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The Spies: Alex, Clover and Sam.

The following is a list of characters from the animated television series Totally Spies!.

Main characters[edit]


Samantha "Sam" Simpson has long ginger hair, emerald green eyes and dons a green catsuit on missions. She is the most intelligent and practical of the group shown and absolutely adores knowledge, much to the disturbance of her friends Alex and especially Clover. She always loves to hang out with her friends, but is the most serious in every mission they have. She uses her intelligence to create plans and diversions so that the girls can easily defeat the villains, stop their heinous plots or escape from deadly traps. Sam also acts as the big sister of the team and, though like Clover and Alex, enjoys shopping, and visiting salons, but she is not as interested as the others and takes her studies and duties as a spy more seriously. She isn't as boy crazy, but has fallen for a few in the series. She enjoys reading, calamari and learning. Although never said, she acts as the leader of the trio. A descendant of an ancient guild of warrior women called the Sisterhood, Alex and Clover attribute Sam's leadership skills to her heritage. As a play on her intelligence, Sam is frequently brainwashed by villains as a running gag, a total of 10 times of the series.

Voice actress: Canada Jennifer Hale.


Clover Perry has medium blonde hair, blue eyes and dons a red catsuit on missions. She is considered to be the most stereotypical of the three: a shopping addicted, boy crazy, teenage fashionista. She is always the most concerned about her looks, boys and the latest trends and fads in everything from clothes to her diet. She often compares fashion to her work and is usually more concerned with trying to improve her social life, wardrobe and popularity in different ways, rather than completing her mission. She is normally the first one to go against Mandy, who she considers her mortal enemy. Though she tends to be more focused on materialistic and superficial substances than her missions, Clover does understand the importance of friendship and teamwork, as shown that she cares deeply for her friends. Being a stereotypical "American teenage girl", Clover speaks with a stronger valspeak accent than Sam or Alex. A running gag in Season 3 episodes titles played on this aspect of her speech. Early in the series, she was prone to being frequently kidnapped at villain hands, making her somewhat of a damsel in distress. She is also known as the most fashionable girl at Beverly Hills High School and later Malibu University. In "Matchmaker", it was revealed that Clover has a jewelry box full of gadgets she had previously used on missions hidden in her closet.

Voice actress: United States Andrea Baker.


Alexandra "Alex" Vasquez has short black hair, dark skin and light brown eyes and dons a yellow catsuit on missions and appears to be half African American from her mother's side (Alex is the only main character whose father was seen on the show, shown to be a European subtype Caucasian). She has a unique taste for Chinese outfits, often seen wearing a cheongsam to formal occasions. She is an odd mixture of a tomboy and a girly girl, in that she has more of an interest in sports and athletics but also shares her friends' fashion interests, sometimes even to the same extremes as Clover. Alex is also the most naive and absent-minded. She sometimes is a bit slow to some of the figures of speeches and takes them too literally. She also has a bit of a confidence problem, often comparing herself to her friends and thinking she isn't as interesting or pretty as they are. She is very selfless— for example, in "The Show Must Go On...Or Else", she pushes Clover out of the way of a ray, ultimately transforming her but saving Clover.

Though their exact ages are never given, in the Season 1 episode titled "Do You Believe In Magic", it is revealed Alex is apparently the youngest of the spies, though all three are in the same grade. In some ways, she can also be seen as the most childish of the girls— for example, her oldest and dearest friend is a toy turtle named Ollie, she has a teddy bear backpack, and she doesn't eat anything "cute". She also loves animals and collects comic books. In Totally Spies! The Movie, Alex adopts a pig that she names Oinky, takes care of a puppy in "Arnold the Great", and in "Evil Mascot", Alex can be seen cuddling a kitten that hates the Silent Siren Tracking Device and eventually loves Alex, especially when the kitten is taken to W.O.O.A.P.-the World Organization Of Animal Protection. Although Alex has been captured the least during the series, running gags in the series involve her often bad luck, clumsiness and poor driving skills. Her favorite colors are yellow and purple.

Voice actor: United States Katie Leigh (Season 1-2), Canada Katie Griffin (Seasons 3-6)

Secondary characters[edit]


Gerald "Jerry" Lewis is the founder and administrator of W.O.O.H.P., the World Organization Of Human Protection. A middle-aged, very serious, British gentleman, he is responsible for briefing the girls on their missions, as well as for providing them with their gadgets at the start of each episode. He also has a tendency to send the girls on "test missions" without telling them that it's fake. Jerry has a tendency to eavesdrop and spy on the girls during their casual lives, much to their annoyance, but he is shown to care about them genuinely and outside of work, and makes efforts to assist them in ways like school and casual transport, which is usually annoying to them. It is also shown he enjoys teasing the girls, and makes things comically difficult for them – i.e. WOOHPing them in the most unexpected of moments for them, but they occasionally get back at him in some way. Although he has a mostly hands-off role, Jerry has participated in a couple of the girls' missions. Despite his thin and nonathletic appearance, he has in fact demonstrated highly impressive combat and piloting skills superior to those displayed by the girls themselves, including running up (and down) the side of a building. On a few occasions Jerry has personally saved the girls. Jerry appears in fewer episodes on Season 4 due to G.L.A.D.I.S. taking over his role in gadget distributing. Despite being the leader of the world's top spy organization, the security surrounding Jerry is surprisingly lax, and he has been subverted on multiple occasions. Jerry has been somewhat cursed in his personal life in that all the people he relates to keep turning out to be super villains. His best friend in college, his ex-wife (Myrna Beesbottom, whom he married in "Evil Valentine's Day"), his evil twin brother Terence (Terry) and his sister Sherry (introduced in The Amazing Spiez!) have all been revealed as villains attempting to kill Jerry or destroy WOOHP. In the 1980s, he was a member of a little known band, Double Digits. He started WOOHP in the 1970s and took ballet as a kid, which came in handy in Season 4 Episode "Sis-KaBOOM-Bah!" when he used some of the moves he knew to defeat a mind controlled Mandy. This was seen again in the Movie, where his assistant tried to get rid of the Spies so he could hog all the glory. In the crossover episode with Martin Mystery, "Totally Mystery Much?". Jerry is shown to have a history with Martin's boss M.O.M that appears to have romantic overturns much to the spies and Martin's displeasure as he and M.O.M spy-flirt in front of Alex and Martin. In Season 6 Episode Jerry use to date Bethra Bombshell.

