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The term "house style" also means the body of conventions followed by a publisher. See house style.

This is a list of styles in residence construction.

This list predominately refers to American architectural styles. Such styles as Tudor, Palladian, Georgian can only be found in their true form in Europe. Many older American houses started as one style, but later additions and renovations can disguise if not completely mask their origins. A Federal house may end up with Greek Revival and/or Queen Anne veneers. It may also end up with vinyl-siding hiding all aspects of style except the basic structure. To muddy the waters further, revival styles sometimes have revivals. Many homes will not fit into a single style category. The contemporary “McMansions” – large, developer-built houses of varied appearance – might be considered an adulterated revival of the Queen Anne style. The Queen Anne style was, itself, an adulteration of previous styles — a 19th-century version of Post-Modern. Thus this list is not definitive, and lacks full representation of earlier prehistoric and historic times:


  1. Old West Austin Historic District Architecture

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