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Andohahela National Park park in southern Madagascar

The protected areas network of Madagascar is managed by the Madagascar National Parks Association (PNM-ANGAP). The network includes three types of protected areas: Strict Nature Reserves (IUCN category Ia), National Parks (IUCN category II) and Wildlife Reserves (IUCN category IV). At the 2003 IUCN World Parks Congress in Durban, the Malagasy President, Marc Ravalomanana, announced an initiative to more than triple the area under protection from approximately 17,000 km2 (6,600 sq mi) to over 60,000 km2 (23,000 sq mi) (from 3% to 10% of Madagascar's area). This "Durban Vision", as it has been dubbed, involves broadening the definition of protected areas in the country and legislation has been passed to allow the creation of four new categories of protected area: Natural Parks (IUCN category II), Natural Monuments (IUCN category III), Protected Landscapes (IUCN category V), and Natural Resource Reserves (IUCN category VI). As well as allowing these new objectives for protected areas management, the new legislation also provides for entities other than PNM-ANGAP to manage protected areas. Other governmental agencies such as the forestry and fisheries departments now manage some sites in addition to PNM-ANGAP. It is planned that private and community-run parks and reserves will also be created within the next few years. In December 2005, the first extra 10,000 km2 (3,900 sq mi) of the new Protected Areas System of Madagascar were granted protection status.

World Heritage Site[edit]

In 2007 six of the national parks were voted in as a joint World Heritage Site under the name Rainforests of the Atsinanana. These six are: Marojejy, Masoala, Ranomafana, Zahamena, Andohahela and Andringitra National Park.

Strict Nature Reserves (Réserves Naturelles Intégrales)[edit]

Name Photo Location[1] Date established[2] Area[3] Recreation Visitors (2013)[4] Description
Tsingy de Bemaraha Reserve Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve.jpg Androy 1927 7005210953000000000210,953 acres (853.7 km2) N/A Description
Betampona Reserve Varecia-1.JPG Atsinanana 1927 70037215000000000007,215 acres (29.2 km2) N/A Description
Lokobe Reserve Lokobe.jpg Diana 1913 70033763000000000003,763 acres (15.2 km2) N/A Description
Tsaratanana Reserve Image-Schoodic2.jpg Sofia 1927 7005120148000000000120,148 acres (486.2 km2) N/A Description
Zahamena Reserve Image-Schoodic2.jpg Alaotra Mangoro, Analanjirofo, Atsinanana 1927 700454610000000000054,610 acres (221.0 km2) N/A Description

National Parks (Parcs Nationaux)[edit]

Name[1] Photo Region[1] Date established[1] Area[1] Recreation Visitors (2013)[4] Description
Amber Mountain National Park Waterfall Montagne d Ambre MS5563.jpg Diana 1958 700444973000000000044,973 acres (182.0 km2) 10,770 Description
Andohahela National Park Andohahela NP.jpg Androy 1939 7005187849000000000187,849 acres (760.2 km2) 156 Description
Andringitra National Park Andringitra, Madagascar by Effervescing Elephant-09.jpg Haute Matsiatra 1927 700476998000000000076,998 acres (311.6 km2) 3,156 Description
Ankarafantsika National Park Lake Ravelobe, Ankarafantsika National Park, Madagascar.jpg Boeny 2002 7005333592000000000333,592 acres (1,350.0 km2) 4,421 Description
Ankarana National Park Tsingy Ankarana Madagascar 16-07-2004.JPG Diana 1956 700445035000000000045,035 acres (182.3 km2) 12,643 Description
Baie de Baly National Park Image-Schoodic2.jpg Boeny 1997 7005141200000000000141,200 acres (571.4 km2) 100 Description
Isalo National Park Isalo National Park 02.jpg Ihorombe 1962 7005201490000000000201,490 acres (815.4 km2) 28,375 Description
Kirindy Mitea National Park Red-tailed Sportive Lemur, Kirindy, Madagascar.jpg Menabe 1997 7005178410000000000178,410 acres (722.0 km2) unknown Description
Mananara Nord National Park Rivière Mananara 3.jpg Analanjirofo 1989 7005355832000000000355,832 acres (1,440.0 km2) 100 Description
Andasibe-Mantadia National Park Indri at Perinet 1.JPG Alaotra-Mangoro 1989 700438252000000000038,252 acres (154.8 km2) 25,684 Description
Marojejy National Park Ambatotsondrona 03.jpg Sava 1952 7005148387000000000148,387 acres (600.5 km2) 1,362 Description
Masoala National Park, including Nosy Mangabe Reserve Lowland rainforest, Masoala National Park, Madagascar.jpg Sava, Analanjirofo 1997 7005594338000000000594,338 acres (2,405.2 km2) 2,480 Description
Midongy du sud National Park Image-Schoodic2.jpg Atsimo-Atsinanana 1997 7005474932000000000474,932 acres (1,922.0 km2) unknown Description
Ranomafana National Park River, Ranomafana National Park (4041897269).jpg Haute Matsiatra, Vatovavy-Fitovinany 1991 7005102798000000000102,798 acres (416.0 km2) 21,032 Description
Sahamalaza National Park[3] Sakalava coast.jpg (marine) - Sofia 2007 700464247000000000064,247 acres (260.0 km2) unknown Description
Tsimanampetsotse National Park Pachypodium lamerei in Tsimanampetsotsa, Madagascar.jpg Atsimo-Andrefana 1927 7005106750000000000106,750 acres (432.0 km2) 1,186 Description
Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park Tsingy de Bemaraha.jpg Melaky 1997 7005178756000000000178,756 acres (723.4 km2) 9,561 Description
Tsingy de Namoroka National Park Namoroka Tsingy.jpg Boeny 2002 700454924000000000054,924 acres (222.3 km2) unknown Description
Zahamena National Park Image-Schoodic2.jpg Alaotra Mangoro, Analanjirofo, Atsinanana 1997 7005104526000000000104,526 acres (423.0 km2) unknown Description
Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park Zombitse National Park Madagascar baobab.jpg Atsimo-Andrefana 1997 700489719000000000089,719 acres (363.1 km2) 2,822 Description

