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The Spies: Alex, Clover and Sam.

The French and Canadian animated television series Totally Spies! follows the adventures of three Beverly Hills teenage girls – Sam, Clover, and Alex – who work as secret agents on missions to save the world while keeping their identity a secret from their peers. Supporting the girls is their employer Jerry of the World Organization Of Human Protection (WOOHP). The show has spawned a variety of characters including students from their high school and university, fellow WOOHP agents, and a cast of villains, many of whom have returned in later episodes.

Conception and development[edit]

The show's conception came from the rise of girl band and female singers in the music industry. Wanting to capitalize on the niche, David Michel and Vincent Chalvon-Demersay put their idea into development, which later shifted into production within a year. According to Michel, the series' animation style was intended to incorporate anime influences.[1] The production company, Marathon Media, intended on building on the series brand by forming a three-piece girl band, utilizing German talk show Arabella to create it. Using a panel of judges, 20 demo videos were selected and the winners were selected based on the strength of their performance and the show's viewers. The band was selected and released a single in the spring of 2002, through EMI. According to managing director Dirk Fabarius, "The plan is to eventually create an entire album and establish and promote Totally Spies as a real band."[2]

In an interview with, Michel said that prior to his show, there were a lot of boy action-adventure shows and practically nothing for girls, yet in pop culture, there was Britney Spears and Spice Girls. He said that the characters are heavily inspired by the movie Clueless and wanted to mix that with a James Bond format. When they first pitched the show, it had a moderate response, but when the first season was broadcast, the Charlie's Angels film came out, and suddenly the market was full of girl show properties.[3]

The character design was originally done by Gil Formosa.[a]

Main characters[edit]


Sam has long red hair and emerald green eyes; she dons a green catsuit on missions. She is the most intellectual of the three girls, described by her Télétoon and film profiles as rational, logical and mature, like a big sister.[4][5] She thinks up plans and diversions so that the girls can defeat the villains, stop their heinous plots and escape from their deadly traps.[b][4] Although she is fairly serious during her missions, she loves to hang out with her friends, enjoying shopping, and visiting salons. She is not as boy crazy as the other girls, she has fallen for a few in the series, but without much success.[c] One of the running gags is that she is often brainwashed along with the other victims of the episode. In the "W.O.W" episode, it is revealed that she comes from a lineage of warrior women called the Sisterhood.[d] Her last name is not mentioned in her profiles, however, in "Do You Believe in Magic?", where she is undercover as a reporter, she introduces herself as Samantha Simpson.[e] She is voiced by Jennifer Hale in the English version and by Claire Guyot in the French version.[6] In an interview regarding Sam's development in the first three seasons, Hale described Sam as "smart and adventurous, but now you see more of her wacky side and her girly side as well."[7]


Clover has short blonde hair and blue eyes; she dons a red catsuit on missions. Of the three girls, she is the most expressive with the Beverly Hills teenage fashionista attitude,[4] with a strong valspeak dialect,[8] being the first to court the newest available good-looking boy,[b] concerning herself with the latest clothes, diets, and trends, and often competing against Mandy in all sorts of popularity contests. Her Télétoon profile describes her as athletic, agile, strong, and especially impulsive, reacting spontaneously and jumping into action; and ready to teach the bad guys a lesson even if she has no chance of winning.[4] In "Matchmaker", it was revealed that Clover has a jewelry box full of gadgets she had previously used on missions hidden in her closet.[f] Clover is voiced by Andrea Baker (who was credited as Andrea Taylor for the first two seasons) in the English dub, and by Fily Keita in the French version.[6] In an interview, Baker described that Clover has a thing for musicians, likes to get pampered, and is all into fashion. She likes that the girls have fun and kick butt.[9]


Alex has short black hair, dark skin and light brown eyes; she dons a yellow catsuit on missions.[note 1][10] She values her friendship with Sam and Clover the most and will do anything to keep their team together and happy. She is described in the Télétoon profile as the best friend character, affectionate and not afraid to show her feelings.[4][10] She enjoys sports and athletics[10] but also shares her friends' fashion interests, sometimes even to the same extremes as Clover. She is the most naive and absent-minded of the three, sometimes interpreting figures of speech too literally.[g][h] In the episode "Do You Believe In Magic", it is revealed Alex is the youngest of the three girls (and Clover the oldest).[e][10] In the "Aliens" episode, she is the only girl of the three who had yet to pass her driving test,[i] and her driving ability becomes a running gag in some episodes.[j][b] She is sometimes a bit awkward and sensitive, losing confidence as shown in the episode "Alex Quits" where she had not only botched some missions with her clumsiness but also bombs a supposedly easy science quiz.[k] In the boy band episode where she is not invited to Mandy's party, she ponders getting a tattoo in order to look cool.[l] However, she is very selfless— for example, in "The Show Must Go On...Or Else", she pushes Clover out of the way of a ray, ultimately transforming her but saving Clover. Starting with season 3, Alex reveals interests in Taekwondo,[m] skateboarding,[n][10] soccer[10] and video games.[o] In Totally Spies! The Movie, she adopts a baby pig whom she names Oinky (French: Groin Groin),[11] and who becomes a recurring character throughout season 6. Alex is voiced by Katie Leigh for the first two seasons and by Katie Griffin in the following seasons for the English dub. She is voiced by Céline Mauge in the French dub.[6][12]