Voice actors: United StatesJess Harnell (Seasons 1–2),Canada Adrian Truss(Season 3–6)


In Seasons 2–3, Britney was a minor but important character. Britney was, at the time, the newest recruit to the team and was introduced in the episode "Alex Quits". She has bluish-black hair like Alex's hair with a hair style similar to a mixture of Sam's and Clover's hair. She has violet eyes and wears an azure-colored catsuit. When standing next to Sam or Clover, the difference in skin tone suggests that she may be of Asian descent. Britney was the captain of her high school's cheerleading squad and she loves to play chess (a reason that Sam immediately takes a liking to her). Out of all of the girls in the series, Britney is the only one shown to live on her own. Most of the episode "Virtual Stranger" takes place in her apartment (especially the second half), where she was temporarily a villain due to virtual possession.

She is extremely smart. This trait of hers is actually relevant to the plot, as it causes Alex to be jealous of her on many occasions. Britney was the main focus in two of the series' episodes: "Alex Quits" and "Escape From WOOHP Island". She also makes a cameo in "Evil Promotion Much? Part 3" as one of the agents in suits during the spies' promotion ceremony.

In Season 5, Britney has her own three episode (#115-#117) story arc in which she joins Sam, Clover and Alex in both missions and school (she transferred to Mali-U University).[1] Alex's jealousy is once again the focus of the first two. In the third, it is revealed that Britney sees Alex as a role model, and thus the two form a sisterly bond, which confuses Sam and Clover. She is also shown to view Sam, Alex and Clover as her best friends, and it is hinted that the four interact quite often off camera. At the end of episode #117, Britney is assigned to WOOHP Australia and partnered with Blaine, much to Clover's disdain but Britney tells her not to worry.

Britney cameos in episode #129 in a fantasy of Sam, Clover and Alex. Though WOOHP was being shut down, the girls said they would still get together for parties, and Britney was included in the gathering. Britney's final appearance is in the final episode of the series ("Totally Dunzo") as one of the spies captured. After being freed, she assists the others in fighting the drones but is quickly defeated, leaving Sam, Clover and Alex to finish the series' final battle. As seen in "Virtual Stranger", she is not very fond of Mandy and Mindy for being mean to the girls.

Voice actress: Lindsay Ridgeway


He is an agent from WOOHP like Sam, Clover and Alex. He first appeared in "Evil Promotion Much?" as their trainer and he was later shown in "Deja Cruise" as Jerry's sidekick for Sam, Clover and Alex's super spies test. The girls have shown some romantic interest in Dean and he is the only boy that can resist Clover, much to her disdain. He is also the only male agent of WOOHP other than Jerry (and later Blaine) to not have a minor role, such as numerous security guards. Dean returned in "WOOHP-tastic" and is put in charge of the WOOHP gadget lab. He is also present and takes part in the final battle in the Season 5 finale.

Voice actor: Greg Cipes


Gadget Lending And Distribution Interactive System. She appears to be very proud of her title and will often refuse to carry out odd jobs, stating that they are '...beneath her...'. This is proved to be a constant source of irritation for both the girls and Jerry. She is later shown to develop her own personality, expressing her own opinions and deliberately disobeying Jerry's orders. She is even shown to be capable of taking up hobbies, such as magic. She takes up a motherly role for the girls, is shown to defy orders and add additions of her own, if she feels that it is best for the girls' safety. She is shown to be an oblong flashing computer with a camera and numerous colourful buttons. She also has robotic arms, which she uses to perform her tasks, such as distributing various gadgets. She was first introduced in the episode "Physics 101" as a gadget lending device, as the name suggests. She speaks with a female voice and appears to have a mind of her own, even sometimes claiming she is the true head of WHOOP. It is later revealed in "Evil G.L.A.D.I.S. Much" that her brain is downloaded from a brilliant evil mastermind called the Brain who was put in jail because he attempted to start a World War III by misleading nations into firing missiles at one another. However, G.L.A.D.I.S. did not have any evil downloaded into her. Alex spilled cranberry juice on her and she became evil instantly because she shares the same allergy as the Brain: both go crazy after cranberry juice is spilled on them. The only way that G.L.A.D.I.S. could turn back to normal was by having her mainframe pumped with a base to counteract the acid in the cranberry juice.

G.L.A.D.I.S. is sent to a recycling facility in Season 5. Her design is an homage to Shirka, a character nearly identical in appearance from the classic French-Japanese animation Ulysse 31.

Voice actress: CanadaStevie Vallance


Amanda "Mandy" Williams is Sam, Clover and Alex's (and later Britney's) rival at school. She has long black hair and violet eyes. Being the model of the "popular teenager" stereotype, she is shown to be stylish, popular, and pretty (at least in her own opinion) but also bratty, materialistic, snobbish, egocentric, arrogant, cruel, and downright maleficent – and apparently she may have inherited these negative traits from her mother- who is nearly identical. She also has a high and squeaky voice with a nasal laugh.

