Lorraine (song)

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Bulgaria "Lorraine"
Eurovision Song Contest 2005 entry
Country Bulgaria
Artist(s) Kaffe
Language English
Composer(s) Vesselin Vesselinov-Eko
Lyricist(s) Vesselin Vesselinov-Eko,
Orlin Pavlov
Finals performance
Semi-final result 19th
Semi-final points 49
Appearance chronology
"Let Me Cry" (2006) ►

"Lorraine" was the debut entry for Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest, being performed in the semi-final of the 2005 edition of the Contest by Kaffe.

The song was performed 21st in the semi-final, following Croatia's "Vukovi umiru sami" by Boris Novković and preceding Ireland's "Love?" performed by Donna & Joe. In voting, the song finished in 19th place, with 49 points, which meant that Bulgaria would have to qualify through the semi-final in the next year's Contest.

Performed in English, the song is a ballad in which the singer describes his feelings for the title character, with whom he seems to have previously had a relationship, but is not currently involved. The lyrics were derided prior to the Contest due to their heavy reliance on rhyming "Lorraine" with "pain", "rain" and "again".

Bulgaria's next entry in the Contest would come in 2006 with Mariana Popova performing "Let Me Cry".