The founder and chief administrator of WOOHP, the World Organization Of Human Protection,[13] Jerry is a middle-aged, very serious, British gentleman who briefs the girls on their missions, and provides their various gadgets. He usually summons the girls by some sort or trap door or portal, and sends them off in a similar manner. During the missions, he helps the girls look up information on the various people and their businesses, as well as provide analysis results of items the girls send over. His movie profile notes that he cares a lot for the girls and acts like a second father to them.[13]

Although he has a mostly hands-off role, Jerry has participated in a couple of the girls' missions. Despite his thin and non-athletic appearance, he has demonstrated combat and spy skills, including running down the side of a building in "A Spy Is Born Part 2".[p] On a few occasions Jerry has personally saved the girls. Despite being the leader of a top spy organization, Jerry has been subverted on occasion such as in episode "The Yuck Factor" where a microscopic doctor takes over his body.[q] In the episode "Totally Switched", it is revealed that his last name is Lewis.[r]

Other than the girls, Jerry has a number of coworkers, friends and family members who end up turning into villains. In the episode "Forward to the Past", Jerry befriends a guy named Boogie Gus in the 1970s who uses Jerry's time machine invention to steal technology and gadgets from the future in order to take over the world in the past.[s] He is brainwashed into falling in love and marrying former WOOHP employee Myrna Beesbottom in the episode "Evil Valentine's Day"[t] His evil twin brother Terence and his sister Sherry (introduced in The Amazing Spiez!) have all been revealed as villains attempting to kill Jerry or destroy WOOHP. He started WOOHP in the 1970s and took ballet as a kid, which came in handy in Season 4 Episode "Sis-KaBOOM-Bah!" when he used some of the moves he knew to defeat a mind controlled Mandy. This was seen again in the Movie, where his assistant tried to get rid of the Spies so he could hog all the glory. In the crossover episode with Martin Mystery, "Totally Mystery Much?". Jerry is shown to have a history with Martin's boss M.O.M that appears to have romantic overturns much to the spies and Martin's displeasure as he and M.O.M spy-flirt in front of Alex and Martin. In Season 6 Episode Jerry use to date Bethra Bombshell.

Jerry has been voiced by Jess Harnell for seasons 1–2 and then by Adrian Truss for seasons 3–6 in the English dub.[14] In the French version, Jerry has been voiced by Jean-Claude Donda.


Mandy is the girls' primary antagonist for the non-spy adventures at Beverly Hills High. She has long black hair and violet eyes, with a beauty mark under her left eye. Her profile on the feature film website describes her as THE popular girl, brown, cute, very rich, and hyper-fashionable. However, she is the spies' worst nightmare – a pest that does everything to ridicule.[15] She has a high, squeaky voice with a nasal laugh. Her rivalry with Clover is most pronounced, as they often compete for boys, popularity, and bragging rights. Mandy will go out of her way to annoy the girls and will even use dishonest means in order to do it.[u] She is the "queen bee" of her M.I.G. (Mandy Is Great) fan club, which is made up of all boys (and Clover).[d][15] In the first four seasons, she is accompanied by her crony friends Dominique and Caitlin who have attitudes like her.[15] In season 5, following high school graduation, she was slated to enroll at a ski school in Aspen, however, she stays in Malibu to attend college there with her cousin Mindy. In season 6 she employs an intern named Trent.