She has been shown in multiple spy catsuits, all of which are purple. In the episode "Evil Coffee Shop Much?", she joins the three spies but is lazy, leading to her losing her memories of the whole experience. It is implied that she does poorly in school as seen in "Dental? More Like Mental!" and "Alex Gets Schooled". Mandy is the only character whose height (5'4") was ever mentioned on the show.

The rivalry between Mandy and Clover is most pronounced, as they often compete for boys, popularity, and bragging rights. Mandy will go out of her way to annoy the girls and will even use dishonest means in order to do it. Mandy is also known to have a fan club called M.I.G. (Mandy Is Great), which Clover joined, not knowing it was a Mandy fan club. Clover was then forced to tickle Mandy's feet by the other club members, as she finds it the only way to relax.

In Seasons 1–4, Mandy is often accompanied by her friends and yes-women Caitlin and Dominique, all rivals to the girls. However, it wasn't until Season 4 that there was actually any loyalty between the three. Before then, they have each been shown to leave the others at the drop of a dime. At the start of Season 5, Mandy and her crew are separated as they all graduate from high school. While Mandy was to attend a ski school in Aspen, she stayed in Malibu to attend college with her cousin Mindy. Mandy and Mindy are seen together for most of Season 5, except for the finale.

In "Totally Busted", Mandy served as the main antagonist, and was infected by the SUDS, along with Caitlin and Dominique, and they were transformed into spy-sassins. They tried to kill the spies, but are all easily defeated. Later, Mandy, Caitlin and Dominique kidnapped their moms to Mandy's chalet at Sugarflake. The spies followed them there. After the avalanche incident, Mandy and her cronies kidnapped the spies to GROOVE. Learned about the SUDS, they're infected the spies with it and rescued the Inventor from the prison. Later, Mandy, her cronies and the Inventor plan to transform the whole world into army of spy-sassins, but are all easily defeated by the spies, who returned to normal, and their moms, who became spies. At the end, Mandy, Caitlin and Dominique returned to normal.

In the Season 5 of Totally Spies, Mandy suffers from a "near death experience" (breaking her nail) and comes to terms with how cruel she is to the spies. As such, she decides to treat them nicer. However, this is short lived, as when she finds out Sam, Clover and Alex are spies, she goes back to her usual snobbish self because she believes "friends shouldn't keep secrets from each other". However, Mandy keeps the girls' secret, implying that she truly does care for them. She talks with a valley-girl accent (similar to Clover). In season 6 she has an Intern named Trent.

Voice actress: CanadaJennifer Hale


Trent is Mandy's intern in Season 6 who makes his debut in "The Anti-Social Network".

In "Trent Goes Wild", Trent becomes a supervillain after Jerry accidentally administers the scorpion DNA into him instead of erasing his memories. He is able to transform into a cool dude in Malibu University and a scorpion form to take revenge against Mandy for the maltreatment he experienced. He is also responsible for rampaging through The Groove and solely targeting Mandy.

The girls discovers his change and that Trent is after Mandy in his scorpion form. He manages to defeat the girls and attacks Mandy with his scorpion sting rendering her immobilized. After abducting her to the high desert in her immobilized state, he finally takes revenge of his boss for being bossed around and for the mistreatment he experienced. The girls manages to track him down, and Trent begins to attack the girls. Sam tells him that they are his friend, and he replies saying that they mentioned his old self as his new self wants them not to get in their way. The girls know that he was strong to beat until Trent manages to immobilize the girls with his scorpion sting. He then attacks Alex with the same sting but she managed to dodge the sting. When Trent begins to attack Alex, she then blasts him with her Wind Tunnel 3000 Tornado Blast Hair Dryer to blown him down like a tornado. This knocks him down and causes him to revert to his old self. He and an immobilized Mandy are later taken by Jerry and his men in the WOOHP helicopter to remove the scorpion DNA and to erase her memories of the incident happening to her respectively.

His new self is similar to Mandy when he wants to boss her around in retaliation and orders her to ignore him. He does not want other people to get in his way.

He is voiced by: CanadaScott Beaudin

Dominique and Caitlin[edit]

Mandy's two best friends/lackeys, both have super snobby attitudes and are often there for Mandy, but until the fourth season of the show, there was very little actual loyalty between the three girls. They appear to be Mandy's closest, or either, her only friends, because whenever wasn't with either one or both of them, she didn't seem to hang out with anyone else.

Dominique had dark red hair styled in way similar to Alex's hair, blue eyes and peach skin. Dominique is Sam's rival and speaks with a similar to hers. Also, as part of the "Spy Chic" fad, Dominique's spy suit was cyan. Caitlin had long and curly black hair and dark skin, and she also has an older brother named Rick, who was a senior at Beverly Hills High School. Caitlin and Rick are possibly mulatto, since they both have an African-American appearance, but with lighter skin, plus Caitlin has green eyes in some of appearances, but in others she has dark brown eyes, so it's possible she may wear colored contacts. Also, Caitlin is Alex's rival and speaks in voice similar to Alex's.

Caitlin was voiced by Katie Griffin and Dominique was voiced by Andrea Baker. Both characters were written out of the series at the beginning of Season 5. After having graduated high school, Mandy and her friends all go their separate ways.


First appearing in Season 5 Episode "Evil Professor", Mindy is Mandy's cousin (it's unknown which side of Mandy's family she comes from). After graduating from high school, Mandy (according to Clover) was supposed to attend a ski school in Aspen, but transferred to Malibu University ("Mali-U") to be with her cousin, Mindy. She's just as stuck up as Mandy, to the point of the two being referred to as the "Terror Twins" (but they're only called that in "Evil Sorority"). However, while Mandy's generally loud and aggressive, Mindy's much more calm and collected. Mindy speaks with a thick Southern drawl and her appearance is visually similar to Mandy's, but Mindy has short blonde hair, green eyes and a tanner skin tone. Mindy's last appearance is in episode #128, and she's absent without explanation in the Season 5 finale. She never made any appearances in the sixth season of the show, and was replaced by Trent.

