the night and next day together. Peter goes to tell Leanne that their marriage is over but loses his nerve, making Carla feel rejected and refusing to talk to him. The couple reconcile and begin an affair, agreeing that Peter will leave Leanne after the trial, as Frank's defence is that Carla and Peter are having an affair and falsely accused him of rape to get rid of him. The pair are almost caught several times and Frank hires a private investigator to follow Peter, hoping to catch him with Carla. The weekend before the trial, the investigator gets pictures of Peter and Carla kissing outside a hotel in Chester. Peter admits the affair after Frank's mum, Anne Foster (Gwen Taylor), gives the photos to Leanne while Peter is testifying. He comforts Carla briefly but leaves to face Leanne. The next day, he catches Carla just as she's leaving for court and tells her that he has left Leanne and is there for her but struggles to cope with Simon, who, devastated that Leanne has left, blames him and starts acting up. Carla overhears many people gossiping about her and Stella bars them from The Rovers.

Frank offers Carla £50,000 for her share of Underworld; she initially refuses but eventually accepts when Frank's "lawyer", Jenny Sumner (Niky Wardley), offers to double his money, unaware that Jenny and Frank are working together and are now dating. Carla is furious when Frank reveals what he has done after she signs the contract and has to stop Peter hitting Frank again. Frank, now secure, makes many enemies and when Carla confronts him at Underworld, he admits he raped her and reminds her how easily he overpowered her. The next day, Frank is found dead in the factory with Sally beside him. Several people are suspected of killing Frank, including Carla, Peter, and Kevin. The whiskey bottle that was used to kill Frank is found by Jason, and he gives it to the police. Carla's fingerprints are on the bottle and she is arrested for murder but is released without charge. Peter confesses to Frank's murder to protect her but he is cleared when an AA acquaintance tells Leanne that Peter was with him when Frank died. Frank's mother - Anne - attacks Carla and accuses her of stealing the contract giving Frank 100% of Underworld, unaware that Michelle stole it and Anne is warned to stay away from Carla. The police continue to investigate and Frank's mother, Anne, admits that she killed him after she overheard him taunting Carla about getting away with raping her. In April 2012, Carla learns that Frank left her his 40% share of the factory in his will as it was never changed despite her calling the wedding off; making her the sole owner of Underworld. Sally, however, is disappointed as she had hoped to buy Frank's share.

Carla supports Peter as Leanne fights him for custody of Simon (Alex Bain), particularly after Simon is be rushed to hospital after he drinks a bottle of wine. Peter realises that he doesn't stand much chance of winning and gives Leanne in custody in June, leading him to start drinking again and splits up with Carla after a drunken row. Meanwhile, her brother, Rob, arrives after being released from Strangeways Prison and helps her run Underworld. Carla later decides to get away with Peter after he snatches Simon but Michelle tells Leanne that Simon is with Peter and that he, Simon and Carla are leaving to go to Lanzarote together. However, Leanne goes with Carla to meet Peter and Simon, asking Simon where he wants to live and Simon chooses to stay in Weatherfield with her while Peter and Carla go to Southampton. Carla and Peter return to Weatherfield on 10 December 2012, just as Leanne, Nick and Simon are about to leave for Las Vegas and get married. Peter is thrilled to see Simon but after Carla and Leanne fight again, Carla admits she is struggling with being in Weatherfield so she and Peter agree to return to LA. However, Peter can't leave Simon again and Carla leaves alone but returns on Christmas Eve, saying she couldn't be without him - unaware that Peter was trying to get Leanne back. He causes trouble for her and Nick on their wedding day, causing a temporary separation but they later marry in January 2013.