Despite frequently interacting with Clover and the girls, she is not aware that they are spies. In turn, the girls put up with Mandy's shenanigans and try to protect or rescue her when she is in serious danger from the real villains.[c][v] The first time she learns about their work is when she declares Sam her best friend because Sam had saved her hair when it was caught in a pottery wheel, and follows her to the locales of her spy activities. However, she gets her memory erased following the situation.[w] During the "Ski Trip" episode in season 2, she is kidnapped by Dr. Gelee, but after the girls rescue her, she agrees to be friends with them, until she sees Clover acting rudely to Todd and suspects that they might have conspired the whole incident since Gelee knew who they were.[c] In the episode "Evil Coffee Shop Much?", when she follows the girls as they are WOOHP'ed to their headquarters, Jerry is so impressed that he makes her a WOOHP spy for the duration, where she wears a purple uniform. However, she has a bad experience, and wants to quit, forgetting it ever happened.[x] Some episodes have her in a villain role. In the season 4 episode "Futureshock!", her future self becomes the top media celebrity in Beverly Hills and she tries to "Mandify" everyone and imprison the rebellious spies.[y] In the multi-episode season 4 finale "Totally Busted", she, Caitlin and Dominique are brainwashed into becoming "spy-sassins".[z] In the multi-episode season 5 finale "Totally Dunzo", where Mandy has a "near death experience" (breaking her nail), she starts treating the girls nicer, but this is again short-lived when she learns they are spies. However, this time she does not get her memory erased, and keeps the girls' secret.[aa][verification needed]

In the English dub, Mandy has been voiced by Jennifer Hale, who also voiced Sam. In an interview where she was asked about her impressions of Sam and Mandy, Hale said that she enjoyed voicing such opposite characters: "I love spy/action stuff and it always rocks when I get to be one of those characters. Plus I get to be a total snot, which is fun too."[7] In the French version, Mandy is voiced by Céline Mauge, who also voiced Alex.[12]


Gadget Lending And Distribution Interactive System (G.L.A.D.I.S.) is Jerry's new personal assistant that is introduced as a main character in season 3. Michel describes her as a "robot with a SERIOUS attitude".[14] She takes the form of an assembly line with a bunch of robotic arms that can outfit the girls with the gadgets. Although Jerry created her, she often expresses her own attitude, picking out gadgets on her own and disobeying Jerry's orders.[m] At the end of the "Space Much?" episode, she is given the task of watching over the girls, where she uses cameras and even locks down the house.[ab]

She plays an episodic villain role in "Evil G.L.A.D.I.S. Much", where it is revealed that her artificial intelligence was downloaded from an evil mastermind called the Brain. Although her initial download did not contain any evil, she is corrupted when Alex splashes cranberry juice on her, causing her to capture the girls and to carry out Brain's plans to launch WOOHP missiles at various countries to start a world war. She is eventually contained and downloaded back to normal.[ac] Following her disapproval by the show's fans, G.L.A.D.I.S. was written off the show in season 5,[16] where she is sent to a recycling facility. G.L.A.D.I.S. is voiced by Stevie Vallance.[17]

Secondary characters[edit]


Arnold Jackson is a classmate who shows up in the side stories at Beverly Hills High; he is portrayed as a nerd with glasses who has helped out the girls on the condition that they go on a date with him. In the series opener, he successfully campaigns for Clover to win a popularity contest, and gets to date her for a day, and in "A Spy Is Born" double-episode, he asks Sam out as a secret admirer with the initials "A.J."[p] Despite being turned down "a few, uh, hundred times" by Clover,[ad] he is still attracted to her, and works on her publicity campaign in "Super Agent Much?";[ae] he is also a member of Mandy's fan club.[d] He has often participated in school events including the Halloween costume contest,[af] Most Charitable Teen contest,[ag] local raves,[ah] student president elections,[ad] and the head cheerleader contest, the last of which he beats Mandy and Clover.[ai]

Arnold serves as the episodic villain In "Super Nerd Much?", where he acquires a magic ring that allows him to steal the "coolness" from other people, turning them into nerds, and making himself cool and more agile in the process. The power quickly gets to his head and he hatches a scheme to steal all the coolness out of Beverly Hills, but following his defeat, his memory is wiped of the incident, leaving him to believe it was just a dream.[ad] In the episode "Arnold the Great", he is inspired to become a superhero, dressing up as comic book character Admiral Admirable, but after he is discouraged by the spy girls, he is tricked into allying with Geraldine Husk, who gives him a utility belt with extraordinary powers, making him a superhero but eventually manipulating him so that he considers the girls his enemy.[aj] In the Season 5 opener, "Evil Graduation", Arnold serves as the class valedictorian, but tells the class off with a "Goodbye and good riddance!"[ak] Arnold has been voiced by different guys, including Rob Tinkler,[ad] Jess Harnell and Joshua Seth.[citation needed]


Blaine is introduced in Season 5 Episode 108 "The Granny", as the captain of the Mali-U beach volleyball team. His interests are similar to Clover's which led to them dating within 5 minutes of his introduction. As Season 5 has a more continuous story, Blaine's relationship with Clover is the first in the series to last for more than one episode (or any other girl for that matter). The next two episodes (#109 and #110) deal entirely with this relationship. It is revealed that he is actually a freelance assassin sent by Geraldine Husk to kill Clover, however he was under the belief that Clover was an evil spy. However, Geraldine later uses Blaine as a trap to capture Clover. At the conclusion of his initial story arc, Blaine joins WOOHP and is assigned to the Australia branch, and is later joined by Britney as his new partner (much to Clover's disdain).