Voice actress: CanadaKatie Griffin


David Grant is a desirable guy in whom all three of the girls (as well as their nemesis Mandy) are romantically interested. He was introduced in the episode "It's How You Play The Game". He loves the arts: guitar playing, poetry, painting, etc. He also has a love of nature and history and hates rejection. He mainly appeared in Season 2, and didn't appear in Season 3 but appeared in one episode in Season 4.

David works at the Smoothie Bar in the girls' high school and he seems to be the jumping off point for many of Clover, Alex and Sam's personal predicaments while they try to get him to notice them. This seems to befall Clover the most as she and Mandy compete for David's affections. David is blissfully oblivious to the girls' attempts to garner his attention and leaves the girls stunned with his smile as he leaves to go help at a soup kitchen or fulfill another duty.

Voice actor: Darryl Kurylo

Arnold Jackson[edit]

Arnold is a classmate of the girls, and is apparently the stereotype of the school's geeks and nerds. Arnold is highly smart but socially inept, and tends to be a bit unpleasant. In some episodes, he acts as a sycophant and minion of Mandy's, yet in other episodes he gets teased by her. He mostly acts as an (unintentional) obstacle to the girls and their goals.

In the episode "Super Nerd Much?", Arnold accidentally acquired a magic ring that allowed him to steal the "coolness" from other people to make himself look cuter. The power quickly got to his head, and he turned into a super villain intent on draining the coolness from everyone else in Beverly Hills, causing them to turn into nerds themselves. After a fight, he was eventually defeated by the girls with some assistance from a villainous magician who also wanted the ring. Like Mandy, his memory appeared to be erased by WOOHP and he was back at school the next day as though nothing had happened (albeit with a few residual memories he wrote off as part of a dream). He has also managed to defeat Clover and Mandy in contests for Head Cheerleader.

In the episode "Arnold the Great", he wants to be a superhero and dresses up as a comic book character. He is secretly taken advantage of by Geraldine Husk.

In the opening episode of Season 5 "Evil Graduation Much", Arnold graduated from Beverly High as the class valedictorian (even though in the episode "Spies in Space," Principal Vegan said that Sam had gotten the best grades in the history of Bev High). In his graduation speech, he told off the entire senior class for mistreating him over the years, and left with the words "Goodbye and good riddance!"

Robert Tinkler, Jess Harnell and Joshua Seth have all shared the voice of Arnold.


Blaine is introduced in Season 5 Episode 108 "The Granny", as the captain of the Mali-U beach volleyball team. His interests are similar to Clover's which led to them dating within 5 minutes of his introduction. As Season 5 has a more continuous story, Blaine's relationship with Clover is the first in the series to last for more than one episode (or any other girl for that matter). The next two episodes (#109 and #110) deal entirely with this relationship. It is revealed that he is actually a freelance assassin sent by Geraldine Husk to kill Clover, however he was under the belief that Clover was an evil spy. However, Geraldine later uses Blaine as a trap to capture Clover. At the conclusion of his initial story arc, Blaine joins WOOHP and is assigned to the Australia branch, and is later joined by Britney as his new partner (much to Clover's disdain).

Blaine reappears in the final episode as one of the spies captured by "Agent X". After being freed, he assists the others in fighting the drones but is quickly defeated, leaving Sam, Clover and Alex to finish the series' final battle. His relationship with Clover is still intact as they almost kiss before Alex interrupted them. He returns in "Baddies on a Blimp" to assist Jerry.

Voice actor: Canada Daniel DeSanto


Virgil is the spies' boss for their job in the coffee shop. The spies are his best service, and he likes Alex. He first appears in "Evil Professor" Then in "Zero To Hero" Alex goes on a date with Virgil, but when she decide that they should be "just friends" as he constantly causes accidents while on their date, he doesn't want to give up and accidentally stumbles upon the girls in full Spy gear. This gives him a new idea to win Alex over. However, after being returned to normal from ingesting Muscle Growth Formula, they go on another date. Their relationship since then has never been touched upon, suggesting they agreed to stay "just friends".

He also has a notable fascination with coffee, keeping Sam, Clover and Alex with their job when they gave him a super-sized coffee bean as a gift, as well as giving Sam a single coffee maker as a Secret Santa gift.


Gabby is Sam's mother. She wears her hair long like Sam's, though slightly curlier. Gabby's hair was originally brown, but it has since appeared the same color as Sam's. Gabby can be overprotective of Sam and only has her best safety in mind. Gabby's first appearance was in the Season 2 episode "Mommies Dearest". She reappears in her Second appearance in the Season 4 finale "Totally Busted". During her short duration as a spy, her catsuit is jade-colored. At the end of that episode, she becomes an official spy. She looks identical to her daughter Sam. Sam is Gabby's only child. Gabby made a brief appearance in "The Wedding Crasher".

