Matilda of Savoy, Queen of Portugal

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Matilda of Savoy
D. Mafalda de Saboia - The Portuguese Genealogy (Genealogia dos Reis de Portugal).png
Queen Consort of Portugal
Tenure 1146–1158
Spouse Afonso I, King of Portugal
Issue Infanta Mafalda
Urraca, Queen of León
Sancho I, King of Portugal
Theresa, Countess of Flanders
House House of Savoy
Father Amadeus III, Count of Savoy
Mother Mahaut of Albon
Born c.  1125
County of Savoy
Died 4 November 1157 (aged 31–32)
Coimbra, Kingdom of Portugal
Burial Santa Cruz Monastery, Coimbra, District of Coimbra, Portugal
Religion Roman Catholicism

Matilda of Savoy (French: Mathilde, Portuguese: Mafalda; 1125–1158) was the first Queen of Portugal. Her husband was King Afonso I, the first sovereign of Portugal, whom she married in 1146.

She was the second or third daughter of Amadeus III of Savoy, Count of Savoy and Maurienne, and Mahaut of Albon (the sister of Guigues IV of Albon, "le Dauphin").

Walter Map tells a story that "the King of Portugal now living", almost certainly Afonso, had been convinced by evil counselors to murder his pregnant wife out of misplaced jealousy. However, there is no other authority for this account, and it is not generally accepted.


Preceded by
Queen consort of Portugal
Succeeded by
Dulce of Aragon