Blaine reappears in the final episode as one of the spies captured by "Agent X". After being freed, he assists the others in fighting the drones but is quickly defeated, leaving Sam, Clover and Alex to finish the series' final battle. His relationship with Clover is still intact as they almost kiss before Alex interrupted them. He returns in "Baddies on a Blimp" to assist Jerry. Voice actor: Daniel DeSanto


Britney is introduced in the season 2 episode "Alex Quits" as a new teenage WOOHP spy. She has long, dark-bluish/black hair and violet eyes, and her uniform is blue. She quickly befriends Clover when she says that she is the captain of her high school's cheerleading squad, and Sam when she says she loves playing chess; however, her introduction to WOOHP and her immediate competence and leadership as an agent makes Alex jealous. Following the completion of the mission, Jerry announces that she has completed her training, and deploys her to another branch.[k] She reappears in "Escape from WOOHP Island" where she is forced on land on a prisoner's island, but is rescued by the girls as they team up again to re-capture the villains. She reveals that she has two agent co-workers, both of whom are good-looking guys.[al]

In addition to Britney's appearance on "WOOHP Island" in season 3, producer David Michel noted she would reappear in some special episodes.[14] Britney reappears in "Virtual Stranger" where it is revealed that she lives by herself in an apartment. In Season 5, Britney has her own three episode (#115-#117) story arc in which she joins Sam, Clover and Alex in both missions and school (she transferred to Mali-U University).[18] Alex's jealousy is once again the focus of the first two. In the third, it is revealed that Britney sees Alex as a role model, and thus the two form a sisterly bond, which confuses Sam and Clover. She is also shown to view Sam, Alex and Clover as her best friends, and it is hinted that the four interact quite often off camera. At the end of episode #117, Britney is assigned to WOOHP Australia and partnered with Blaine, much to Clover's disdain but Britney tells her not to worry. Britney cameos in episode #129 in a fantasy of Sam, Clover and Alex. Though WOOHP was being shut down, the girls said they would still get together for parties, and Britney was included in the gathering. Britney also appears in the season 5 multi-episode finale "Totally Dunzo" as one of the captured spies. After being freed, she assists the others in fighting the drones but is quickly defeated, leaving Sam, Clover and Alex to finish the final battle. As seen in "Virtual Stranger", she is not very fond of Mandy and Mindy for being mean to the girls.


David is a classmate who manages to garner the romantic affections of all three of the spy girls (and Mandy). He is introduced in the season 2 episode "It's How You Play The Game".[am] He has many varied interests such as painting and poetry, but also dabbles in extreme sports such as rock climbing and street luge.[an] He is oblivious to the girls' attempts to garner his attention, and thinks of them as just friends,[l] or like a sister.[ao] In his interviews, when producer David Michel was asked if he could share some inside jokes that were put into episodes, he said: "In season II, guess what's the name of the totally hunky, totally clever boy that the 3 girls fall in love with at the same time? David."[1] When asked about why David did not return in the third season, Michel said, "David never was a recurring character. He was present in a few season II episodes so we didn't have to justify his not being in our stories any more. But we have realized how important he is to the fans, and decided to have him back in season 4"[14]


Dean is a WOOHP agent who first appears in the season 3 multi-episode finale "Evil Promotion Much?" where he and the girls undergo special training to become super spies. He wears a blue uniform. Ever since he was a baby he has demonstrated exceptional agility and was recruited to join WOOHP. Following the first day of the super spy training, he is captured by Terence and used as ransom in order for the girls to eliminate Jerry and steal his microchip. He briefly sides with Terence when the girls return but then reveals he has been siding with WOOHP all along, and that he is the actual training instructor. He then helps the girls rescue Jerry and defeat Terence.[ap] He was later shown in "Deja Cruise" as Jerry's sidekick for Sam, Clover and Alex's super spies test. The girls have shown some romantic interest in Dean and he is the only boy that can resist Clover, much to her disdain. He is also the only male agent of WOOHP other than Jerry (and later Blaine) to not have a minor role, such as numerous security guards. Dean returned in "WOOHP-tastic" and is put in charge of the WOOHP gadget lab. He is also present and takes part in the final battle in the Season 5 finale. Voice actor: Greg Cipes[citation needed]