Voice actress: Jennifer Hale


Stella is Clover's mother. She wears her hair like Clover's, but it was originally lighter. Stella is a typical stern-but-lovable mother. Stella has made appearances in Season 2: "Mommies Dearest" (being controlled by evil Tim Scam to kill Clover) and "Zooney World", as well as her final appearance in the Season 4 finale "Totally Busted!". During her short duration as a spy, her catsuit is hot pink. At the end of that episode, she becomes an official spy. She looks identical to her daughter Clover. In the episode 'Zero To Hero' Clover says, "my nephew..." which indicates that she has a sibling that has child(ren). She returned in "The Nine Lives". Voice actress: Kath Soucie (Season 2) and Andrea Baker (Season 4-6)


Carmen is Alex's mother. She wears her hair similar to Alex's; however, it was originally a dark brown. She has a darker skin/eye tone. Her main goal and focus is for Alex to get a boyfriend. Carmen made an appearance in the Season 2 episode "Mommies Dearest", the Season 4 episode "Alex Gets Schooled", and her final appearance in the Season 4 finale "Totally Busted". During her short duration as a spy, her catsuit is royal blue. At the end of that episode, she becomes an official spy. She looks identical to her daughter Alex.

Voice Actress: Katie Leigh


Phoebe is Mandy's mother who also has a snooty nasal-like voice – which is a bit deeper than her daughter's. She has long black hair just like Mandy. She spoils Mandy, but at the same time gives her firm discipline (or at least she tries), especially when it comes to Mandy's (poor) grades. Phoebe debuted in "Forward to the Past" where she was presented as something of a hippie, and later appeared in "Dental? More Like Mental", "Evil G.L.A.D.I.S Much?" in Season 3 and "Alex Gets Schooled" in Season 4. Phoebe spoiled Mandy since Mandy's birth, but it's unknown what became of her husband.

Voice Actress: Canada Jennifer Hale


Norman is Clover's cousin and Stella's sister's son. He first appears in the Season 2 episode "Zooney World" and is seen again in the Season 6 episode "Danger TV".

Professor Plunkett[edit]

Professor Plunkett is the spies' fashion design professor at Malibu University. He appears in Season 6.

Mrs. Lewis[edit]

Jerry's and Terence's mother. Her first appearance is in the Season 2 episode "Mommies Dearest". She gets very annoyed with her son and believes Jerry is a hotel manager. She was a spy in her past as it was revealed in the Season 5 finale. In the finale of "Totally Dunzo!" she becomes evil after a gen of evil falls into her cup of tea. She became a "Mr. X" and created robot droids to replace the spies after buying out WOOHP as a way to take over the world, but after the evil has disappeared she's returned to normal. It is also revealed she was a top spy back in her youth, something Jerry never knew. Note: Mrs. Lewis makes a cameo in Amazing Spiez in a flashback of Sherry (her daughter) in "Operation WOOSCI". She returned in "Totally Switched Again" where she wanted to return to become a spy again and found out her catsuit is Light Pink.

She is Voiced by: Mari Tranior

Recurring villains[edit]

LAMOS (League Aiming to Menace and Overthrow Spies)[edit]

The leader of the L.A.M.O.S was Terence Lewis and the parts were Tim Scam, Helga Von Guggen, Myrna Beesbottom and Boogie Gus.

Terence Lewis[edit]

Terence Lewis ("Terry") is Jerry's evil twin brother and the primary arch-nemesis of the spies. In the Season 3 finale "Evil Promotion Much?", the spies were selected for promotion to the next level due to their stunning success, and were sent to Terence for the training they would require to become Super Spies. At first, Terence appeared to be an easy-going, relaxed administrator. His motive was that when he and Jerry were in school, Jerry and Terry helped each other cheat by copying the answers off of each other during an important exam, but when the teacher found them out, Jerry cowardly blamed Terrence, leading his brother to be expelled from school – thus later he explains this incident as his primary reason to modify his face and voice through plastic surgery to differ from his twin, by saying that "he would hate to look like his "evil" twin".

In Season 4, he creates an organization called L.A.M.O.S. (an acronym he did not realize it made) made up of many old enemies of the spies, such as Tim Scam, Boogie Gus, Helga Von Guggen and Myrna Bessbottom. He also wears a white curly wig and runs the organization from a leaky sub. He was later arrested along with the rest of L.A.M.O.S. He also made an appearance in episode "Scary Jerry" on The Amazing Spiez!

Terence Lewis is voiced by Pete Capella.

Tim Scam[edit]

He is the most recurring villain who appeared in six episodes. Tim Scam once was a previous WOOHP weapons technician who was fired for illegal use of weapons, and attempts to get revenge on the organization.

He first appeared in the show's second episode "The New Jerry", in which he kidnapped Jerry and replaced him to use WOOHP for his plot. Sam also developed a strong crush on him before she discovered he was evil. In "Mommies Dearest" he attempts to get revenge on the girls by mind controlling their mothers and using them to kill the girls. In "Morphing is so 1987" Tim attempts to destroy WOOHP using "liquid-metal" robots capable of mimicking the appearance of others. He reappeared in Season 4 and became a member of L.A.M.O.S.

Tim Scam is highly intelligent. He originally developed a heat-ray capable of evaporating the Earth's oceans while working for WOOHP. He will likely remain a persistent nuisance to Jerry and the spies.

Unlike the show's other villains, who are usually "themed" bad guys whose personalities typically center around a single bizarre personality disorder or childhood trauma, Scam comes across as completely sane (albeit sociopathic). Also, unlike the other villains, whose plans generally involve indulging in their twisted obsessions (which often involve brainwashing people), Scam's plans are centered around all-evil deeds to accomplish his malevolent objectives. Scam kills for killing's sake.

Tim Scam is voiced by Michael Gough.

Helga Von Guggen[edit]

Helga Von Guggen is a rogue fashion designer and one of the show's more regular villains. She has a bodyguard, Trode, to do her bidding.

In "Wild Style", Trode met the spies while they were investigating the mass disappearances of cruise ships along with their crews and passengers. Unknown to them, Helga was the mastermind behind the abductions, and instructed Trode to infect one of the spies with her mutation serum through the use of a dart, resulting in Clover being mutated into a catgirl. At Helga's hideout, Helga revealed to the spies that she was using the serum to turn humans into animal-like creatures in order to produce instant-fitting fur coats. Ultimately, Helga fell victim to her own mutation serum and transformed into a massive Chimaera-like mutant monster, but was defeated and captured by the girls.