In January 2013, Carla is furious to learn that in her absence, brother Rob has been altering the accounts for Underworld. She sacks him, and he later sets up on his own - stealing Carla's clients and orders, with the pair locking horns over business. Realising that she cannot beat Rob's tricks to win over her clients she reluctantly offers him a 30% share of Underworld, much to Michelle's disliking. When Rob returns to the factory Carla puts him in charge of packing, this frustrates Rob as he wants more responsibility. New girlfriend Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford), given a job in packing by Rob, convinces him to pretend the van is robbed whilst transporting expensive material, which they secretly sell on to another company. What Rob and Tracy are unaware of, however, is that Carla has discovered their plan and asked a friend to pretend to be interested in purchasing the material. An agreement is reached and Rob takes the material to the chosen location, only to be greeted by Carla and Peter. Tracy is sacked and Rob is forced to sell his share of Underworld to Carla in return for her not turning them in to the police.

Later in 2013 Peter's bookkeeper's business is struggling. Carla is at first unaware of the scale of the problem until Michelle tells her what partner Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) has told her about him offering risky odds that could potentially bankrupt him. Carla tells Peter to stop but he continues, accepting large bets from Carla's brother Rob. The first works in his favour, however when Rob returns to place another large bet he wins and Peter finds himself unable to pay out. In the end Peter is forced to close his shop and allow Rob and Tracy to set up their own business with 6 months rent-free. Carla then gives Peter a 49% share in Underworld and he works in the office with Carla and Michelle. This leads to Michelle leaving Underworld to work at The Rovers Return as she feels Peter is taking her job away from her. At first Michelle is angry with Carla but shortly after they become friends again, although Michelle continues to work at the pub, which she later helps run when Steve purchases it as a surprise for her.

Carla accompanies Hayley to hospital for a CT scan, where she is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Throughout Hayley's illness, she confides in Carla, who grows protective over her, throwing Leanne out of the factory when she has an argument with her half-sister Eva and pushes her into Hayley, and more recently sacking employee Beth Tinker (Lisa George) when she becomes frustrated working at the sewing machine Hayley used and is rough with it. In late 2013, her and Peter hire Tina as a baby-sitter and child-minder for Simon, who seems to enjoy her company, as does Peter. When a video of Simon getting bullied goes around the school, Peter grows closer to Tina and she tries to talk him out of marrying Carla on his wedding day, however, he does go ahead with the marriage. At the ceremony Carla wears a dress designed and made by Hayley and is given away by her brother Rob after the two reconcile shortly before. She gets drunk at the reception afterwards and is put to bed in the hotel by Hayley. After all the guests are gone, Peter and Tina passionately kiss. When Carla later learns that friend Hayley only has weeks to live, she dashes out to visit her. Peter and Tina then sleep together in the bedroom and are almost caught by Hayley's husband, Roy who comes back for his bag which he accidentally left behind in Carla and Peter's flat earlier. However, when Tina gives Peter an ultimatum, he chooses Carla and Tina promptly leaves the Street for London, but comes back weeks later to get the rest of her belongings. Carla later asks Tina to stay in Weatherfield and arranges a date for her and Rob, Carla's brother in Nick's Bistro with both Carla and Peter present.

In January 2014, Carla and Anna arrive at the café flat and find Hayley dead on the bed with Roy's arm around her. The pair help Roy through the grief of Hayley's death and they soon learn that Hayley committed suicide after taking an overdose of drugs. When Fiz finds out, she shouts at Roy before storming off. Anna tries to make Fiz see that Roy is going through an extremely hard time, but it is Carla who she listens to. Carla is horrified in March 2014 when she discovers that she is pregnant, and confides in Michelle. Michelle tries to persuade her to keep the baby, but Carla is adamant on an abortion. She has many conversations with Michelle about it, and she eventually decides to book an appointment at an abortion clinic to terminate the baby. When she arrives with Michelle, she realises that she cannot go through with it and leaves. She then tells Peter about the pregnancy, and they decide to keep the baby. Carla is unaware, however, that Peter may have impregnated Tina, too.