Dominique and Caitlin[edit]

Mandy's two crony friends who accompany her at school and other events.[15] Both have snobby attitudes and high nasal voice inflections like their leader.[c] They were not given names in the first two seasons.[14] According to the profile on Mandy in the feature film, although they support Mandy, the latter is too selfish to care for them.[15] Dominique has dark red hair styled in way similar to Alex's hair, blue eyes and peach skin. Caitlin has long and curly black hair and dark skin. Caitlin was voiced by Katie Griffin and Dominique was voiced by Andrea Baker. In portraying the girls, Baker said that she and Griffin both tried to do their own versions of Mandy.[19]


First appearing in Season 5 Episode "Evil Professor", Mindy is Mandy's cousin (it's unknown which side of Mandy's family she comes from). After graduating from high school, Mandy (according to Clover) was supposed to attend a ski school in Aspen, but transferred to Malibu University ("Mali-U") to be with her cousin, Mindy. She's just as stuck up as Mandy, to the point of the two being referred to as the "Terror Twins" (but they're only called that in "Evil Sorority"). However, while Mandy's generally loud and aggressive, Mindy's much more calm and collected. Mindy speaks with a thick Southern drawl and her appearance is visually similar to Mandy's, but Mindy has short blonde hair, green eyes and a tanner skin tone. Mindy's last appearance is in episode #128, and she's absent without explanation in the Season 5 finale. She never made any appearances in the sixth season of the show, and was replaced by Trent. Voice actress: Katie Griffin[citation needed]


Phoebe is Mandy's mother who also has long dark hair and a snooty nasal-pitched voice. She first appears in the season 3 episode "Forward to the Past" where, in 1975, she wears hippie clothing and had worked on the school news magazine at Beverly Hills High.[s] She has a few appearances later in the season such as the episode "Dental? More Like Mental", she disciplines Mandy for her poor grades by not only grounding her but also withholding her platinum credit card.[aq] In the episode "Evil G.L.A.D.I.S Much?" she helps Mandy by buying out the Yves Mont Blanc store.[ac]


Trent is Mandy's intern in Season 6 who makes his debut in "The Anti-Social Network".

In "Trent Goes Wild", Trent becomes a supervillain after Jerry accidentally administers the scorpion DNA into him instead of erasing his memories. He is able to transform into a cool dude in Malibu University and a scorpion form to take revenge against Mandy for the maltreatment he experienced. He is also responsible for rampaging through The Groove and solely targeting Mandy.

The girls discovers his change and that Trent is after Mandy in his scorpion form. He manages to defeat the girls and attacks Mandy with his scorpion sting rendering her immobilized. After abducting her to the high desert in her immobilized state, he finally takes revenge of his boss for being bossed around and for the mistreatment he experienced. The girls manages to track him down, and Trent begins to attack the girls. Sam tells him that they are his friend, and he replies saying that they mentioned his old self as his new self wants them not to get in their way. The girls know that he was strong to beat until Trent manages to immobilize the girls with his scorpion sting. He then attacks Alex with the same sting but she managed to dodge the sting. When Trent begins to attack Alex, she then blasts him with her Wind Tunnel 3000 Tornado Blast Hair Dryer to blown him down like a tornado. This knocks him down and causes him to revert to his old self. He and an immobilized Mandy are later taken by Jerry and his men in the WOOHP helicopter to remove the scorpion DNA and to erase her memories of the incident happening to her respectively. His new self is similar to Mandy when he wants to boss her around in retaliation and orders her to ignore him. He does not want other people to get in his way. He is voiced by: Scott Beaudin[citation needed]


Virgil is the spies' boss for their job in the coffee shop. The spies are his best service, and he likes Alex. He first appears in "Evil Professor" Then in "Zero To Hero" Alex goes on a date with Virgil, but when she decide that they should be "just friends" as he constantly causes accidents while on their date, he doesn't want to give up and accidentally stumbles upon the girls in full Spy gear. This gives him a new idea to win Alex over. However, after being returned to normal from ingesting Muscle Growth Formula, they go on another date. Their relationship since then has never been touched upon, suggesting they agreed to stay "just friends".

He also has a notable fascination with coffee, keeping Sam, Clover and Alex with their job when they gave him a super-sized coffee bean as a gift, as well as giving Sam a single coffee maker as a Secret Santa gift.

Recurring villains[edit]

Some of the villains began making return appearances starting with the second season.[1] In another interview, Michel said that in the third season there is an episode called "Escape from WOOHP Island" in which some of the past villains reappear.[14] In season 4, Terence rounds up some of the villains to form an organization called League Aiming to Menace and Overthrow Spies (LAMOS), of which their members include Tim Scam, Helga Von Guggen, Myrna Beesbottom and Boogie Gus.

