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Luxi Sans specimen.

Luxi is a family of typefaces originally designed for the X Window System by Kris Holmes and Charles Bigelow from Bigelow and Holmes Inc. Luxi are similar to Lucida – their previous font design.

Luxi fonts are commonly found on free software operating systems, such as Linux. They are the default fonts in Red Hat's Bluecurve theme.

Released under a licence which permits free distribution but not modification, the Luxi fonts are not free software.[citation needed] This led to their removal from Debian package of XFree86[1] as well as Fedora.[2]


  • Luxi Sans, a family of four sans-serif fonts.
  • Luxi Serif, a family of four serif fonts.
  • Luxi Mono, a family of four monospace fonts.


  • Only version 1.2 (created on 2001-10-12) is available.
  • Inititially, they appeared as Type 1 fonts under the name Lucidux in XFree86 4.0 (released on 2000-03-08, added to XFree86 3.9.18Za a day earlier).
  • They are available as TTF fonts since XFree86 4.2.0 (18 January 2002); they were added to the XFree86 source tree on the 12th of December 2001 (XFree86

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