When Peter and Carla decide to take Simon to the cinema to see a film, Carla leaves Peter a dozen of messages as he has not turned up at the flat, instead he is with Tina. When he returned to the flat later, he is drunk. Carla is then angry and says if he drinks again, they will not have the baby. Carla then decides to send Peter to Rehabilitation, so he does not drink again. While Carla is out she asks Steve to watch over him, so he does not drink whilst she is not present with him. When she is out, she visits Dev Alahan's (Jimmi Harkishin) store to ask him not to sell him any alcoholic drink, he later promises he won't. When she returns to the flat, Steve later leaves, then Tina takes over watching over Peter. While Carla is out, Peter and Tina have a discussion, he tells Tina to not have anything to do with him, as she deserves someone better and who is not an alcoholic, but Tina does not agree with Peter as she loves him. Later, Carla and Peter leave in Steve's taxi to go to rehabilitation for Peter after his drinking incident. Overhearing a conversation between Michelle and Carla, Steve hears Carla say that she will have an abortion if Peter continues and carries on drinking, when he returns from rehabilitation in a short period of time. After hearing Carla, Steve then confronts Tina in The Rovers backyard about the affair, to which Carla does not know about. While Peter is in rehabilitation, Leanne asks Carla to look after Simon for a couple of hours, while she has a busy schedule at Nick's Bistro with a party. While Carla is working and looking through the accounts at the factory, Simon is making lots of noise. He asks can he speak to his dad. Carla refuses, so Simon asks for a drink of coffee, to get Carla out of the room to look for the rehabilitation clinic's phone number to speak to his dad, Carla then comes back in and tells him to leave his dad to rest and recover and he will not be able to speak to his dad. There is an argument between Simon and Carla, leading to him storming into The Rovers to see Tina and he blames Carla for his dad's drinking. Simon asks if Tina can look after him as he does not want to be with Carla, as claiming he hates her. Tina then comes back to the flat with Carla and Simon, to calm him down. While Tina and Carla are chatting in the kitchen about Peter and his drinking, Simon overhears Carla say that if he keeps on drinking he will die, Simon then gets frustrated again at Carla as he thinks she wants Peter to die. After a short dispute between the pair, Tina tells Simon that it is not Carla that is making his dad drink, Simon then apologies to Carla.

Carla picks Peter up from rehabilitation, he vows not to drink again nor touch a drop of alcohol. Peter is upset, as Simon has not attempted to contact him since he has been back from Rehabilitation. Carla then telephones Leanne to bring Simon round to the flat, but Leanne turns up at the flat alone, as Simon is angry with Peter for drinking. Tina persuades Simon to go and visit his dad, he then reluctantly goes with Tina and Leanne, but Simon is still not happy with Peter. Simon then leaves after a short visit. Carla has to leave and Tina then stops with Peter. They lean in for a kiss, but Deirdre walks in the flat, she says Carla let her in on her way out, Deirdre did not catch them. On the day of her pregnancy scan, Carla asks Peter to meet her at the flat for 16:00, as she is going to the factory to do some work. As time draws closer to four o'clock, Peter does not turn up or answer her calls. Carla then goes to the clinic and has the scan on her own. When Peter returns to the flat drunk, Carla is angry and lashes out at Peter.

Rob discovers that Peter is having an affair with Tina. He confronts Peter who denies it, so Rob storms over the flat to tell Carla. Carla is on her way to hospital, however, after suffering pains in her stomach. Rob takes her to hospital, and they pick up Peter on the way. They are told that the baby is fine, but later Tina tries to persuade Peter to leave Weatherfield with her. He agrees, although feels conflicted wanting to remain with Weatherfield with Carla and his unborn baby. During an argument with Rob and Tracy in The Rovers, Carla announces that she is pregnant to the entire pub, just as a heartbroken Tina arrives to tell Peter that their taxi has arrived. Tina storms out, swiftly followed by Peter. They have an almighty argument, ending in Tina scratching Peter across his face. Peter then leaves, but Rob soon enters Tina's flat and attacks her, telling her not to tell Carla about her affair with Peter. Unknown to Rob, Peter returns to The Rovers and tells Carla all about his affair with Tina. Elsewhere, Rob is now trying to keep Tina quiet about his and Tracy's illegal dealings with Tony Stewart (Terence Maynard). Tina tries to escape, leading to the balcony of the building yard. A scuffle ensues, and as Rob pushes Tina away, she loses her balance and falls from the balcony, plummeting onto the cobbles below. Rob believes that Tina is dead, and frantically leaves the flat. He hears Tina's groans, and realises that she is still alive. He hopes that she has forgotten everything, but she hasn't. When Tina reveals that she will never keep quiet, and tell the police that Rob tried to kill her by pushing her off the balcony, Rob picks up a metal pipe and beats Tina with it repeatedly. Meanwhile, Carla is furious about Peter's affair and storms out into a busy pub, shouting that she wants to "kill" Tina. She is restrained by Michelle, but eventually leaves the pub. Carla then goes to Tina's flat, where she finds her badly injured at the bottom of the balcony. She is witnessed by Leanne and newcomer Kal Nazir (Jimi Mistry), and she soon finds herself as prime suspect. She is arrested, but later released without charge. At first, it is an assault investigation, but when Tina later dies in hospital from her injuries, it turns into a murder investigation. Carla confides in Roy numerous times, and when Peter tries to talk to her, Carla slaps him. Later, Carla collapses in the street when Rob and Peter are fighting, and is cradled by Michelle. She is rushed to hospital, where she is told that she has miscarried. Carla is devastated, and reveals that she was expecting a baby girl.