Boogie Gus[edit]

Boogie Gus is an afro-wearing guy who first appears in the season 3 episode "Forward to the Past" where he uses Jerry's time machine invention to travel back and forth to steal technology from the future and bring it back to his groovy 1970s past where he creates his own WOOHP organization which stands for World Organization for Harming People. It is revealed that he was actually from the present as a former WOOHP janitor.[s] In season 4, he joins LAMOS where he still sports his 1970s look. In one of the episodes, he uses a ray gun to transform people to a younger version of themselves but dressed in 1980s fashion.[ar] In "Like, So Totally Not Spies", it is implied that he is bad at keeping secrets, much to Terrence's and Helga's annoyance, such as when he accidentally reveals Terrence's plan to leave Jerry tied up in the LAMOS submarine while the submarine gradually floods with Jerry in it, and when he revealed that Helga's bracelets were the source of Sam's, Clover's and Alex's inability to remember their state of being spies. In The Amazing Spiez!, it was revealed that Boogie Gus had a son named Gus Jr., who had a passion for the decade he was born, the 1990s, which included low-tech electronics and ghetto-based outfits. Boogie Gus and his son Gus Jr. are in an episode of The Amazing Spiez! called "Gus Jr." Where they try to turn everything back to the way it was in the 1990s but are stopped by spiez Megan, Tony, Marc and Lee from The Amazing Spies. Boogie Gus is voiced by Joseph Motiki.[citation needed]

Candy Sweet[edit]

Candy is introduced as a coach in the episode "The Black Widows" where her cheerleading squad makes a strong impression in the national competitions. However, it is later revealed that her team is made up of gynoids who have been programmed with the cheerleading routines stolen from the other teams. It is revealed that she was a former student named Margaret Nussbaum who had been rejected by the Honeybees cheerleading team, and has since vowed to have her revenge.[as] In "Sis-KaBOOM-Bah!" she brainwashes the cheerleaders (including Clover and Many) with a DVD so they can break her out of prison. Candy is voiced by Amanda Anka.[as][ai]

Dr. Gelee[edit]

Gelee is a scientist who appears in "Ice Man Cometh". Deciding that mankind was too evil and destructive to survive, he plans to eliminate everyone by freezing the planet while he and his henchmen hole up in his mountain fortress. He chooses Clover to be his ice queen, and forces her to play a "boring game of chess" with him, but is foiled by the girls and sent to prison.[at] However, in "Ski Trip", he escapes, and follows the girls to a ski resort where he tries to kill them off in a series of accidents. When he kidnaps Clover, he mistakenly grabs Mandy instead because she wears a red snow outfit that resembles Clover's spy suit. Regardless, he uses Mandy as a hostage to capture the girls. He is last seen at the side of the mountain where he tries to fire a laser at the girls, only to have it bounce off and cause an avalanche that buries him.[c]

Geraldine Husk[edit]

Geraldine Husk first appears as the head of a spy agency called Super Protection International (S.P.I.), which during its introduction, becomes extremely successful in capturing criminals, and practically puts WOOHP out of business. However, it is later revealed that she has been using her S.P.I. employees to act as the criminals in fake arrests in order to upstage WOOHP and get her revenge from being rejected from joining WOOHP when she was younger.[au]

In "Super Agent Much?", Geraldine places a serum in Clover's drink which transforms Clover into a "super spy", with enhanced superhuman abilities and powers, while becoming more selfish. She ultimately recruits Clover to join SPI, and orders her to kill her friends and destroy WOOHP. However, after being thrown in the lake, Clover's bionic abilities are disabled and Geraldine was again captured.[ae] In "Arnold the Great", she tries to ensnare the girls but ends up targeting Arnold instead, giving him some superhero powers.[aj] In the season 5 episode "Return Of Geraldine", she is revealed to have hired Blaine to kill Clover, and upon Blaine's failure, changes her goal to make Clover's life miserable. Geraldine is voiced by Kathy Laskey.[ae]


The Granny is introduced in the episode "The Granny", and is seen a second time in "Super Sweet Cupcake Factory". She is a bank robber who, in the second episode, uses mood-altering cupcakes to affect the people she robs.

