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  Embassy or High Commission
  Mission to the European Union, members not hosting an embassy

This is a list of diplomatic missions of Niue, a small Pacific island country in a state of free association with New Zealand.

While Niue has self-rule, New Zealand manages its defence and foreign affairs at its request. Niue is classified as "Non-member State" by the UN[1] and since 1994, after receiving declaration by New Zealand and the gradual evolution of Niue responsibility for its own foreign affairs, the UN Secretariat recognized the full treaty-making capacity of Niue[2] and it signs treaties in its own name. It has two overseas diplomatic missions. A permanent mission to the European Communities in Brussels was established after Niue, in 2000, signed the Cotonou Convention between the member states of the European Union and the Africa-Caribbean-Pacific (ACP) Group of States. Niue also has a few honorary consulates and non-diplomatic representatives.

Due to the nature of the relationship with Niue, in 2001 in New Zealand a special law was passed to codify the diplomatic immunities enjoyed by the Niuean High Commission and its staff.



Multilateral organisations[edit]

  • Paris (Permanent delegate to UNESCO)

Honorary consulates[edit]

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