Carla finds it difficult to cope with her miscarriage, and gets drunk to drown her sorrows and stress. She insults many of her factory workers, and shouts at Tina's grieving mother Ann McIntyre (Lorraine Hodgson) in The Rovers. She is taken home by Peter, but Carla only allows him in her flat if he buys her a bottle of vodka. He does so, resulting in her drunkenly kissing Peter. Rob walks in and throws Peter out of the flat, and shouts at Carla for getting drunk and for kissing Peter. She later attends Tina's funeral, and is mortified when Rob and Peter are both arrested for fighting at the graveyard of the church. Carla almost comes to blows to Tracy when she interrogates Carla about Rob's whereabouts. In October 2014, Rob confesses to Tina's murder leaving Carla with an impossible choice, leave Peter in prison or phone the police to arrest Rob. Carla ultimately choses to shop the police on Rob and Tracy's wedding. When she told him this, he fled the church, phoned up Tracy and told her to flee with him. However, Tracy called the police and Rob was arrested. Peter got out a few days later and begged Carla for another chance, believing that she did it for love. But Carla tells him she did it because it was the right thing to do and she doesn't intend on getting back together with him. After seeing Simon upset that Peter is leaving, Carla promises Simon that she'll arrange Simon to visit his dad whenever he wants. Tracy trashed Underworld whilst Carla and Michelle went out on a spa date, still blaming her for Rob's imprisonment. She eventually stopped when Carla talked some sense into her. When she found out that Rob will be serving 25 years imprisonment, she was devastated, having lost her brother, her husband and her baby all in one year.

On 19th January 2015 Carla and the staff of Underworld were involved in a mini-bus crash while they were on their way to pick up a fashion award Carla had won. When the bus crashed Carla was wedged in between the driver's seat and the passenger seat. When everyone was off the bus Michelle and Steve had gone AWOL and that left Carla in the bus. Tracy Barlow wandered towards the front of the bus and noticed Carla was still inside. She raced to the back of the bus and climbed in to get Carla out. When out of the bus Carla passed out in front of Julie and Sally. After saving Carla Tracy almost fell down with the bus to the quarry, but she jumped out at the last second. Carla had broken her leg and wasn't injured any where else. She visited Tracy and thanked her for saving her. After she visited Tracy she went to visit Michelle. Carla was mad that Michelle hadn't been there to help her get out of the bus, she also said that is Tracy hadn't saved her she would be lying at the bottom of the quarry. Carla blames Steve for the accident and Michelle tells her about his depression and she wishes her good luck with Steve before leaving the Rovers. Sinead Tinker (Katie McGlynn) is the one who is seemed to have the worst injuries from the minibus crash.