She is Voiced by: Mary Long

Captain Hayes[edit]

Captain Hayes is an evil airline pilot turned sea captain. Hayes is completely obsessed with celebrities, so his appearances are all concerning celebrities such as movie stars and television personalities — he apparently suffers from CWS ("Celebrity Worship Syndrome", as later stated by Clover). In "Evil Airlines Much?" he tricked the celebrities and Clover on-board his airplane saying that he was going to take them to Paris, France. Then he tried to put them on a permanent vacation. In "Evil Hotel", he escaped from prison and created a hotel under the sea resembling an underwater palace. Later, he captured all the celebrities and planned to keep them in his hotel as his prisoners. He also attempted to rise the water levels on the Earth in order to drown the world's populations. He is again defeated by the Spies and again taken to prison. He reappeared in "Celebrity Swipe" but he was re-designed and kidnaps celebrities.

Helga Von Guggen[edit]

Helga is a fashion designer whom Clover notes as an icon in the industry. In the season 1 episode, "Wild Style", she masterminds the abduction of cruise ship passengers along with her assistant Troad where she makes a serum that transforms people into animal-like creatures in order to harvest their fur coats. When she clashes with the spy girls, she is infected by her own serum and transforms into a massive Chimaera-like monster, but is defeated and then captured.[av] She returns in the season 2 episode "Fashion Faux Pas" where, having broken out of prison, she hatches a scheme where she creates a fashion line called Mystique whose clothing becomes popular, but in reality it will constrict its users to death when activated.[aw] She reappear in the season 4 as a member of LAMOS. In the episode "Evil Jerry", she is arrested,[ax] but escapes and returns in the double episode "Like, So Totally Not Spies" where she and the rest of LAMOS conspire against WOOHP by giving out bracelets that make the spy girls forget their spy history.[ay] She is voiced by Adrienne Barbeau.[av][20]

Jazz Hands[edit]

A mime artist (wearing an old-fashioned black tuxedo, cape, wine-colored tight pants and top hat) who speaks. His schemes, obviously enough, involve all mime-esque themes and his shady goal is no other than turning everybody into his mime slaves. Just like other villains, Jazz Hands became evil due to a particular reason: he hates every kind of vocal actors (i.e. singers, dubbers, comedians and the like) because due to them the "pure art of mimicry" has been washed up and thus forgotten, so "only muteness can restore the former glory of the mimicry", as Jazz Hands himself puts it. His weapon of choice is an accordion that contains a small cannon whose laser shot turns everybody caught on it into a voiceless mime and turns their clothes black and white (as he did with Sam and Alex in "Mime Your Own Business", his debut episode). In later Season 5 episodes "Evil Sushi Chef", "Miss Spirit Fingers" and "Mime World", WOOHP let Jazz Hands out of prison and Sam secretly discovers his newest plan: he is hidden in an isolated island building up a mime-based theme park which he will use to convert the whole mankind into mimes by tricking people to go in his mimeifier which works by replacing the victims clothes with a mime uniform, (i.e. if a girl walks in the mimeifier wearing a hairband, green shirt, jeans, green and blue striped socks and red shoes, her clothes would be replaced with black hat, white face, black suspenders, white shirt, red rose, white skirt, black tights and white shoes), and they would be hypnotized. Another way is mime gas the outcome being that they would come out wearing mime clothes and hypnotized and ready to mimeify more people, so in a solo mission Sam adopts the alter ego of Miss Spirit Fingers in order to infiltrate Jazz Hands's domains and then internally disrupt his plan which she fails, and Jazz Hands turns her into a mime as a part of his army. However, due to the intervention of Alex, Clover and Jerry, Sam is returned to normal, Jazz Hands is defeated, muted, and taken to prison.

Jazz Hands is voiced by Ben Joseph.

Marco Lumière[edit]

The villain of the two-part episode "A Spy Is Born", Lumière is an eccentric Hollywood director who became an outcast from the mainstream film community for his bizarre methods. In revenge, he concocted a scheme where he kidnaps the biggest Hollywood stars and takes them to his private island, filled with various killer robots and death traps. There, the actors would star in Lumière's own personal action movie where all the dangers and deaths would be real.[az] Following his defeat at the island, he is arrested, but escapes the WOOHP plane taking him into custody, kidnapping Alex and forcing the girls to participate in his new action film. He is eventually defeated by the girls and Jerry.[p] He returns in the episode "0067", where he escapes prison and uses plastic surgery and the alias "Ocram Ereimul" to impersonate an A-list movie producer to manipulate Jerry into capturing Hollywood's top producers.[ba] Marco Lumière is voiced by Dee Baker.[p]

Myrna Beesbottom[edit]