Wildlife Reserves (Réserves Spéciales)[edit]

Name Photo Location Date established Area Recreation Visitors (2013) Description
Ambatovaky Reserve Image-Schoodic2.jpg Analanjirofo 1958 7005148387000000000148,387 acres (600.5 km2) unknown Description
Amber Forest Reserve Waterfall Montagne d Ambre MS5563.jpg Diana 1958 700411886000000000011,886 acres (48.1 km2) unknown Description
Ambohijanahary Reserve Image-Schoodic2.jpg Menabe, Melaky 1958 700461159000000000061,159 acres (247.5 km2) unknown Description
Ambohitantely Reserve Image-Schoodic2.jpg Analamanga 1982 700413838000000000013,838 acres (56.0 km2) unknown Description
Analamazoatra Reserve Image-Schoodic2.jpg Alaotra Mangoro 700438252000000000038,252 acres (154.8 km2) unknown Description
Analamerana Reserve Image-Schoodic2.jpg Diana, Sava 1956 700485746000000000085,746 acres (347.0 km2) unknown Description
Andranomena Reserve Avenue of the Baobabs at Sunset.jpg Menabe 700415864000000000015,864 acres (64.2 km2) unknown Description
Anjanaharibe-Sud Reserve Image-Schoodic2.jpg Sava 1958 700479296000000000079,296 acres (320.9 km2) unknown Description
Bemarivo Reserve Image-Schoodic2.jpg Melaky 1956 700428590000000000028,590 acres (115.7 km2) unknown Description
Beza Mahafaly Reserve Lemur Catta Beza Mahafaly.JPG Atsimo-Andrefana 1978 70031483000000000001,483 acres (6.0 km2) unknown Description
Bora Reserve Image-Schoodic2.jpg Sofia 1956 700411962000000000011,962 acres (48.4 km2) unknown Description
Cap Sainte Marie Reserve P1220651bis02CP.jpg Androy 1962 70034324000000000004,324 acres (17.5 km2) unknown Description
Hatokaliosky Special Reserve Image-Schoodic2.jpg province unknown Description
Kalambatritra Reserve Image-Schoodic2.jpg Ihorombe, Anosy 1959 700469819000000000069,819 acres (282.5 km2) unknown Description
Kasijy Reserve Image-Schoodic2.jpg Betsiboka 1956 700448927000000000048,927 acres (198.0 km2) unknown Description
Mangerivola Reserve Image-Schoodic2.jpg Atsinanana 1958 700432136000000000032,136 acres (130.0 km2) unknown Description
Maningoza Reserve Image-Schoodic2.jpg Melaky 1956 700419521000000000019,521 acres (79.0 km2) unknown Description
Manombo Reserve Manombo.jpg Atsimo-Atsinanana 1962 700413146000000000013,146 acres (53.2 km2) unknown Description
Manongarivo Reserve Image-Schoodic2.jpg Diana 1956 700480890000000000080,890 acres (327.4 km2) unknown Description
Marotandrano Reserve Image-Schoodic2.jpg Sofia, Alaotra-Mangoro 1956 7005104278000000000104,278 acres (422.0 km2) unknown Description
Pic d'Ivohibe Reserve Madagascar74.158.jpg Haute Matsiatra 1964 70038532000000000008,532 acres (34.5 km2) unknown Description
Tampoketsa Analamaitso Reserve Image-Schoodic2.jpg Sofia 1958 700442379000000000042,379 acres (171.5 km2) unknown Description


Name Photo Location Date established Area Recreation Visitors (2013) Description
Mahavavy-Kinkony Complexe Mahavavy Kinkony-crop23.jpg province unknown Description
Montagne des Français Diego bay.JPG province unknown Description
Nosy Hara Marine and Coastal Protected Area Brookesia micra habitat.jpg province unknown Description
Nosy Tanikely Marine and Coastal Protected Area NosyTanikely.jpg province 22,051 Description

Private Reserves[edit]

Name Photo Location Date established Area Recreation Visitors (2013) Description
Berenty Reserve Berenty reserve.jpg province unknown Description

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