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Michael Ninn
Born 1951[citation needed]
Occupation Adult film director
Years active 1992 - Present
Known for adult erotic films

Michael Ninn (born 1951[citation needed]) is an adult film director and writer known for his innovative, artistic and stylized approach to adult film making. He began his career as a music video director and made his first adult films in 1992.[1][2] From 2002 through 2007, Ninn released films through his own production company, Ninn Worx.[citation needed] Having recently sold majority interest in the company, he is now embarking on new projects.[citation needed]


Michael Ninn was born to a young mother and raised in a New York orphanage.[citation needed] Before the age of 20, Ninn was working for a well-known New York ad agency as an art director.[citation needed] Soon afterwards, he directed music videos for the record company Capitol Records before moving to the West Coast of the United States to pursue TV and film.[citation needed] Ninn was married in 1983 and divorced in 1989.[citation needed] His adopted name is supposedly derived from the famous novelist and erotica writer Anaïs Nin.[3]

Adult film career[edit]

In 1992, Ninn made his first two adult erotic films, Two Sisters and Principles of Lust.[citation needed] The next year, he signed with VCA Pictures and then went on to produce a series of award winning films like Sex, Latex and Shock.

Ninn's production company, Ninn Worx, has produced dozens of films that have won more than 70+ AVN Awards.[4] In 1997, Shock won eleven awards including "Best Director" and "Best Video Feature".[5][5] In 2005, the Ninn Worx film Fetish Circus won the 2005 AVN award for "Best DVD", and Lost Angels: Katsumi won "Best Foreign All-Sex Release".[5] In 2006, Ninn won the AVN Award for "Best Director - Non Feature" for the film Neo Pornographia.[5]

In 2013, Ninn received an XBIZ Award nomination for "Director of the Year - Feature Release" for The Four.[6] He also was nominated for seven AVN Awards in 2013 for The Four.[4]

In 2002, Ninn Was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame.[citation needed] In 2006, Ninn was inducted into the XRCO Hall of Fame.[citation needed]

In 2007, Spearmint Rhino acquired 100% of Ninn Worx, the rights to his name, and the Ninn Worx content library, forming Ninn Worx_SR. On 16 June 2008, Ninn announced that he was no longer working for the company because of a dispute that both sides admitted may end up in court.[citation needed] Though he remained a 49% shareholder in Ninn Worx_SR, Ninn had begun making plans to work with former Ninn Worx_SR contract stars under a new name, IMNINN, while looking into his legal options.[7] Ninn argued on his own behalf (pro se) in front of the three-judge United States Bankruptcy Appellate Court in Pasadena (“I couldn’t afford a lawyer at that point,” he says).[citation needed] He argued to appeal a lower court’s decision to sell to a trust established by Spearmint Rhino owner John Gray, 137 of Ninn’s films, and the intellectual property associated with them.[citation needed] Ninn faced a formidable array of lawyers, including Paul Cambria, well-known throughout the adult industry for his work on behalf of Larry Flynt and other moguls.[citation needed] Ninn said “Eventually, lawyers told me not to fight anymore. They said I couldn’t win. They wouldn’t take my case even if I could pay them.”[citation needed] The court’s finding, filed a month later, is remarkable for what the court thinks Ninn intended to say. "While not raised precisely by [Ninn] on appeal, we have the discretion, if not the obligation, to ensure that bankruptcy law is properly applied. Nonetheless, despite {Ninn}’s lack of contrary evidence, his argument does have some merit."[citation needed] Though neither Ninn nor Gray’s camp can talk about the split or the eventual settlement (publicly they stick to phrases like “mutually satisfying arrangement”).[8] It would appear that, after the settlement, Ninn's 137 films and the intellectual property associated with them were returned to him and now are back in his control.[citation needed]

Selected awards[edit]

1995 1996 AVN Awards[9] 1997 1998 2000 2004 2005 2006 2007
Best Art Direction - Film (Sex) Best Art Direction - Video (Latex) Best Art Direction - Video (Shock) Best Special Effects (New Wave Hookers 5) Best Special Effects (Cashmere) Best All-Sex Release (Fetish) Best Art Direction - Video (In the Garden of Shadows) Best Art Direction - Video (Catherine) Best Art Direction - Video (Sacred Sin)
Best Editing - Film (Sex) Best Cinematography (Sex 2) Best Director - Video (Shock) Best Trailer (New Wave Hookers 5) Best Video Feature (Dark Garden) Best Art Direction - Video (Fetish) Best DVD Menus (In the Garden of Shadows) Best Music (Sacred Sin)
Best Film (Sex) Best Director - Video (Latex) Best Editing - Video (Shock) Top Renting Release of the Year (New Wave Hookers 5) Best Videography (Dark Garden) Best Director - Non Feature (Fetish) Best Videography (In the Garden of Shadows) Best Director - Non Feature (Neo-Pornographia) Best Overall Marketing Campaign - (Sacred Sin)
Best Music (Sex) Best Editing - Video (Latex) Best Music (Shock) Best All-Girl Release (Diva 4) Best DVD (Cashmere) Best Foreign All-Sex Series (Euroglam) Best Foreign All-Sex Release (Lost Angels: Katsumi) Best Packaging (Catherine) Best Videography (Sacred Sin)
Best Packaging - Film (Sex) Best Music (Latex) Best Special Effects (Shock) Best Packaging (Euroglam)
Best Trailer (Sex) Best Special Effects (Latex) Best Video Feature (Shock)
Best Trailer (Latex) Top Renting Release of the Year (Shock)
Best Video Feature (Latex) Top Selling Release of the Year (Shock)
Best Videography (Latex) Best Videography (Shock)
  • 1995 XRCO Award - Best Director[10]
  • 1996 Hot d'Or Awards - Best American Director, Best American Film, and Hot Platinum K7 (all for Latex)[11]

Selected filmography[edit]


  • 2013 L'innocente (Video)
  • 2012 The Four (Video)
  • 2009 Heaven and Hell (Video)
  • 2009 Fem Luminoso (Video)
  • 2008 Exposed: Jana Cova (Video)
  • 2007 Minutes to Midnight (Video)
  • 2006 Sacred Sin (Video)
  • 2005 Anais Exposed (Video)
  • 2005 Evoke: Brittney Skye (Video)
  • 2005 Exposed: Brittney Skye (Video)
  • 2005 Folles de sexe
  • 2004 Angel Plush (Video)
  • 2004 Fragile (Video)
  • 2003 The Private Life of Jodie Moore (Video)
  • 2003 Temptation (Video)
  • 2003 Acid Dreams (Video)
  • 2003 Euroglam Budapest 1: Wanda Curtis (Video)
  • 2003 Euroglam: An American in Europe (Video)
  • 2003 In the Garden of Shadows (Video)
  • 2002 Your Time Is Up (Video)
  • 2002 Perfect (Video)
  • 1999 Cashmere (Video)
  • 1999 Dark Garden (Video)
  • 1999 Ritual (Video)
  • 1998 Forever Night (Video)
  • 1997 New Wave Hookers 5 (Video)
  • 1995 Night Walk: A Bedtime Story (Video)
  • 1995 Sex II: Fate (Video)
  • 1994 Sex (Video)
  • 1993 Black Orchid (Video)
  • 1992 Two Sisters (Video)

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