Mathematical Research Institute of Oberwolfach

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The library, the main building and the bungalows
Entrance to the Mathematics Institute
Model of a Boy's surface at the entrance

The Mathematical Research Institute of Oberwolfach (German: Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach) in Oberwolfach, Germany, was founded by mathematician Wilhelm Süss in 1944. It organizes weekly workshops on diverse topics where mathematicians and scientists from all over the world come to do collaborative research.

The iconic model of the Boy surface was installed in front of the Institute as a gift from Mercedes-Benz on January 28, 1991. The Boy surface is named after Werner Boy who constructed the surface in his 1901 thesis written under the direction of David Hilbert.


Oberwolfach Prize[edit]

The Oberwolfach Prize is awarded approximately every three years for excellent achievements in changing fields of mathematics to young European mathematicians not older than 35 years. It is financed by the Oberwolfach Foundation and awarded in cooperation with the institute.

Prize winners

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