Midwest Junior Hockey League

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Midwest Junior Hockey League
Current season, competition or edition:
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 2012
No. of teams 8
Country United States
Most recent champion(s) None
Official website Official website

The Midwest Junior Hockey League (MWJHL) is an American junior ice hockey league. The MWJHL are members of the United Hockey Union and the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).



The MWJHL began in 2012 with a league office in Sylvania, Ohio consisting of six full-time employees to support members vision and objectives. The league office supports the member teams with long-term sustainability initiatives including, MWJHL Properties, creating league wide licensing arrangements, and centralized ticket sales and corporate sponsorship operation.[1]

During its first league meeting in early July in Deerfield, Illinois the to establish the first member teams, conference alignment of the teams, and playoff format.[2]

The league initially planned for a total of 11 teams for the inaugural season, including: Bloomington Jr. Blaze, Dayton Aeros, Great Lakes Lightning, Hartland Hounds, Holland River Bandits, Ironwood Bears, Lake Erie Steelheads, Michigan Ice Dogs, Northwest Ohio Grrrowl, Rhinelander Street Cats, Soo Firehawks, and the Tennyson Chevrolet. The teams were divided into two conferences and four divisions. The American Conference comprised the North (Rhinelander and Soo) and Central (Great Lakes, Hartland, Michigan, Tennyson) Divisions. The National Conference included the East (Dayton, Lake Erie, NWO) and West (Bloomington and Holland) Divisions.[2]

The top two teams in each division would qualify for the post-season. The first round would be a best-of-three format played at the higher seed’s rink. The second round would also be a best-of-three series with Games 1 and 2 played at the higher seed’s rink and if necessary, Game 3 would be played at the lower seed’s rink. The championship final would be a best-of-five with the first three games at the higher seed’s rink and the last two, if needed, at the lower seed’s rink.[2]

As the league continued to form, the MWJHL named Patrick Pylypuik president and chief executive officer for the 2012-13 season.[1] He had previously been serving on an interim basis. Randy Montrose of the Hartland Hounds was elected chairman of the board for the MWJHL.[2] Keith Lang of Tennyson Chevrolet named executive vice-president. Doug Goudreau from the Soo Firehawks was named secretary/treasurer.[3]

On July 18, 2012 The MWJHL announced that Kevin Shanahan was named as the director of hockey operations.[4]

On August 30, 2012 The Junior Hockey News reported Kankakee, Ironwood, Traverse City, Cincinnati, Erie (PA) folded before the league's inaugural season.[5] In early September, the league pushed back the start of the season to allow teams more time to sign players and establish their rosters.[6]

2012-13 Season[edit]

The MWJHL began the 2012-13 season in mid-September with 10 teams. Dayton, playing in Monroe, Michigan,[7] folded after playing 12 games.[8] The league continued to season with nine teams and the games against Dayton recorded as forfeits. The Hartland Hounds claimed the regular season title with a 47-0-1 record.[9]

The Hounds continued their success in the playoffs with a two game sweep of the Bloomington Jr. Blaze in the semifinal round.[10] Tennyson Chevrolet defeated Soo in two games to face the Hounds for the inaugural Veterans Memorial Cup.[10] The Hounds then swept Tennyson in the championship series.[10]

Both Hartland and Tennyson traveled to six-team Las Vegas, Nevada for the AAU National Championship against teams from the Western States Hockey League and Northern States Junior Hockey League.[11] Both MWJWHL teams went 1-3-0 in the tournament with Hartland finishing sixth in the standings and Tennyson finishing fifth.[12]

2013-14 Season[edit]

The league went through a number of changes during the summer of 2013. The Michigan Grrrowl left the MWJHL to apply to another league, and later ceased operations when the team was unable to secure a new league.[13] The dormant Traverse City Cohos' franchise was sold and moved to Marquette, Michigan [5][14] Within a few months, the newly named Marquette Royales left the MWJHL for the MnJHL.[14] In June 2013, the AAU suspended the Holland River Bandits franchise due to the team's on-going financial struggles.[2] Several of the core franchises changed names, including the Great Lakes Lightning becoming the Berkley Bruins,[15] the Rhinelander Street Cats relocating to Alpena, Michigan,[13] Tennyson Chevrolet renamed to the Detroit Fighting Irish,[16] and the Hartland Hounds moving to Traverse City, Michigan,[17] The West Michigan Freeze were initially announced as an expansion franchise but decided to hold out until the 2014-15 season, dropping the league to seven teams for the 2013-14 season.[18]

