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The notion of a sovereign state arises in the 16th century with the development of modern diplomacy. For earlier times, the term "sovereign state" is an anachronism. What corresponded to sovereign states in the medieval and ancient period were monarchs ruling By the Grace of God, de facto feudal or imperial autocrats, or de facto independent nations or tribal confederations.


Map showing borders in 1


State Flag Foundation Area Population Today part of
Albania 4th century BC Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia
Kingdom of Armenia 321 BC 20,000,000 (69 BC) Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey
Atropatene c. 323 BC
Baekje 18 BC South Korea, North Korea
Buyeo kingdom 2nd century BC
Cappadocia 6th century BC Turkey
Catuvellauni Great Britain
Chera Dynasty c. 3rd century BC India
Han dynasty 206 BC 6,000,000 km2 (50 BC)[1] China, Vietnam, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan
Goguryeo 37 BC North Korea, South Korea, China, Russia
Iberia 302 BC Georgia, Turkey, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan
Indo-Greek Kingdom 108 BC Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Turkmenistan
Indo-Scythians 200 BC
Kuninda Kingdom c. 2nd century BC
Kingdom of Kush 1070 BC
Mauretania c. 2nd century BC
Nabataean kingdom 168 BCE
Osroene 132 BC


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