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Llanddulas from Cefn-yr-Ogof
River Dulas at Rhyd-y-Foel

Llanddulas is a village in Conwy county borough, Wales midway between Old Colwyn and Abergele and next to the North Wales Expressway in the community of Llanddulas and Rhyd y Foel. The village lies beneath the limestone hill of Cefn-yr-Ogof (669 ft). This hill has large caves, and quarrying of limestone was formerly the main industry of the village, with crushed stone being exported from the 200 m long jetty.

According to figures from the 2001 census, Llanddulas, combined with nearby village Rhyd y Foel, had a population of 1,572, with around 23% of the population having some knowledge of the Welsh language.[1]

Llanddulas is notable as being the place where Richard II was betrayed in 1399.[2] and is also the birthplace of Lewis Valentine. Between 1889 and 1952 the village had its own railway station.

According to legend, a cave on the mountain of Pen y Cefn was once the abode of the Devil, until the people of Llandulas performed an exorcism at the cave to drive him away.[3]


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