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Mark Regev
מארק רגב
Born 1960 (age 54–55)
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Nationality Israeli
Other names Mark Freiberg
Occupation Spokesman for the Prime Minister of Israel

Mark Regev (Hebrew: מארק רגב‎) (born 1960) is the chief spokesman for the Prime Minister of Israel, a position he has held since 2007.

Early life[edit]

Regev was born Mark Freiberg in Melbourne, Australia in 1960 to Martin and Freda Freiberg. He graduated from Mount Scopus Memorial College, received his Bachelor's degree in political science and history at Melbourne University, and a Master's degree in political science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, as well as a Master of Science in management from Boston University.

In his youth Regev was a prominent member of the group Socialist-Zionist youth movement, Ichud Habonim, and was active in the Melbourne University Jewish Students Society. In 1982 he emigrated to Israel and worked at kibbutz Tel Katzir. In Israel he Hebraicized his name from Freiberg to Regev. He is married and has three children.


Regev began his career as a lecturer on international relations and strategy at the Israel Defense Forces Staff College. He joined the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1990, serving as deputy chief of mission at the consulate in Hong Kong, and spokesmen at the Israeli embassies in Beijing, China and Washington, D.C.. Regev was the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem from 2004 to 2007.

Regev has both received prominence and criticism in international media when he presented the Israeli position in numerous interviews to English language TV and radio channels during the 2006 Second Lebanon War, in 2008–2009 during Operation Cast Lead, and the 2012 Operation Pillar of Defense which included multiple interviews including one that received over 64,000 views on CNN. And currently Ten Million CNN viewers for Operation Protective Edge and Brothers Keeper.

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