In "Fashion Faux Pas", Helga Broke out of WOOHP Prison with a scheme to use Mystique fashion clothes to strangle people to death in revenge for casting her aside. At her hideout, she told the spies her plan, and ordered Trode to keep an eye on them. In the end, she was turned in and captured again. It is never explained how she returned to normal in this episode, though it can be assumed she used the reverse serum that cured Clover and the other victims of the mutation.

She later appears again in Season 4 as a member of L.A.M.O.S., having herself been disposed of Trode, whom she deemed to be incompetent (he might have been written off). In "Evil Jerry" Helga was arrested, but she returned (must have escaped) in "Like, Soo Totally Not Spies", and at the end of such episode Helga and all L.A.M.O.S. were arrested.

Helga Von Guggen and Trode are respectively voiced by Adrienne Barbeau and Brian Cummings.

Myrna Beesbottom[edit]

The girls' ex-nanny who tried to marry Jerry so she could take over WOOHP. She is a former WOOHP agent and now a member of LAMOS. Her first appearance was when she was still good and became the girls' nanny in the Season 3 episode "Space Much?". Her next appearance (her first appearance as a villain) was in "Evil Valentines Much?" where she tried to marry Jerry so she could take over WOOHP. She has made a couple Season 4 appearances and her lead role was in "Dream Teens", when she created plasma robots to become the spies' boyfriends and drain their energy and to eliminate Jerry and WOOHP. She has recently been arrested and is temporarily apart from LAMOS. Despite her obese build Myrna is extremely agile, and strong, and it's also hinted she is specialised in ninja training.

Boogie Gus[edit]

A black 1970s loving villain and a former WOOHP janitor who first appeared in Season 3, "Forward To The Past". He planned to go back in time and convince Jerry to create an evil WOOHP with him, which would stand for World Organization Of Harming People. In Season 4, he joined the LAMOS and became an 1980s lover, even though he still sported his 1970s afro/disco style. In "I Hate the Eighties" he planned to turn the world into his own 1980s wonderland and to make Jerry and the spies younger. In "Like, So Totally Not Spies", it is implied that he is bad at keeping secrets, much to Terrence's and Helga's annoyance, such as when he accidentally reveals Terrence's plan to leave Jerry tied up in the LAMOS submarine while the submarine gradually floods with Jerry in it, and when he revealed that Helga's bracelets were the source of Sam's, Clover's and Alex's inability to remember their state of being spies. In The Amazing Spiez!, it was revealed that Boogie Gus had a son named Gus Jr., who had a passion for the decade he was born, the 1990s, which included low-tech electronics and ghetto-based outfits. Boogie Gus and his son Gus Jr. are in an episode of The Amazing Spiez! called "Gus Jr." Where they try to turn everything back to the way it was in the 1990s but are stopped by spiez Megan, Tony, Marc and Lee from The Amazing Spies.

Boogie Gus is voiced by CanadaJoseph Motiki.

Candy Sweet[edit]

Candy Sweet is a villainous woman who thinks the world of cheerleading is vapid. She became bitter during her time in high school, when she was rejected from her cheerleading team, the Honeybees due to her not being 'sweet'. From then on, she became angry and twisted. Her real name is Margaret Nussbaum. In "Black Widows" she used intelligence she had stolen from the cheerleading team the Honeybees, and downloaded it into her team due to being in the military. In "Sis-KaBOOM-Bah!" she used cheerleaders (including Clover and Mandy) she had brainwashed with a DVD she had made to help her escape from prison, but Sam, Alex and Jerry stopped her.

Dr. Gelee[edit]

Gelee is a James Bond-styled scientific mastermind who decided that mankind was too evil and destructive to survive. He thus planned to eliminate humanity by freezing the planet while he and his henchmen remained safe in his remote mountain fortress. He was defeated by the girls in "The Iceman Cometh". He appears to have an interest in Clover (possibly romantic) as he chose her as his Ice Queen.

In "Ski Trip", Gelee escaped from prison and began stalking the girls on their school skiing trip. Blaming Clover for his defeat, he concocted a diabolical plan to get revenge by kidnapping Clover and forcing her to play a game of chess against him. Unfortunately for him, Gelee mistook Mandy for Clover because of her red jacket (the same color as Clover's spy suit). He (presumably) ends up dying in an avalanche.

Based on his appearance and motives, Gelee appears to be a parody of the Batman super-villain Ra's al Ghul.

He is the only villain (besides Aisenstein and John Smith) that dies in the show, so he might have been written out.

Dr. Gelee is voiced by Simon Templeman.

Sebastian Saga[edit]

Sebastian Saga was the villain in "A Thing for Musicians", the very first episode of the show. An elderly, musically-themed villain, Sebastian was once a famous guitar player, but a freak pyrotechnics accident severely injured his left arm, leaving him bitter and unable to play the guitar. He has a metal prosthesis for a left hand, and a haircut that conceals the left side of his face.

In "A Thing for Musicians", Sebastian is introduced as the manager for fledgling rock star Ricky Mathis. Sebastian planned to play hypnotic music during Ricky's music concert in order to hypnotize the crowd into attacking the world's governments so he can take over the world. However, the spies confronted Sebastian at the concert and foiled his plans, forcing him to attempt an escape in his personal helicopter. The spies turned Sebastian's own trick against him by targeting the helicopter with a wind tunnel hair dryer pushing the helicopter into the transmitter playing the hypnotic music, hypnotizing him and enabling Sebastian's capture.

