Melania Carolina Hotu Hey

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Melania Carolina Hotu Heya
Governor of Easter Island (Rapa Nui)
In office
March 2006 – March 2010
Preceded by Enrique Pakarati Ika
Succeeded by Pedro Pablo Edmunds Paoa
Personal details
Nationality Chile Chilean
Profession Politician

Melania Carolina Hotu Hey served as the provincial governor of Easter Island (known locally as Rapa Nui or as Isla de Pascua in Spanish), in Chilean Polynesia, from March 11, 2006 to March 18, 2010.[1][2] She was appointed in 2006 by newly elected Chilean President Michelle Bachelet Jeria as part of the President's undertaking to increase female representation in governmental positions. Before beginning her term as local governor (suerekao), Hotu Hey directed a program for Rapa Nui youth.

Significant issues facing Easter Island during her term included Chilean immigration,[3] loss of culture,[4] and political reform aimed at providing greater autonomy.[5] Tensions over similar issues led to the resignation of Governor Pedro Edmunds Paoa, Hotu Hey's successor, in 2010.[6]


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