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Message broker is an intermediary program which translates the language of a system from one globally acceptable language[clarify] to another by way of a telecommunications medium.


A message broker is an architectural pattern for message validation, message transformation and message routing.[1] It mediates communication amongst applications, minimizing the mutual awareness that applications should have of each other in order to be able to exchange messages, effectively implementing decoupling.

The purpose of a broker is to take incoming messages from applications and perform some action on them. The following are examples of actions that might be taken in the broker:

  • Route messages to one or more of many destinations
  • Transform messages to an alternative representation
  • Perform message aggregation, decomposing messages into multiple messages and sending them to their destination, then recomposing the responses into one message to return to the user
  • Interact with an external repository to augment a message or store it
  • Invoke Web services to retrieve data
  • Respond to events or errors
  • Provide content and topic-based message routing using the publish–subscribe pattern

Broker functionality[edit]

Many messaging patterns (like publish–subscribe) can work without a message broker. One pattern that requires a message broker is workload queues, that is message queues that are handled by multiple receivers. Such queues must be managed, transacted, and usually stored reliably, at a single point.

List of message broker software[edit]

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