In "Stark Raving Mad", Sebastian escaped from prison and returned intending to get revenge on the girls by sabotaging local raves with hypnotic music that made people go crazy and start riots. Sebastian used his raves to destroy the spies' favorite places such as the skating rink, the art museum, and the Beverly Hills mall. After telling the girls his plan, he attempted to destroy Beverly High. He was foiled once again.

Sebastian Saga is voiced by Jim Ward.

Marco Lumière[edit]

The villain of the two-part Season 1 finale "A Spy is Born", Lumière is an eccentric Hollywood director who became an outcast from the mainstream film community for his bizarre methods. In revenge, he concocted a scheme to kidnap the biggest Hollywood stars and take them to his private island, filled with various killer robots and deathtraps. There, the actors would star in Lumière's own personal action movie where all the dangers and deaths would be real.

Unfortunately for the spies, Lumière also ended up kidnapping Alex, who was impersonating one of the targeted Hollywood stars. The spies made their way to Lumière's private island, and together with Alex managed to rescue the stars. However, Lumière escaped a WHOOP plane taking him into custody and he kidnaps Alex to force her partners to play along with his new action film. Eventually, the spies were able to thwart Lumière once and for all.

Lumière escapes from prison in "0067", where he, using the Ocram Ereimul pseudonym (which is actually his name spelled backwards), and using plastic surgery to change his appearance, manipulates Jerry into eliminating all of Hollywood's producers. His plan is thwarted by the spies and Jerry.

Marco Lumière is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


The Granny is introduced in the episode "The Granny", and is seen a second time in "Super Sweet Cupcake Factory". She is a bank robber who, in the second episode, uses mood-altering cupcakes to affect the people she robs.

She is Voiced by:Canada Mary Long

Jazz Hands[edit]

A mime artist (wearing an old-fashioned black tuxedo, cape, wine-colored tight pants and top hat) who speaks. His schemes, obviously enough, involve all mime-esque themes and his shady goal is no other than turning everybody into his mime slaves. Just like other villains, Jazz Hands became evil due to a particular reason: he hates every kind of vocal actors (i.e. singers, dubbers, comedians and the like) because due to them the "pure art of mimicry" has been washed up and thus forgotten, so "only muteness can restore the former glory of the mimicry", as Jazz Hands himself puts it. His weapon of choice is an accordion that contains a small cannon whose laser shot turns everybody caught on it into a voiceless mime and turns their clothes black and white (as he did with Sam and Alex in "Mime Your Own Business", his debut episode). In later Season 5 episodes "Evil Sushi Chef", "Miss Spirit Fingers" and "Mime World", WOOHP let Jazz Hands out of prison and Sam secretly discovers his newest plan: he is hidden in an isolated island building up a mime-based theme park which he will use to convert the whole mankind into mimes by tricking people to go in his mimeifier which works by replacing the victims clothes with a mime uniform, (i.e. if a girl walks in the mimeifier wearing a hairband, green shirt, jeans, green and blue striped socks and red shoes, her clothes would be replaced with black hat, white face, black suspenders, white shirt, red rose, white skirt, black tights and white shoes), and they would be hypnotized. Another way is mime gas the outcome being that they would come out wearing mime clothes and hypnotized and ready to mimeify more people, so in a solo mission Sam adopts the alter ego of Miss Spirit Fingers in order to infiltrate Jazz Hands's domains and then internally disrupt his plan which she fails, and Jazz Hands turns her into a mime as a part of his army. However, due to the intervention of Alex, Clover and Jerry, Sam is returned to normal, Jazz Hands is defeated, muted, and taken to prison.

Jazz Hands is voiced by Ben Joseph.

Geraldine Husk[edit]

After her initial defeat in "SPI", Geraldine developed a personal vendetta against Clover, which is seen in two of her future appearances. She also sets up a base on a remote island which is used in later episodes as well.

In "Super Agent Much?", Geraldine returned with a scheme to secretly upgrade and modify Clover into a super spy. As a result of Geraldine's secret modifications and upgrades, Clover slowly became much more competent and demonstrated superhuman abilities and powers, but also became more aggressive and sociopathic. Geraldine ultimately recruited the modified Clover into SPI, and ordered her to kill her best friends and to destroy WOOHP. However, Clover's modifications turned her into a bionic woman (complete with red laser eyes) and she was defeated by being thrown into a lake via a high-level spy tech magnetic gadget.[2] Geraldine was captured shortly after, and Clover was returned to normal.

In "Arnold The Great", she initially tried to lure the girls in a trap, but later changed her plans and instead used their classmate Arnold, by promising to make him a part of her team. However later, Arnold was the one who ultimately stopped her, by clogging her vehicle's exhaust pipe with his Gummy-snare Blaster. She swore to take revenge on him.

In Blaine's story arc in the Season 5's episode "Return Of Geraldine", Geraldine is revealed to have hired Blaine to kill Clover. Upon Blaine's failure, Geraldine arranges a series of events in order to have Clover's entire life turned upside down, and everyone in it against her. With Clover left with nowhere to go, Geraldine uses Blaine as a decoy to capture her, and then attempts to kill them both. However, she is once again defeated and imprisoned.

Geraldine Husk is voiced by Canada Kathleen Laskey.

Manny Wong[edit]

First seen in "Mani-Maniac Much?", Wong was defeated and imprisoned. He returns in "Baddies on a Blimp" to take revenge.

He is voiced by: Canada Ron Rubin

Yves Mont Blanc[edit]

Yves Mont Blanc is a shoe designer who has been mentioned in several episodes (including "Evil G.L.A.D.I.S. Much", "Fashion Slam"), with the logo of his business seen in others (including "Evil Jerry" and a season six episode). The character himself was seen in "Evil Shoe Designer" and "Baddies on a Blimp".

