Los Angelenos

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For the Billy Joel song, see Streetlife Serenade.
For people from Los Angeles, see List of people from Los Angeles.
Los Angelenos
Studio album by The Kat Club
Released May 2007
Genre Rock
Label General Records
Producer D.J.Peters

Los Angelenos recorded at The Kat Club Cabaña Studio, on Santa Monica Bay 2007. Produced by D.J.Peters. There is a song by Billy Joel with the same name, made some 40 years before this album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Lavanderita" (Freddy Moore)
  2. "On Mexican Time" (Freddy Moore)
  3. "Westside Samba" (Freddy Moore)
  4. "One More Time" (Freddy Moore)
  5. "Happy Birthday" (Freddy Moore)
  6. "Daughter of the Sun" (Freddy Moore)
  7. "In California" (Freddy Moore, Dennis Peters, Richie Kohan, Loni Specter, David Lynch)
  8. "Hands On" (Pete McRae)
  9. "Prelude to a Southern Breeze" (Pete McRae)
  10. "Southern Breeze" (Pete McRae, Lou Castro, Freddy Moore)
  11. "Hollywood California" (Freddy Moore, Dennis Peters)
  12. "Changing" (Demi Moore, Freddy Moore)

Musical personnel[edit]