Creation and development[edit]


On 20 September 2006, it was announced that the former Dream Team actress had been cast as Carla Connor. A Coronation Street spokeswoman said of the new addition, "she will make quite an impact. The phrase ‘dosh doesn’t make you posh’ was made for Carla. She’s a WAG on the cobbles, beautiful but tough and ambitious".[1] King had briefly appeared on the Manchester soap in 2004, as a housewife who tried to seduce Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas).[2]

King returned to filming during August 2009, following maternity leave. Her comeback was described as an explosive conclusion when she returned, according to a show insider. Carla was back briefly during October and reappeared permanently from late November onwards.[3]

In May 2012, King and Gascoyne confirmed they would have a temporary break from filming.[4] They departed on 16 July 2012 and returned on 10 December 2012.

Storyline development[edit]

In July 2011, it was reported that Carla will drunkenly drive her car into the bookies, injuring Stella in the process. This was the result of further rejections from Peter Barlow. A source told The Sun: "Carla's drinking is out of control again, it's a cry for help - and for love". The shows producer, Phil Collinson recently teased a storyline seeing Carla's feelings or Peter to arise once again. Collinson said: "I have to say, it's one of the biggest stories that we've told on Corrie for many years. She's going to have a pretty rough time across the autumn."[5]

In March 2012, it was announced that Carla's brother Rob Donovan would be arriving later in the year. Carla had previously mentioned a brother. Speaking of the announcement a Coronation Street spokesperson said: "We are seeing lots of different actors over the next week or so. We have got some exciting storylines lined up for Carla's brother. He is a character the fans have been keen to meet for some time".[6] In May 2012, it was announced that actor Marc Baylis had been cast to play Rob. Speaking of his casting Baylis said: "I feel incredibly honoured to be joining the very talented cast of Coronation Street. Rob is an exciting character to play and I am hoping he is going to ruffle a few Weatherfield feathers". Producer Phil Collinson said: "I'm very pleased to welcome Marc to the cast - the latest in a long line of handsome Corrie charmers. Carla's brother Rob is sure to set hearts fluttering in Weatherfield from the minute he arrives. The audience can expect thrills and a few broken hearts when this handsome bad boy hits town."[7]


Columnist Grace Dent has described Carla as " alluring vision, raven haired, classy, sultry and replete with guile".[8] The episode aired on 3 December 2008, in which Carla married Tony Gordon attracted an impressive peak of 10.5 million viewers.[9] In an online poll conducted by MSN Entertainment, Carla Connor was voted as 'Soapland's Sexiest Female of 2008', with more than 31% of votes.[10] At the 2008 Inside Soap Awards, the character was voted 'Best Bitch'.[11] King was awarded "Best Actress" at the 2012 British Soap Awards.[12] On Digital Spy's 2012 end of year reader poll, King was nominated for "Best Female Soap Actor" and came fifth with 9.7% of the vote.[13] King was nominated for the "Best Actress" award at The British Soap Awards 2014.

In January 2009, the character was heralded as the new Elsie Tanner: "strong, dark, mouthy, pushy, full of herself and nobody's fool, ready to put the world to rights with another lashing of lipstick. Has Coronation Street finally found the new Elsie Tanner in Carla Gordon I'm starting to think that perhaps they might have".[14] The return of the character on 19 October 2009, after an eight month absence, drew large ratings for the show's episodes which were watched by 9.88m (42.2%) and 10.24m (40.5%) respectively.[15]

Radio Times soaps columnist David Brown gave mixed comments in his response to Carla's rape storyline. He made the point that while it was being treated with more sensitivity than the rape of Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) was, back in 2001, the impression was that the writing team were placing too much pain and anguish upon Carla's character: "By having Carla undergo a vicious violation like rape, it begins to feel that she’s being systematically targeted by the storyliners. There’s no denying that the scenes in this evening’s double bill are powerfully acted by Alison King, but there seems to be an underlying mission to crack open Carla’s carapace and expose her vulnerability. In the wider world, rapists often choose their targets regardless of the victim’s circumstance, so there’s no saying that Carla wouldn’t suffer an assault of this sort. But, in a fictional setting, it does begin to look cruel when so much anguish is piled onto one person’s shoulders."[16]

Sarah Ellis of Inside Soap said that Carla was great to watch when she is with Peter. She added that they are "like a car crash waiting to happen".[17]

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