Violet Vanderfleet[edit]

Violet Vanderfleet is a villain that appeared in "Evil Bouquets Are Sooo Passe" and "Baddies on a Blimp". An accomplished botanist who developed a line of poisonous plants, she attempted to kill all of the men in the world, but was defeated and imprisoned.


Willard, a mad scientist, is an extremely slow man. He talks slowly, moves slowly, lives his entire life slowly, and hates anything fast. After deciding that the rest of the world was too fast for him, Willard invented a beam that slows down molecular movement, and in Season 2 Episode "Alex Quits" attempted to use the ray to slow the rest of the world down so that everyone else would be slow like him. He managed to capture the spies (including new recruit Britney) with his slow ray, but was ultimately defeated by Alex and Britney.

In Season 3 Episode "Escape from WOOHP Island", the spies discover that Willard is the mastermind behind an escape attempt from WOOHP's maximum security prison island. Leading a band of other global criminals, Willard shot down Britney's plane, forcing her to crash land on the island. He intended to use a duplicate of Britney to kill the spies when they arrived to rescue their colleague, then escape in the spies' plane. However, the spies accidentally unmasked the duplicate, forcing Willard to reveal himself and attack them directly. During the fight, he showed that, despite his slowness and dislike of speed, he actually knows some very fast martial arts techniques. However, he was ultimately defeated by the real Britney.

Willard appears in a non-speaking cameo in several episodes involving mass escapes by WHOOP inmates.

Willard is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker in "Alex Quits" and Jamie Watson in "Escape from WOOHP Island".

Dr. Grey[edit]

Dr. Grey was in the episodes "Totally Switched" and Season 6 "Totally Switched Again".

He is voiced by: Canada Anthony Sardinha

Captain Hayes[edit]

Captain Hayes is an evil airline pilot turned sea captain. Hayes is completely obsessed with celebrities, so his appearances are all concerning celebrities such as movie stars and television personalities — he apparently suffers from CWS ("Celebrity Worship Syndrome", as later stated by Clover). In "Evil Airlines Much?" he tricked the celebrities and Clover on-board his airplane saying that he was going to take them to Paris, France. Then he tried to put them on a permanent vacation. In "Evil Hotel", he escaped from prison and created a hotel under the sea resembling an underwater palace. Later, he captured all the celebrities and planned to keep them in his hotel as his prisoners. He also attempted to rise the water levels on the Earth in order to drown the world's populations. He is again defeated by the Spies and again taken to prison. He reappeared in "Celebrity Swipe" but he was re-designed and kidnaps celebrities.

Martin Mystery characters[edit]

A cross episode in Season 5 between Martin Mystery and Totally Spies was created. Only Martin and M.O.M were featured, though Diana was mentioned.

Martin Mystery[edit]

He only appeared in episode "Totally Mystery Much?" wherein an evil Yeti-fan extracts Yeti DNA and injects it into people.

Martin is only significant to the show in which Jerry mentioned that he knows Martin as a great agent from The Center. In the beginning Martin fell for Clover but Clover was too harsh on him. At the end Clover wanted to go out on a date with Martin, until he turns her down after talking to Alex about personal interests. Martin and Alex quickly develop a mutual attraction, sharing many things they like and dislike. He also mentions his stepsister Diana Lombard, remarking that both she and Sam are "lame buzzkillers". Sam and Diana have very similar personalities, which causes Martin to treat Sam similarly, and for Sam to respond in much the same way that Diana would. They gain a professional respect for each other, and by the end of the episode are on friendly terms.


She is the current director of The Center and a friend of Jerry's that he met during a secret organization meeting in Venice, Italy.[3] She only appears in "Totally Mystery Much?" wherein she and Jerry talk about each other's organizations. However, even though they 'talk shop', their attitude toward each other has airs of romantic interest. Martin and the spies take notice this and found it very disturbing.

One time villains[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Season 1-2 Logo Title card

The Black Knight
Vladimir Corsiyev
Lester Crawley
The Ambassador
Tuesday Tate
Vince King
Dr Hawkins
Inga Bittersweet
Principal John Smith
Simon Tucker
Dr. Eisenstein

Season 2[edit]

Lenore Von Schramm
Professor Elliot
Felicia Mann
Dr Vomesa
The Coach
Sunny Day
Natalie Valentine
T Bone
Frankie Dude
Jason Hightower
Mrs Quivers
Dr Fox
Lasputin Zero
Dr Gray
The Thief
Eugene Snit
The Evil Toys

Season 3[edit]

Major Snell
The Ringmaster
The Computer Virus
Lady Luna
The Coffee Guy
Felicity Fensins
Ulrich Wernerstein
Dash Dawson
Dr Jay
Miss Paragon
The Brain
Max Exterminus
Cyril Hearsay
Yin Yang
Vista Verde
Professor Link

Season 4[edit]

Future Mandy
The OP Adults
Headmaster Charleston
Colonel Nathaniel Nash
Violet Vanderfleet Milan Stilton
The Ice Cream Man
Miss Vanity
Kyle Katz
Bonita Bikham
Farmer John

Season 5[edit]

Professor Freemond
The Granny
Muffy Peprich
Jayne McDarvin aka Nandia
Yves Mont Blanc
Virtual Demon (Neat Freak, Man-Hands and the Walking Tornado)
Master Mario
The Yeti Lord
Sushi Bob
Sigmund Smith
Milton Brand
Humungo Man
Senor Starchy
The Santa Man
Linda Kenswick
The Robots

Season 6[edit]

Telly Hardwire The Producer Seth Toyman Wera Vann Cosmo Stratus Mr. August Shelly Junglelove Icealina


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