Myrna Beesbottom is a former WOOHP agent who is introduced in the season 3 episode "Space Much?" where she is assigned to be the girls' nanny, which lasts for the duration of that episode. She wears a maid uniform and is very strict on the girls.[ab] She reappears as a villain in the episode "Evil Valentine's Day" where she puts a ring on Jerry's finger that causes him to fall in love with her. Jerry and Myrna marry, however, it is revealed that she did so in order to take over WOOHP headquarters.[t] In the season 4 opener episode "The Dream Teens", she joins LAMOS and develops plasma androids who act as the spies' boyfriends with the purpose of draining the girls' energy.[bb] Despite her large build, Myrna is very agile and strong, with familiarity in ninja martial arts and weapons.[t]

Sebastian Saga[edit]

Sebastian Saga is the first villain to appear in the series. He is introduced as the manager for fledgling rock star Ricky Mathis. A former guitar player, he was severely injured in a pyrotechnics accident that he became unable to play guitar and had to use a metal prosthetic left hand and had to style his hair to conceal the left side of his face. In the series' first episode "A Thing for Musicians", he uses hypnotic music in the form of glowing microdisc CDs during Mathis's performances to control the crowd and to incite them into attacking the world's governments. However, the spy girls foil his plans and he is imprisoned.[a] He returns in "Stark Raving Mad" where he has escaped from prison and acts as a DJ at the local raves where he turns the girls' peers into rioters to trash the girls' favorite places such as the skating rink, the art museum, the Beverly Hills mall, and ultimately their high school.[ah] Sebastian is voiced by Jim Ward.[a]

Tim Scam[edit]

He first appears in "The New Jerry" episode, where he kidnaps Jerry and replaces him at WOOHP, going under the alias "Mac Smit", and giving the girls an assignment but sabotaging their vehicles. He is later revealed to be a former WOOHP weapons technician who developed a heat-ray capable of evaporating the Earth's oceans, and who seeks revenge on the organization.[bc] In "Mommies Dearest" he attempts to get revenge on the girls by mind-controlling their mothers and using them to kill the girls.[g] In "Morphing is so 1987" Tim attempts to destroy WOOHP using "liquid-metal" robots capable of mimicking the appearance of others.[bd] He reappears in season 4 as a member of LAMOS.[21]


Terence is Jerry's evil twin brother and the primary arch-nemesis starting in the multiple-episode season 3 finale, "Evil Promotion Much?". In that episode, he facilitates the training for the girls so that they can become super spies. At first, Terence appeared to be an easy-going, relaxed administrator, but soon turns against them. His underlying motive is that he was betrayed by his brother when they were copying each other's answers during an exam. He then had his face and voice surgically altered.[ap] In Season 4, he creates an organization called League Aiming to Menace and Overthrow Spies (L.A.M.O.S.), made up of WOOHP villains from previous episodes. During their first meeting, he discovers the silliness of the acronym, but as he had already purchased merchandise with the brand, he keeps it as is.[bb] He wears a white curly wig and runs the group from a leaky submarine where they serve as recurring villains for several episodes. He also makes an appearance in episode "Scary Jerry" on the spinoff show The Amazing Spiez!. Terence is voiced by Pete Capella.[citation needed]

Violet Vanderfleet[edit]

Violet Vanderfleet is a villain that appeared in "Evil Bouquets Are Sooo Passe" and "Baddies on a Blimp". An accomplished botanist who developed a line of poisonous plants, she attempted to kill all of the men in the world, but was defeated and imprisoned.


Willard is a scientist first appearing in the season 2 episode "Alex Quits". He despises anything that moves too quickly, recalling remarks from his past such as not getting a raise because of working too slow, or not making the track team because of running too slow. After years of failed cloning research, he develops a ray gun that slows down the molecules of its targets, putting them in a state of slow motion.[k] In the season 3 episode "Escape from WOOHP Island", he orchestrates an escape attempt of WOOHP prisoners by employing a different ray gun to bring down Britney's plane, and then disguises himself as her in order to kill the spies and take their plane. However, the spies unmask him, forcing him to attack directly. Although he dislikes speed, he is fairly martial arts techniques, although not as fast as Britney.[al] Following the WOOHP Island episode, he reappears in several episodes involving mass escapes by WOOHP inmates, albeit in a supporting role. Willard has been voiced by Dee Baker.[22] and Jamie Watson.[al]

Yves Mont Blanc[edit]

Yves Mont Blanc is a shoe designer who has been mentioned in several episodes (including "Evil G.L.A.D.I.S. Much", "Fashion Slam"), with the logo of his business seen in others (including "Evil Jerry" and a season six episode). The character himself was seen in "Evil Shoe Designer" and "Baddies on a Blimp".


  1. ^ According to her movie profile, Alex chose the yellow color for her spy uniform because it symbolizes strength


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