The MWJHL began its second season with seven teams. Traverse City Hounds earned their second regular season title to finished the regular season.[19] The Hounds swept the series against the Alpena Street Cats in the playoff semifinal; while the Soo Firehawks defeated the Detroit Fighting Irish two games to one.[20] The Hounds claimed their second straight Veterans Memorial Cup title with a win over Soo in game three of the championship series.[20]

Soo went 2-2 at the 2014 AAU National Championship against teams from the Western States Hockey League and Northern States Junior Hockey League while Traverse City finished with a 1-3 record. The teams finished fourth and fifth in the six-team event.[21]

2014-15 Season[edit]

The 2014 summer break brought more changes to the MWJHL. The league transferred the franchise rights in Alpena from the Street Cats to the Flyers and the Bloomington Blaze transferred to Decatur and retained the Blaze moniker. The league also announced the expansion of the MC Monarchs (MC for Motor City) playing out of Mount Clemens. July saw the team decide on Fraser as their base of operations. (Those who believed MC stood for Mount Clemens could assume it is now Malcomb County).[22] Mid-August noted that the West Michigan Freeze (initially delayed from a 2013 expansion to start 2014) has been dropped from the MWJHL webpage as one of the current year franchises. League website promptly acknowledged the folding of the Freeze.[23]

Current Teams[edit]

2014-15 Teams:

Team Arena City/area Affiliate team(s)
Alpena Flyers Northern Lights Arena Alpena, Michigan None
Berkley Bruins Berkley Ice Arena Berkley, Michigan None
Decatur Blaze Decatur Civic Center Decatur, Illinois None
Detroit Fighting Irish Ice Box Sports Center Brownstown, Michigan None
MC Monarchs Fraser Hockeyland Fraser, Michigan None
Michigan Ice Dogs Farmington Hills Ice Arena Farmington Hills, Michigan None
Soo Firehawks Big Bear Arena Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan None
Traverse City Hounds Centre Ice Arena Traverse City, Michigan None

Former Teams[edit]

  • Alpena Street Cats (2014: team replaced in Alpena by the Flyers)
  • Bloomington Jr. Blaze (2014: Moved to Decatur, IL, renamed Decatur Blaze)
  • Cincinnati Stache (September 2012: Folded, never played)[5]
  • Dayton Aeros (November 2012: Ceased Operations)
  • Erie Blizzard (September 2012: Folded, never played)[5]
  • Great Lakes Lightning (March 2013: Moved to Berkley, MI, renamed Berkley Bruins)[15]
  • Hartland Hounds (May 2013: Moved to Traverse City, MI, renamed Traverse City Hounds)[17]
  • Holland River Bandits (June 2013: Franchise suspended by the AAU)[2]
  • Ironwood Bears (September 2012: Folded, never played)[5]
  • Kankakee Kingfish (August 2012: Folded, never played)[5]
  • Lake Erie Steelheads (September 2012: Folded, never played)[5]
  • Marquette Royales (June 2013: never played. Team switched to MnJHL)[14]
  • Michigan Grrrowl (May 2013: Team left the MWJHL)[13]
  • NWO Grrrowl (January 1, 2013: Moved to Allen Park, MI, renamed Michigan Grrrowl)[24]
  • Rhinelander Street Cats (Summer 2013: Moved to Alpena, MI, renamed Alpena Street Cats)[13]
  • Tennyson Chevrolet (March 2013: Renamed Detroit Fighting Irish)<refname="tennytoDFI"/>
  • Traverse City Cohos (September 2012: never played. Franchise sold and moved to Marquette, MI in 2013)[5][14]
  • West Michigan Freeze (August 2014:never played.)

League championship[edit]

The MWJHL member teams compete in the Veteran's Memorial Cup playoffs for a shot at the Veteran’s Memorial Cup. The winners of the Veteran's Memorial Cup and regular-season champion then move on to play for the AAU national championship held in on April.

2013: Hartland Hounds 2014: Traverse City Hounds


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