Manuk Abeghian

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Manuk Abeghian

Manuk Abeghian (Armenian: Մանուկ Աբեղյան, alternatively Manouk Abeghian, or Manuk Abeghyan, March 15, 1865, Astapat, Nakhichevan - September 26, 1944) was a scholar of Armenian literature and folklore. He is the author of a comprehensive history of Armenian literature, the Russian translation of which is entitled, Istoriya drevnearmyanskoi literatury, and of a volume on Armenian folklore, the German translation of which is entitled, Der Armenische Volksglaube.

Abeghian was born in 1865 in Astapat, Nakhichevan. He began teaching at Yerevan State University in 1923, during the first years that the University was open. He was a member of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences.

The Literature Institute of Armenia is named in honor of Abeghian. He is also pictured on an Armenian postage stamp in the "Contribution of Armenians to 20th Century Culture" series.

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